Would You Hit?:Honorable Mentions

If You have been paying attention to my blog lately, you understand that I have been having a Top 10 for the women that I like a little too much. Here are the honorable mentions that were not attractive enough to make it on the list...comment away people!

Elisha Cuthbert, not only can I remember the movies she is in...but sometimes I forget the girls name.  However, when someone brought her up...she had to be up there.
Scarrleetttttt.  Ugh.
Eva Mendes looks like a complete sexual freak to me.  Someone prove me wrong and I find out she is a complete prude.
I found this picture randomly...and it has been impressed in my head since then.
She is Brazilian...any more words needed?  I thought so.
She is getting a little older, but dude...it gets riper with age.
I needed a little Asian love here...come on!
So what if Disney owns her contract and she cannot breath without Disney knowing...She can chill with me when ever she wants.  She has to shave though...


woop said...

you and these white chicks.. ugh

Eva Mendes <333333333

Fashion Citizen said...

Dude, Scarlett should've definitely made top 10...that girl is bad. She got lips for EVER and her top half ain't bad either, plus she stays fly.