Stumbled On: How to Stop Kanye West's Arrogance

Shake posted this today and I was dying watching it. Steven Colbert who is a better Bill O'Reilly than O'Reilly himself does not love the fact that Kanye is number one. So, tomorrow, Dec 3rd at 5 PM everyone is to purchase his album on ITunes in order to surge his album to the top spot and live his lifee. ayyyayyyy ayyayy ayyaa.

No really. Do not buy his damn album. I will give 5 reasons to not do it.
  • Because I said no.  And we all know that my word reigns supreme. Shoot...look at my banner.
  • Because Kanye deserves that top spot.  I bought two of the albums.  Why?  Because it was worth it.  Do not ask why it was worth it, or did I waste my money.  No, I needed to find some way to pad his sales.
  • Because the autotuner will kill you if you buy the album.
  • Jeez...its Steven Colbert.  How many "politically" in the know-how teenagers can really make a change in the sales of his album?  
  • Refer to bullet number one.


Not anaoymous said...

someone sounds a bit sandra rose-ish ....

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

eh ehe ehhhh