New Music: Arthur Lewis - "Far Side of Town"

Currently I am listening to this Colin Munroe dude that everyone has been raving about. But, this dude (the one in the picture) reached out to me from Twitter (which I have discovered is the greatest invention since Milfs) and told me to check his music out. I only post what I really like, and what I really hate, and who I am friends with.

I took his word and checked it. At first I will be real...it sounded like elevator music and that is not really something that I want to listen too...but as the song went on and crescendoed I became really into it. The song progressed and told a different story...I was not even sure if it was a love song or not...I have to listen to it again.

I then played it for my snoring roommate and he loved too and asked for his website so he could check it out. He liked it too. I hope you readers like it also. I am all for new and crazy music (and this has a little R&B vibe to it).

The picture is a little creepy though.

Download it here. you WONT be dissapointed