Would You Hit?:#5 on Jacques' Top 10 List, Halle Barry

Just got out of work. My feet are killing me and life currently sucks hardcore. But, you do not see anyone else paying attention to that...do you? Anyways, coming in at #5 on my Top 10 L is none other than..

Halle Barry.

We both know that this is the common black dudes favorite actress... until Meghan Good started doing "movies".. This women has played many fantastic roles and even won an Oscar for having sex with a hillbilly. She is beautiful and has curves that you could film a Chevrolet Tahoe commercial on.

OK enough metaphors... She is hot. Jeez get off of my back!

The rest of my girls...

#6 - Nicole Scherzinger

#7 - Adrianna Lima
#8 - Rosario Dawson
#9 - Hayden Panettierre
#10 - Jessica Biel