Review: I Am Thorougly Disappointed in Charles Hamilton.

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*after discussion with Jessica I took the song seriously...maybe its a joke..but I took it seriously*

OK...Here we are. *Smoke clears*...The most meaningful opinion in Hip Hop...Jacques Morel.com...reviews the Charles Hamilton Soulja Boy Diss.

I have listened to this song over 3 times by now. I am leaving this listening with a depreciated interest in Charles Hamilton. Personally, the dude is cool. Good conversation, nice talk etc. Cool manager too. But now, as a rapper, he has lost all of the "breath of fresh air" credibility that he had previously. Instead of being that person that was going to try something new and clever...he decided to use an age old theme which I proved the other day, to try and snag new listeners and be the anti hero. Sadly, with this diss, he fails to do that.

When the beat dropped, all my thoughts for a lyrical beatdown followed by some clever lines and witty comments...went right out the window. When I heard the Autotune/Vocoder, I looked at my dog with anger. When I heard him begin, I got up, used the bathroom...collected my thoughts...I came back and started it up again. No, but seriously, I was not expecting this at all. I was not expecting him to get at Soulja Boy by "discussing album sales" or Charles "having sex with various girls".

I Did not expect him to stoop to Soulja Boy's level. Apparently he did...he went under it. He got at Soulja Boy for such trivial things. Instead of proving to us that his "Sonic" thing was serious...he made it a mockery.

A few things, Charles...you have to understand that you are relatively unknown. If my mother does not know who you are, unfortunately, YOU my friend, will not sell 20k album.

A lot of kids will purchase his album.

I thought you thought that album sales weren't everything. I was banking on you not becoming the marketing tool of Interscope. You did. And you did it well.

So that is why I am disappointed in Charles Hamilton. Is this an effort to create a level playing field for both rappers? Allowing for Soulja Boy to come with some sub-par nignorant shit too?

Shaking my head. Shaking my damn head. LikkleMiss...THIS is Looseneck girl. THIS IS LOOSENECK.