New Music: Jackie Chain feat Kid Cudi - Rollin (Remix)

One Song I could not stop raving about on the New Deal Mixtape that I gave a shitty review yesterday, has to be the "Rollin" by Jackie Chain and Kid Cudi.

I still have no idea what kind of artist to call Kid Cudi..but that is besides the point.

The song is just great to me. The beat is slow and allows you to bop slowly. If I smoked, I could see myself smoking to this song(ew...never will touch the stuff though). The song is heavily about drugs though and the chorus says, "Haven't slept in weeks" and they are still rollin. Kid Cudi talks about as if he popped a Vicodin...seeing as he cannot feel the left side of his face combined with Jackie Chains southern drawl about having "freaky sex"...

Trust me its a great song. I love it! Which therefore means...that your opinion does not matter!



Drew said...

Yo I agree...the only song off the 10 Deep mixtape I enjoyed.

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

That mixtape was fucking TRASH.

Like I was not expecting it to be that bad