New Music: Lil Wayne Terry Urban Mix - Viva La Vida & A Millie

Since I do no ant to be associated with Wayne..I posted a picture of Jessica Alba and her tits...be happy.

I could swear that a while back I promised that I would stop posting Lil Wayne on this blog. Well I did not lie, because I was telling the truth. I will not. However, I will post something that Terry Urban did with Coldplay and Wayne...

Yea that is the same thing as posting Lil Wayne stuff, but Coldplay is dopington (as Jessica from Looseneck would say) and Wayne is trash...so it completely offsets. Yea, that makes no sense either. The actual remix itself is pretty damn tough with the crack inspired lyrics mixed with the "Viva La Vida" sound which has become almost iconic.

Why iconic?

You hear it everywhere. 10 years from now when we are playing Guitar Hero 38...we will be playing this EXACT song. While I am hanging out with members of my Top 10 because bloggers will become as famous as rappers by then.