Review: Colin Monroe is the Unsung Hero

So I tried to find a picture an this was what came up in Google Images. 
As you can see...I posted it instead.
Lets move along with the blogging today and touch on my review of the Colin Monroe is the Unsung Hero.  Everyone has been talking about this dude, so I was interested in giving my overbearing opinion on what was good and what you should listen too.  Lets get it started
1. The Unsung Hero feat Everybody - I like the concept of the song and I give kudos to the person that took the time to mix this damn thing.  Because, that is a pretty hard effort to find all of the songs and get them on beat.  That is something.  For an intro this is different, dynamic, and drawing.  I was into it at this point.
2. Piano Lessons Feat Joell Ortiz - Joell's verse is sick and he kicks it.  Had to get that out of the way.  Whats with the pitch changes in this dude Colin's voice in all of his songs.  To be honest it is not unique...it is just annoying.
3.Will I Stay Feat Wale & Dallas Austin - Someone please explain to me the whole chipmunk thing that is going on here.  No really.  It is becoming almost frustrating to listen to this dude.  I liked Wale's verse for the first time, and Dallas Austins was O.K.  Nothing special...but then again what is special any more?
4. One More Chance Feat Mickey Factz -I feel like I am listening to a mixture of music from the Grease soundtrack mixed with some Kris Kringle.  Mickey Factz verse is...just bleh.  Nothing special and nothing ground breaking.  Monroe is getting continually dissapointing as the CD progresses.
5.As Much as You Feat Blaqstar - I like this beat.  It is a very good beat and that is what kept me listening.  At first, the verse  by Monroe is the same as all of others, but when the Chorus kicked in, it made me want to listen more.  This is my favorite track on the CD.
6. Fever - I could swear I have heard Fever before... I just cannot put my fingers on where...both of them were terrible experiances.
7. Cannonball Feat I drive a Phantom wooo-e! I actually like this song...not as much as #5 but the chants just seems so...80s?  I do not understand myself right now.  Moving past this, I the cannons going on in the background at the end of the track.  That is one of my favorite thing.
8. Who Killed Davey Moore - ...Great song...but it did not need a remix.
9. Last Cause - the beat on this is on point too.  This guy has great production, but as an R&B singer or a Kid Cudi copycat he is just failing all over the place.  Not my cup of tea.
10. Brick in the Wall - Scratch the first song.  This is my favorite track on the CD.  Besides the whole, I am good friends with Skyzzo, but it showcased his writing and rapping skills.  It goes into a cipher and continues as it progresses.  
11. Find a Hero - I like this song for what it is.  It is an actual song that has some good chanting.  The dude has a really good voice.  Lets just hope he is as nice as his voice is.
12. Break Off- I do not like the beat...sounds like something G-Unit would listen too.  Running aloning...the song is just...eh.  NOthing that rubs me or you any worse then it is supposed too.
13. Sunday Black Sunday - I take it that Colin has alot to do with flurs?  Or bullfighting?

O well.
The tape is...EH.  Is it worth the download but they was trying to go for some 808's and heartbreak and have me.  Great.


M said...

That pic of Rita has stayed wit me for a long time..............................always glad to get reaquainted wit it. As far as dude........I heard 1 song and just turned it off. I'm listening to Led Zeppelin 3 right now so ............................who knows my musical tastes may not be up to par since I aint really feeling it.

M said...

feeling munroe that is

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

It came to a point where I was plowing through the cd to get through it. I mean I can understand trying to be different...but lets not sound like crap

what are you into?