New Music: K Sparks - "Hard Lemonade"

I post a lot of K Sparks stuff. That is clear. Since I am currently bullshitting writing a paper, I will give bullets instead of a discourse.

  • Beats crazy. 'Nuff said.
  • Flow is on point, although I feel like his P's are being said way to hard. Seriously. Ha.
  • The first verse is just crazy.
  • It slows down at the chorus if you call it that. Sparks speaks in the middle laughing and coming off as Cocky. I will be completely real...the beat completely works for his flow.
  • Who made this beat? Someone tell me. I want to thank them for this listening in experience.
  • Stream the song HERE. Download HERE too.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

this joint is SSIICCKK!! i think the chick says 'Mark Henry' during the guitar part. he probably made the beat.