New Music: Mickey Facts - "Rappin 2 Pt Oh!" (crap he did a party song?)

So...Mickey Factz made a Part Song...as depressing as it may be, I guess it is something that needs to happen. I will do my patented..."a few things" for this review.

  • The beat is absolutely bananas.  Makes me feel like I am in a rave.
  • For some reason when I listen to this... I think of Joe Budden making a club song.
  • I like Melo X.  Donny was raving about him the other day...seems like he is the real deal.
  • Mickey's flow is so upbeat it makes it hard to get into a hype mood with it.
  • It does its job...but I could not see my self dancing to this song in the club.  Really.
  • My sister( I am on LI Now...semester is over) hated it.  If she hated it...I doubt that many girls will like it...which could kill it in the club also.
  • However, Jess liked it...so why not?
  • On another note...looking at the picture...he changed his glasses??

1 Comment:

Fashion Citizen said...

I'd party for a lil bit, but I'd probably pause once the chorus hit to get a drink. The chorus is boring and the verses are hype.