Would You Hit?:#7 on Top 10 List...Adriana Lima!

For girl #7 in my list of Top 10 Women Jacques would love to be with, is Adrianna Lima. Now, before some of you people get at me for wasting my #7 draft pick on this chick...or saying that I should have placed her higher...it is because she does not look that pretty without all that damn makeup on her face.

I cannot wake up next to that.

Whereas, Hayden is natural beauty, Jessica is just hot, and Rosario oozes sex, Adrianna does not do much for me in those three categories. However, I can say that sometimes I cannot stop looking at her. Its weird. Regardless enjoy the pictures..#6 coming up tomorrow...she will be a stunner!

#8 - Rosario Dawson
#9 - Hayden Panettierre
#10 - Jessica Biel


justine said...

jacques.. shes actually quite pretty in person. not omg like you see in pictures. but she def has natural beauty like nobody else. :-P

Jacques Morel : The Experience said...

would you fuck her?