New Music: Fashawn - Sunday Morning

Blogging live from somewhere else than my crappy apartment in Manhattan. Right now I am in Queens live from my girls Keity A and Leo B's room. Currently I am just hanging out deciding whether to leave on the shuttle in 15 minutes or stay till 630...

Looks like 630.

Anyway's moving towards the song from Fashawn (who I love). He is releasing his album with Nah Right and On Smash 2DopeBoyz and Jacques Morel.com. I am working on that last one. Seriously. Moving on anyway to the review. 3 Reviews will go up tonight so do not complain. Ok?

  • The Chorus is catchy...my boy Gabe is humming it right now.
  • Fashawn is such an upbeat rapper. "Shut up and let me go" was one of these type of tracks.
  • His voice is perfect by itself. Even though he doubles at the end of his verses, it is low so it does not draw from it. Great stuff here.
  • Ok enough banter...DOWNLOAD HERE.