New Music: Asher Roth - The Reading


So after completely trashing Asher Roth the other day I decided to download his new song from 2Db...Now the funny thing is...the beat is amazing. Sampling Reading Rainbow at anytime is almost perfect. The beat comes in at random times with that ladys voice...brings back memories.

I have come to a conclusion after listening to Asher enough times. I have come to the conclusion that although he himself...is not meant to be taken seriously, that no matter what...I cannot take him seriously. Listening to him does not evoke any "wow's" or "omg's"...it just makes me laugh. I cannot have him talk all serious on a track...becasue frankly...it does not help me at all. I just laugh.

I thought the dude was nice, and frankly...he still is to me...but I cannot take him seriously at all...damn. The song itself is alright...nothing special. But that beat...damn.