Music Info: Masta Ace on "True Hip Hop Stories" Talking about Juice Crew

True Hip-Hop Stories: Masta Ace from D-Nice on Vimeo.

Morning cronies. Currently I cannot fall asleep because Residence Life jammed that door and they woke me up. I will deal with her later. Anyway, I bring you a video that was emailed to me by my boy . Knowing my love for Masta Ace,(I know all the words to...two of his albums. It is depressing), he understood my love for this video would be mutual.

The video is a new thing called "True Hip Hop Stories" which to be honest...sounds pretty damn cool. Seeing as most Old School cats are not pompous assholes and will actually respond to an email when you send them one. Now looking pass this, it talks about the classic Juice Crew Record, "The Symphony", which is as dope as anything you will ever listen to in your life.

That is today's "Back When I Was Young" which is just another keyword for "Throwback". Here we go!

I would LOVE to say that the actual camera part of the Masta Ace video is fantastic!