Review: The New Deal Mixtape

Lets get into my review of The New Deal Mixtape featuring...well you'll figure it out when you read the mixtape.  

The tape opens with...

1. 2nd Time Around - Benzi, Wale, Brother Ali - Wale opens up with his verse.  It is known on this blog that I am not to fond of Wale, so I will not really delve into that now.  However, this verse does not enthuse me as much as I thought it would.  The "2nd time around" failed.  Ha.  Brother Ali had a pretty ill verse but it felt like his flow was off a few times...do not ask me for an exact answer that question then moved slowly into...
2. Piano Lessons - Colin Monore & Joel Ortiz - So I dislike Colin Monroe.  I made that evident when I reviewed his mixtape which said he was a "superhero".  I do not like the cheesy voice effects and the song itself feels a tad drab.  When I say drab I mean boring.  Not what I expect from Black Milk.  Joel's verse is alright....But...damn..its cold out here...I want to go..
3. Back To Miami - Izza Kizza - That was a terrible segue...Anyways at first the chorus was really annoying but then I found myself saying it to myself when the song was over.  The flow is a heavy southern type flow...with its highs and abrupt lows.  I cannot explain it without actually vocalizing what I am saying.  I will not skip this...so far the progression of the tape is moving smoother than I thought it would be...
4. We Major Freestyle - Charles Hamilton - What more can I say about a freestyle?   Ther eis really nothing to comment on.  All I can comment on is Charles actual flow.  The flow is pretty ill...the lyrics just seemed bland.  Nothing really came out and surprised me.  He has another song on here..lets look forward to that.
5. SpaceJive - Blu - Although his flow is not as nice...the lyrics here are just fantastic.  I think that his lyrics are crazy...and this whole space thing is out of this world...reminds me of Outkast's shit.
6.Pot of Gold -Wale & Daniel Merriweather - Earlier I was bopping hardcore to this...the beat is sick...Wale actually makes me want to listen to him in this song.  I do not think the dude is horrible, but he does not evoke any feeling in me...this one managed to squeeze something out of me...No homo?  Daniel Merriweather has a voice too...I am going to look out for him.
7.Cool, Relax - Kidz in The Hall &Jay Electronica - This song is actually kinda hard...the beat is dope.  The lyrics are on point...Kidz in the Hall just made a fan out of me.  Jay Electronica was already something that I was into before and nothing changes here.  All of the verses flowed perfectly with the beat and hit the highs and lows... one thing though.. How often is "as I take you on a lyrical ____" said in rap?
8.Get Fresh - Kid Sister - What? Her voice annoys me... Esso's version is way better.
9.Mad Again - South Rakkas Crew & Amanda Blank - What is this shit?
10. Paranoid Remix -Big Sean & Mr Hudson -No...what is THIS shit?
11. What A World - Common Feat Chester French - Did I tell anyone?  I dislike Commons new album...not because I dislike him...just becasue the album just not interesting.  Seems like he was going for the club aspect..or poppy aspect with this album.  Makes sense because Common is everywhere now...Jeez rap..your marketing strategies are so simple to figure out.  I like Chester French...Do not ask why...Common's verses bore me on this one.  This tape is starting to dissapoint me...why?
12. Party Works - Donnis - It is getting very hard to listen to this tape right now...This dude Donnis did not help at all either.  He sounds like a younger Flo-Rida...with less vocabulary.  
13. Get Off - Blaqstar - Some people swear by this dude.  He better not dissapoint...because I just dislike this tape completely right now.  You do not even understand.  At first it was ok..but then it just fell...Listening to this beat I feel like I am tripping on acid...
14. Rollin Remix - Jackie Chain Feat Kid Cudi - I love this song.  This is my favorite song of the entire tape...ironically I could probably sit here and just vibe to this...The flow is fantastic and fits the beat perfectly which is something that is crucial.  Who is this dude Jackie Chain?  Kid Cudi is on here too and he kills it also.  The beat is a repetitive sample but it just fits so well...like it.
15. Jockin - Donnis, Naledge, Chip the Ripper - Who names their rap names like this?  I cannot get this damn chorus out of my head.  I mean yea Soulja Boy said it..but sitll...I cannot get it out of my head.  

Hows the song?  O, forgot about that.  Usual southern dribble.

16. Hollywood - Hollywood Holt - The beat is really poppy.  I am just sitting here and just moving to it. I feel like I need to pop a pill of E to properly listen to this song.  I mean...Hollywood Holt is not only a dumb name but his bars are even stupider.  But, the beats hot. *shrugs*
17. DAF - Tittsworth Feat The Federation - Ha.  Tittsworth.  After I heard this I could no longer take this song seriously.  The beat is another poppy beat...With no lyrical substance whatsoever.  This song has its place in a club of some sort..with really ugly girls.
18. 10 Deep Freestyle - Naledge - Eh...
19 So Close - Skyzoo -Thank you...something absolutely nice from someone from New York that knows about music that could spit something ill.  Ahh.  I like this.  This is my second favorite track of the tape.
20. Lately - Daytona - I do not know who Daytona is...nor do I care...but after listening to this...I want to listen to more.  His flow is really on point and his verse is pretty damn sick...reminds me of a...damn cannot put my finger on it.
21. Brooklyn Go Hard - Jay Z, Santogold, Notorious B.I.G - I hate this girls voice.  I cannot stand the voice.  I do not understand it.  I reviewed this song already and I disliked it so I am not even being biased.  At parts the Notorious sample just did not really fit with it...I could not really see it with this song...and that "go hard" sample is just ...mind bogglingly annoying.
22. Brooklyn Girls - Charles Hamilton - Songs alright...check the video here.

So this tape over all was a rollercoaster.  It had its highs, and a lot of damn lows.  Would I download it again if I my laptop was wiped and I lost all of my porn? Yes.  I would.