New Music: RZA Feat Kool G Rap, Inspectah Deck, Suga Bang - You Already Know

This is the new song from RZA I was talking about before that I got from Shake on 2DopeBoyz...moving on...

The chorus is alrght...nothing special but I can see it getting annoying 3 months from now when I finally skip it on my Zune. However, Kool G Raps verse is alright but his flow is not something I got used to by listening to his old stuff. Look, if you want to get into Kool G Rap...just like Murs...listen to his older stuff first. Because if you start now you will not like him.

Inspectah Deck is the same way. To be honest I did not like his verse. mean I cannot expect him to constantly come with some "Triumph" stuff, but this just seems like it was thrown together. I do not know...listen for yourself.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Stream it up there^^^