New Music: Fashawn - Freedom

New Fashawn...yea I am excited. I pressed play and then sat back in my chair for a listen was entertained with an opening chorus of Fashawn's voice being looped and scratched into an eloquent chorus.

Fashawn comes down on the song hard with hard beatdown rhymes which go with the beat so well. With every break and snare he continually buries any competition that would even test him on this song. Lyrically the song is alright due to the clicheness of the beatdown lyrics.

I cannot get over his delivery though. It is felt in every single vowel that what he says is serious. The second verse comes in slower than the first and with a more fragmented flow, but still works. Fashawn clearly displays his versatility in rhyming by spitting this verse like this.

Sadly it is a tad short...regardless...it was dope.