New Music - Jet Audio Feat Daytona - Lose Your Mind

Just got back into the home base of operations. The Day The Earth Stood Still was absoulutly retarded and Keanu Reeves needs to be shot. Big things about to happen also...Shout outs to DJ J Ronin I see you...

To get started on the next 6 posts/reviews I have, I start with a track I found over at Eskay's palace. Daytona, who I gave a good review on the The New Deal, has another track. Coming into the track, it makes me feel good just to listen to the beat. With the slight singing in the background it challenges the ear to choose the correct sound to listen too. Sitting on the song makes one feel drawn to just restart it.

Essentially the beat made me lose my mind. With the piano's and the fantastic drumkit... it was good. Jet.Audio and Daytona's rapping was fragmented but fit with the beat very well. Nothing spectacular in the lyrics though...and I had trouble finding the true subject of the song itself. However, it picked it self back up and it will not be skipped in my rotation for my Zune.