New Music:Skyzoo Feat Sha Stimuli & Sav Killz - BK Renaissance


Coming into this song, I love the beat...it is very calm and quiet and completely fits my mood. This allows me to give it a better review. Ha. Sha Stimuli is one of my favorite rappers out currently. He spits an eloquent story which is clearly worded with some clever simile's and multi's to get his point across. It eventually climaxes at the end and leads the listener into the chorus itself which is many artists talking about Brooklyn.

Skyzoo is another artist I like a lot, and I am very excited to listen to listen to this. The actual verse is very lyrical and pretty dope. The Resperiator Pen line was pretty damn nice.

However, the nicest verse on this song is Sav Killz. I have been sleeping on this dude and now I am going to wake up. The flow is nice and it gets simple towards the middle but picks back up at the end. I liked his wordplay and I loved his flow. It was a pleasure to listen too...

So the trophy goes to...Sav Killz!

Look out for the mixtape dropping next Tuesday.


J-Ronin said...

Word? I like all 3 emcees for different reasons on the track. I guess you're gonna listen to that Sav Killz mixtape now huh?

Jacques Morel said...

Yea I know...I listneed to it but, I was studying at the time and i just use music as a way to calm my ADD when I cant take my meds...so I didnt pay attention.

Ill call you later today bro