New Music: Redman Feat Oh No - Lay You Out

Ahh. This feels right. A few thoughts about this before I supply you the download link to you fiends.

  • Redman is such a nice rapper. Feels good to here him again. Shoot, just the other day I was listening to "Rated R". You know what? That is the "Back When I was Young" of the day.
  • The beat comes from Street Fighter. People know that there is a IV one coming out right? Saw it in an arcade when I was hanging out with Laila C. Game looks fantastic.
  • Back to the song. First verse was actually damn good. I was vibing real hard to that. My dog jumped when he heard it come in. I guess that is a good sign.
  • Shake loves it, as evident by the Bonus' he attached to it.
  • I love the actual beat for it. Like it reminds me of whooping my cousins ass. The song is a "kill a nigga" type of song but taken low heartedly. I love that about Redman. I am going to travel to SI and interview this dude.
  • The chorus is...eh. Yea. Leaves something to be desired.
  • DOWNOAD HERE. props to Shake.