New Music: Fresh Daily, Mickey Factz, Naledge - Stop What Ya Doin


Shout outs to J Ronin for this song...new mixtape drops next Tuesday. Moving on...lets get with the review..with my patented "few things" technique...

  • To be real, I am not a fan of the beat.  Not that there is anything wrong with it...I just do not like it.
  • The first rapper, Fresh Daily, is seemed as if he was rushing his bars.  His flow was not as smooth to my liking (which is truly hard to please) and it was not easily something that I would rather sit through again.
  • Not to be a complete ass, his wordplay was there and there obviously was something behind the lyrics...
  • I like the scratching in the chorus.
  • Mickey Factz verse...I have heard it before.  At the B.A.R.S Show that Donny hosted a month back.  This was his freestyle...I could swear it was.  It was only the beginning that I had heard used before, but the final "millionaire" line was good.  
  • Not a good look to reuse lines though...but that is something else.
  • I like Naledge.  I like the play on his name.  His verse was probably the best on an overall mediocre track.  However, towards the end I just started to sway away from his rapping.  
    And if I hear Dr Kourvorkian(sp?) on one more track...shoot.