New Music: Classified - Trouble (Video)

I reviewed this song the otherday...where is that review...*searches own blog*

Out of the three songs, this dudes flow is the one I liked the most. As the beat escalated, his voice did and that is the sign of a rapper than really took the time to sit there and pen the lyrics together with the beat itself. The beat sounds a little "Soundclickish" to me with the little synthasizer piano's towards the end of it. I can get over that...no biggy.

The Chorus itself is a sample..I do not know where the sample is from becasue my beat game is trash However, I will admit that after hearing it a third time...it was just a little repetitive for me. However, I could see myself just randomly singing that as I curse out customers at work.

His breath control was nice, and as said before his flow was on point. Lyrics wise...maybe I am just not paying attention right, but I had no idea where he was going with the song. I gotta give it another listen...regardless. Stream it here and download it here too!

There we go!

The video is pretty damn dope too...so do not be afraid to watch it.