Stumbled On: Asher Roth And Kid Cudi Freestyling

Ok. Before I get into my patented "few things" technique...I want to say this first.

I do not know neither Asher Roth nor Kid Cudi. All of my reviews are on a strictly business state of mind.

  • Ok.
  • Both freestyles are wack.  Like really really really bad.
  • Cudi was not even on beat...and he was not even rapping to a beat.  
  • I found it hard to pay attention throughout the entire thing.
  • About 3 minutes into the video...I found myself wondering why I was even listening to it to behin with.
  •  I found this on Jessica's page.  She is biased and said only Asher's freestlye was wack.  Correction Jessica...
  • They are both wack at freestyling.
  • But, Asher is a great listen musicwise...not freestyling.
  • Kid Cudi...he is cool to me.  But is he a rapper or a singer?  Someone explain this.


Sh@yBr@eB! said...

That freestyle is super wack! I'm dissapointed in CuDi!!!! And he's like a singer/rapper... U heard his mixtape?

Jessica said...

So funny, peep what Triple A said under my post. Not familiar with Triple A...he is the guy who was every blog imaginable in the past few days defending Soulja Boy!

I agree with you, it was not good overall but everyone makes a big deal about Asher all the time and he is NEVER any good when he freestyles, as least Cudi shows up now and then!

MzSliCey said...

I hate that ppl are so concerned as to whether CuDi is a rapper or a singer... why does he have to be classified as either / or??? why cant he just BE!? he's an artist. a dope one at that. and he makes good music. that's all that matters at the end of the day. trying to box him into one category is only restricting and stifling creative potential.

i do agree the freestyles left much to be desired.

Jacques Morel said...

Thanks for the comments loves.

I am so concerned because it allows me, as critic, to properly critique him. I am not going to diss Tony Parker on his poor soccer skills when he is a basketball player. Feel me?

M said...

me personally I needed to listen to some real hiphop after hearing this sorry excuse for the culture I grew up in. We differ in opinion because I don't even think Asher is worth a listen on songs..... I'd rather hear a Zach De La Rocha album,y'know something wit some soul in it.