New Music: Wale Feat Brother Ali - 2nd Time

So Joshua D was getting at me because I do not pay attention to Wale. yea Yea yea. I have people yelling in my ear all day telling me who I should and should not listen too. Well I choose not to listen to Wale.

This song did not change my opinion. I just feel like nothing sets him apart, but then again no one sounds different now-a-days. Its annoying that people are going to complain about how I do not support the dude. Kick rocks.

Moving on, the verse that Wale spat was mediocre. I really felt like that Brother Ali spat a better verse but it just sounded like the common cry from an underground rapper. "All you do is snap your fingers and make your records clap" blah blah blah etc.

Why is that the only thing that underground rappers complain about now-a-days? That people like Soulja Boy are taking their shine? Arghhh

Moving on, Download this here. I didn't though...hehehe. I stole this from Nah Right