New Music: Belly Feat Drake - "Girl Let Me Know"

Click the Divshare to download it.
Ironically my alchoholic boy called me today asking how much I liked Mr. Drake Drizzy I drive a Phantom!! Yay! Rogers. Ha. Ironically I do like him and his flow a lot. He just gets a little repetitive in the whole lyrics thing and that annoys me. Otherwise I listen to him all the time.

Anyway, the song itself is annoying at first...a rapper, named Belly, on the Autotune...I thought that fad was over. Moving past that though, in a club perspective...it is actually a decent song. Honestly, dude, I would dance to this in the club.

Smacking random asses and shit.

But, Drakes verse is lacking in the lyrics point... that is just me...I did not like it...what do you think?

Snatched this from OctVeryOwn