New Music: Sha Stimuli -Weekly Freestyle #3

Who is Sha Stimuli? Sha Stimuli is one of the nicest rappers coming out of NYC. Yea that is who he is. Here he is with his weekly freestyle that was emailed to me from...well I do not know who but does that matter? Not at all.

Moving on past this, you people know I do not normally post freestyles. Its not something I like to partake in because I like full songs and not some 2000 -01 G-Unit remix shit Well, I will shoot myself in the foot for this one.

"They call me the present but I cannot fit under the tree"

Please remember to wipe your mouth off before listening to this. The link was emailed to me, but weekly freestyles 1 & 2 are can be found HERE AND here.

Now to listen to some crappy Wale.

Simple enough directions for you people?