New Music: Wordsmith Feat Skyzoo, Unlearn, Donny Goines, Ra The MC - Game, Set, Point

When this beat dropped...I was expecting it to be different. Do not ask. At first I did not like beat, I eventually faded into just loving it. It had to grow on me. Skyzoo's first verse was something I have come to expect from the dude. He cannot come weak on a song for me anymore. It has to be complete fire each time. If not, then I do not even want to bother with it. He did a nice job here.

The second dude, Wordsmith, I hate his voice. I absolutely dislike it...I feel like he sounds like the average dude spitting. Voice is extremely important to rap. Rappers like Cormega and Canibus would not be as popular if it was not for their voice. Same thing like Pac & B.I.G in my opinion...Their voice was extremely important. Where other rappers like Nas had average voices but made up for it in straight lyrics. I could not attach on this song..that is not a good lok for me.

Unlearn(if I am correct) is up next. "Put my words up to the bible/ and argue who has the better verses". <---Dirty.

Donny Goines did not spit as nice as I thought he would honestly...but besides that...it was an alright verse.

Ra The Mc did not really impress me at all. He had nothing different to me...so therefore...it is whatever.

Overall the song is worth the download for the few select verses...but nothing extremely groundbreaking.


Anonymous said...

Acutally UnLearn is the dude with the Bible line. Wordsmith is the second dude, UnLearn is the third.


Jacques Morel said...

Thanks bro. GOtta fix that now