Stumbled On: Will Smith as 10 Most Facinating People On Barbra Walters

Will Smith is the man. I loved his rapping and I love his movies. People hate all the time saying that he is soft...or he is wack...or that he cannot act...but you cannot argue with results.

From what we know, the dudes relationship with his sexy wife Jada Pinkett is doing great because it is OPEN and we all know that is the ONLY way a relationship can survive...AN OPEN ONE.

Not only that, this new movie 7 Pounds will not only sell out at the Box...it will probably get him another Oscar nomination.  Now all we have to do is worry about getting his ass that actual Oscar...hmm..


Anonymous said...

i LOVE will smith hes amazing.

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

Who else do you like?