New Music:A Pinks - Held Me Down

A. Pinks - Held Me Down (Hip-Hop) from JumpStreet Presents... on Vimeo.

Currently I am listening to Drake's new song with Belly...what a weird name...ew. However, the song itself is alright..but that is not something we are even going to talk about right now. My boy A Pinks debuted his video on MTV2 yesterday...big things for this dude...that I know personally...

The video itself does not have much variety.  He is in about 2 or 3 outfits the entire time and just spitting.  Not even going to lie, I could easily become bored of it.  Not something I could watch again.  However, I liked the song itself...I had no idea his flow was like that.  I mean never slept...but damn.

This is going to be featured on his new EP with CoalMine/Jumpstreet records called...crap my email x'ed out.  Damn.