New Music: Drake - "Say You Will:"

I will completely real.  I am sitting in my room as we speak studying for some test while everyone in Queens heads to the bar.  Everyone is going out...and I am sitting at home.  O well.  New Drake. 

Just what we need.

This song is fantastic.  I rarely say that, but besides the fact that the beat gets repetitive after a while, the flow is outstanding.  Staying constant throughout the entire song, the flow is just one long rampant lyrical exercise.  Honestly I post Drake enough on this blog, but part of me feels like I have not been listening to him as much as I should have.

Shoot, I press skip sometimes when his songs come up on shuffle.  Not because I do not like him, but I just do not feel like listening to his songs all the time.  This is something I wont skip.  Lets continue moving on as I continue blogging, studying, and chilling.  Shoot, cafeteria is closing...

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Not anonymous said...

This song is absolutely great. It is the truth. I was afraid when he was starting to make commercial songs like everyone else... Welcome back Drake.