Stumbled On: Kanye West SNL Performing "Love Lockdown"

I never said I was finished...so I was on Looseneck before looking through and I found the video of Kanye's perfomance on SNL. Instead, I decided to find the video elsewhere than YouTube because you people know I can only promise you the best. So I went from Dimewars, to Dailymotion and finally found it.

I always treat you people with SUCH love.

The performance, coming from a completely biased semi Kanye Stan...was fantastic. You ever go to his show before? It is just as good. And that effect is fantastic. It just...makes you bug out watching it.

Now back to the Steelers/Ravens game...waiting for the Giants game...

Fuck the Cowboys.

Commercial...so I took the time to find part 2 of the video...say thannnkk you!