New Music: Peter Rosenburg DJ Premier for 2 Hours...At midnight..when all the Wayne listeners are asleep

I remember having a conversation with Matt D about Peter Rosenburg. Apparently he is the only person on the radio that can openly play underground artists and not get thrown off of the air. I like that. But besides that, that is sad that people NEED to be mainstream to get on the radio. We should start a campaign to get me on the radio playing some hardcore underground people.

Shoot...you have to play the good stuff at Midnight? Want to know why? Because all of the ignorant ass Lil Wayne listeners are asleep.

And that is real. Also...am I the only one that did not like Common's tape? I thought it was subpar at best...and for a manly ass dude like him...you have to come with some harder stuff if you are going to go bananas. Regardless I am listening to this event right now...Dj Premier for 2 hours. SO I cannot really review the damn thing...and by the time it is over I will hopefully be knee deep in Magazine Publishing books for my final tomorrow. *facesmack*
Listen to Part 1 Here.
Listen to Part 2 Here.

No props to anyone...I was emailed this link...SO KICK ROCKS PEOPLE!

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James Phillips said...

Trust me you are not the only one that was disappointed about Common's album.