Stumbled On: Bow Wow Loses to Fab in Basketball Game


I cannot embed it because the owners of that site are re-re's but as you can see here Bow Wow is losing to Fabolous in a basketball game. I guess Bow Wow did not have his Michael Jordan sneakers on...and he looked kempt...not scruffy as shit like in that dumb ass movie.



My Daily Rant - 8.08.08 - Does Street Cred Really Matter?

I was reading Sandra Rose a few minutes ago and I noticed a post saying that Rick Ross' own sister confirmed that he was a CO. Now I already poked fun at this a few weeks ago and I was just sitting here wondering if street cred REALLY mattered? It seems that Hip Hop is the only genre of music where an artist needs to be "real".

I already understand the reason for all of this and why people cry foul when they find out the only thing their favorite artist "slanged" was McChickens. Does it REALLY matter? When I listen to this music I understand what they are saying may or may not be true but it does not stop me from listening.

Shit, if Clay Aiken could spit a fire verse about slanging drugs I would bump it.

Annnddd phew! All my credibility goes RIGHT out the window.

Realistically speaking. Yesterday I red a post by Mista F.A.B saying that we are not actually helping the problem in our urban sprawls. He says,

"in these days an times you know what kills me? Its when these rappers talk about all the street cred they have an how many people they have kilt,an how many drugs they sold..like what does that mean? Does that give them the upperhand? to me all that shit don't mean nothin cus at the end of the day, all that's tellin me is that you have took place n the destruction of another black community"

That is extremely true. Why must Hip Hop be SO different all the time? When I listen to Linkin Park I do not expect them to cut themselves etc, and when I listen to Miley Cyrus...well we already know she is a whore.

Think about it.

For Mistah F.A.B's post click HERE



What I am Listening to Now....

This is a mixtape from my man Throwbacks on Itsbx.com All the new songs for the end of July. Check it out

1. T-Pain - Can't Believe It (Feat. Lil' Wayne) 4:36
2. Mariah Carey - I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time (Feat. T.I.) 3:50
3. T.I. - What Up 5:05
4. Gym Class Heroes - Peace Sign / Index Down (Feat. Busta 4:02
5. Lloyd - I Need Love (Feat. The-Dream) 3:44
6. Boss Hogg Outlawz - Keep It Playa (Feat. Ray J) 4:03
7. Sean Garrett - Come On In (Remix) (Feat. Plies & Akon) 5:01
8. Nas - Make The World Go Round (Feat. Chris Brown & The Game) 3:49
9. Busta Rhymes - Throw It Up (Feat. Lil' Wayne & Ludacris) 4:42
10. T.I. - Whatever You Like 4:12
11. Fonzworth Bentley - Everybody (Feat. Sa-Ra, Andre 3000 & Kanye 3:27
12. Drake - Brand New (Remix) (Feat. Lil' Wayne) 3:03
13. Talib Kweli - Take It Back (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius) 5:14
14. David Banner - Fly (Feat. Jazze Pha) 3:10
15. Chris Brown - Fatal Attraction 4:08
16. Ja Rule - Baby 3:44
17. Ray J - Gifts (Remix) (Feat. Lil' Wayne & The Game) 3:45
18. Trey Songz - High Definition 3:47
19. Usher - What I Gotta Do (Feat. Rico Love) 3:54

1. Nelly - Long Night (Feat. Usher) 3:21
2. David Banner - Shawty Say (Feat. Lil' Wayne) 3:38
3. Ace Hood - Ride (Feat. Trey Songz) 4:26
4. Flo-Rida - In The Ayer (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross, Brisco & 3:59
Billy Blue)
5. Lloyd - Lose Control (Feat. Nelly) 4:19
6. Nelly - Stepped On My J'z (Feat. Jermaine Dupri & Ciara) 4:39
7. Tyga - Stacks On Deck (Feat. Lil' Wayne & Gata) 4:55
8. Busta Rhymes - Breathin' Like That 3:42
9. Ashanti - In These Streets 4:24
10. Yung Bruh - Gangsta (Feat. The Game & J. Holiday) 3:58
11. Musiq - Radio 3:21
12. T.I. - Swing Your Rag (Louis Rag) (Feat. Swizz Beatz) 3:19
13. G-Unit - I Don't Wanna Talk About It 4:34
14. Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn (Remix) (Feat. Flo-Rida) 3:34
15. Nas - War Is Necessary 2:27
16. C.J. - I Want You 3:24
17. Busta Rhymes - I Got Bass 4:25
18. Flo-Rida - We A Problem 3:35
19. Noe - Throwin' BG's (Feat. Sandman & Chink Santana) 4:18
Release Notes:
This is not a Mixtape, so I (Throwbacks) didn't mix any
of these songs together they are just a collection of
tracks that are the latest ones I downloaded and happen
to enjoy! All tracks have NO DJ AND THE BEST QUALITY I


Would You Hit? : Rihanna vs Keri Hilson

So I was talking to my boy recently and he was not very happy about what I said about his wifey Keri Hilson. Now personally I would sex anything and I made this evident before, but he had the nerve to say that Keri is better than my girl Rihanna.

Blasphemy. What do YOU think?

Vote in the poll on the right ----> tell me what you think.


Stumbled On: Lil Wayne in 7th Grade...

This is obviously before the Promethezyne. 7th grade play Wizard of Oz Play? That's NOT GANGSTA. Unless Lil Wayne was the dude selling steroids to the Lion, coke to Dorothy, Viagra to the Tinman, and weed to the witch...it is not gangsta.

Gangsta's live GANGSTA lives.


This is all sarcasm by the way people. I do not need you niggas runnin up in mah house!


Stumbled On: So So Def Rapper..Q

Hmm. It has been a long time since I heard a Brooklyn Rapper that made me bop my head. Do not misconstrue this as hate, shit, I live on Long Island. I do not need you "niggas" runnin up in mah house! But really. I was just browsing the website Nah Right and I played the video. Flow is on point while the lyrics are cliche...but who is pays attention to that shit any more? It stinks.

Get it?

Watch the video and tell me what you think.


A Day In the Life : Cheaper Gas Prices.

Gas Prices are going down. This is something I noticed while filling up my piece of German Muscle. I mean I still have to put premium in the damn thing because of the Turbo but hey...who cares?

What are gas prices where you live?


Would You Hit? : Christiana Augilera

There is nothing I can say that can put this picture in words that make sense.

You already know my got-damned answer.

Source : http://www.egotastic.com/


Would You Hit? : Keri Hilson

Hmm. HMMM. Would I? Well I cannot say no because I would hit almost anything but would I like it? Hmm. I have no idea. Probably not. She just seems...boring to me. I do not know. I mean she dresses like Rihanna and the things I would do to Rihanna..ugh. O well...

fuzzhead035@gmail.com leave a comment or tell me what you think over here.
Source: http://think2wice.org/2008/08/02/promo-pics-keri-hilson/


Stumbled On: Jay Z Blueprint III

It will be better than Blueprint II at least.

Source: Sandra Rose


Stumbled On: Bow Wow is going to have a sex scene

So I was doing my normal paces on the various internet sites looking for news to entertain you people with and I stumbled on an interesting story. Bow Wow is going to have a sex scene in the upcoming season of Entourage.

Who cares?

Not me. I mean if I wanted to watch a midget have sex I would find a Gary Coleman sex tape.

Also in the story Bow Wow is talking about retirement...from what? A career of being a LITTLE gimmick?

What has this world come too?

Source: HiphopDX


Stumbled On: Brett Farve is a New York Jet

I know this is not Hip Hop news but..shit this is for the greatest quaterback of our era so he gets a mention.

OK. Bullshit. The Jets are supposed to be the sorry-ass team of New York along with the Mets and Islanders. However due to Bret Farve destroying his legacy and coming back to play in the NFL he is now a Jet. Not even going to lie, that excites me a little bit.


Because Chad Penningtons waste of talent ass is on his way OUT.

Do not worry Eli. Although you always look like a fucking idiot, now you have a Legend to play next too. I swear it never gets easy for him.

Source: Espn.com


Stumbled On: Does Vagina Smell Like Water?

The real question I have for this Erykah Badu lookalike is, does YOUR pussy smell like water? light or heavy?
Source: Crunk and Disorderly



Stumbled On: Joe Budden's Rips Prodigy a new one.

In direct contradiction with what I just posted previously, Joe Budden just dissed Prodigy. I do not want to contradict my self TOO much, but lets say that was a pretty nice diss. Video is up above.

Source: Amalgam Digital


My Daily Rant - 8.06.08 - Does Rap Beef really matter anymore?

I check the news today and there are two topics about beef. Killa Mike and Big Boi squash beef and Dj Khaled speaks on the Rick Ross beef with Trick Daddy. Reading these posts pulled a non-existent reaction from me. I am like a Hip-Hop addict. It takes a lot to wow me and probably the average rap fan. Almost everything has been done and it is getting tired.

Now remember when Beef was a really big deal? I remember the 50 beef with Ja Rule being the most talked about thing on the radio. Shit, I do not even have to bring it up, but the Biggie-Tupac beef was one for the ages. Easy E and Dre. East Coast vs West Coast. Beef used to be part of the "rap experience".

Has it been completely downplayed? Let us look at today's stories. Killa Mike and Big Boi squash beef. Who HONESTLY really cares about it? I mean Killa Mike is not even revalent anymore (he was not revalent since Madden '04). Big Boi? He is very important but that still did not give the beef any protein.

I realized this when Joe Budden beefed with Ransom a few months back. The disses were, in fact, pretty sick. But the whole atmosphere and discussion around it did not even matter one bit. I frequent a few message boards and they were lucky to get ONE topic if not two. But Budden's laziness is another topic all together.

Cam'ron beefed with Jay Z. Correction, Cam'ron beefed with himself as Jay Z laughed about it. Cam'ron and 50 are apparently beefing now, but who is really paying attention to a flamboyant idiot and an HGH Coke addict anyway?

Hip Hop's ability to beef...is squashed.


Stumbled On: Q-Tip has a new album coming out..

First album in 9 years. Excited? Yes I am. There will be 9 songs on The Renaissance (hopefully short but sweet) and the first track opens with Pop Cultures favorite person...none other than..

Barack Obama.

Yea who was NOT expecting that?

Source: Mog.com


Would You Hit? : Eva Pigford

Alright, I might have to declare this Tyra Day because of all the stupid shit her and her affiliates are doing ATM. However this is not stupid at all. ANTM Season 3 (how did I KNOW that?) Eva Pigford took nude photo's again. If I am correct. Yup I am. Apparently her and a model Eva and I are getting flak for this picture.


The legit NUDE pictures can be found here...
*Edit* Someone JUST sent me an email asking me why I put my damn face in the picture?

Why nigga?

Try cuffing it to the picture now. Yea. THAT'S why.
Source : Crunk and Disorderly


Stumbled On: Tyra Banks Poses As Michelle Obama...

When she is not hosting her terrible show Tyra is trying to be someone else. She is posing as Michelle Obama in the new issue of Bazaar magazine. I have one thing to say to this..

This tall ass, 7 head alien lookin' girl, bed hopping whore is crazy.

I would still smash though.

Damn, that was two things.

Source - Hip Candy



Stumbled On: Lil Wayne Feat Jay Z - Mr Carter Video

The video is a classic. I swear.


My Daily Rant - 8.05.08 - Is Miley Cryus Bigger than Hip Hop?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few posts my love for Miley Cyrus is evident. Of course the love for underage girls is strong in me because I was 18 only a year ago.


However I was reading around recently and someone said that Miley Cyrus is bigger than Hip Hop. Now the black in me did a little jig and screamed in outrage. Obviously it did because...that is blasphemy.

Sad thing is, it is true. Miley Cyrus is larger than Hip Hop AT THE MOMENT. Put your guns down De De and Shaniqua. Simmer down. I am only stating facts. I say currently as in 08. The two biggest things in pop culture have been Barack "Da Rock" Obama, Lil Wayne, and Miley Cyrus. No one else has had a dramatic effect on Pop Culture as they have. You can argue Chris Brown...but he had way more publicity last year. You can argue Nas + Jay's current love affair, but that got REAL tired two years ago. Nothing is as in the news as those three right now.

What is my proof? Numbers. Yup. Numbers.

Miley's album Breakout sold over 300k copies. Compared to Hip Hop's power house Nas, who only sold under 200k in the first week.

Miley wins.

Chris Brown? Sold just under 300k in his first week.

Miley wins.

What is keeping this little girl on top? Her ability to make controversy...and keep it. Miley has been the center of all kinds of problems for years starting with her seatbelt issue, to her vanity fair pics, to the recent nekkid photo's she took for me.

Oops that sounded TERRIBLE.

Lets be real though, I will admit that Mariah Carey sold more than Miley did in the first week and so did Lil Wayne. But what is the difference between the three? Mariah Carey is diving in Cannon's ass right now and Lil Wayne is a revalent crackhead. Shit, Miley did better than G-Unit did, but who WASN'T expecting that? Now Hip Hop is not dead, but Miley sure has contributed to it losing its strength. Remember when Eminem had 3 year olds singing about rape and murder? Now Miley has them singing about "7 things" and taking partially nude photo's of themselves.

The Truth Hurts.

Send me an email telling me what YOU think.


Would You Hit? : Eva Fucking Mendes

Hitch star Eva Mendes recently took pictures that shocked America. For the famous clothes racist, Calvin Klein, she flashed her juicy mammary glands in a commercial promoting "anti-black" cologne. But who cares? No one. Why? Because Eva Mendes is FUCKING naked.

So would I hit? Yes. Check the pictures out and shoot me a comment or an email if you would hit yourself. The contest is still running btw. fuzzhead035@gmail.com

O yea? Did I find the video? Oops..I did.
*Edit* Since I am on Blogger and I do not want to get banned...yea nigga, I am shook...I will only link to it below.
Source - http://www.theimproper.com/Template_Article.aspx?IssueId=4&ArticleId=2082


Stumbled On: Damnit Miley...I told you NOT to fuck this up!

I told you Miley. I told you to not fuck this up...
And she did. New pictures leaked of her.


The source is on the pictures themselves.


Stumbled On: Can we make Heath Ledger Jokes Yet?

OK we all know that the man is dead and that he deserves a damn Oscar for his performance. I mean it was that good. But can we make Heath Ledger jokes yet? I told one today in a crowd of people and everyone looked at me...no one laughed. What is up with that? He has been sleeping for 6 months by now. I mean, he is fucking dreaming...about the Olsen twins.

Too soon?



Stumbled On: Maino actually says Hi to a Hater...then Smacks him.

Anyone else find this as funny as I did? Since when was smacking gangsta? At least Saigon actually punched Prodigy.

Source - http://smartenupnas.com/2008/08/04/maino-smacking-some-chump-in-the-club/


Would You Hit? : Cassie.

OK, I am sorry and I retract my previous statement about Cassie having the body of a 9 year old asian kid. These new pictures have surfaced showing Cassie half naked. Now I love being half naked and all but Cassie can pull it off better than I can. So the question for today is, Would You Smash? Leave me a comment or send me an email at fuzzhead035@gmail.com The most interesting response gets a 30 Dollar Amex Giftcard. Source -www.marcustroy.com


Stumbled On: Morgan Freeman Involved in Serious Accident

Shit. Morgan Freeman was involved in a serious car accident and is listed as in serious condition. Damn.

Whose fault is it? The white man.

Jokes. But thoughts and prayers go out to him.


Stumbled On: The Watchmen

The other day I picked up the Watchmen comic book to read what all the hype was about. I am only half way through but I must say that I am extremely impressed. It is living up to all the hype it has been getting. Now this book has not increased my girl getting factor at all and walking around it is not exactly explainible to the 10's of thousands of girls I meet on a daily basis. Pick it up here. The trailer is underneath for the movie...I am excited. I will not bring a girl to the movie though just for the fact that she will not understand shit.


Stumbled On: Chris Brown has pimples? Yea right.

Do you want to know the funny thing about this? People would actually pay for that "juice" that he is spewing on Rihanna. At least it is on Rihanna and not in some other chick's snatch.

Back to the picture though...that is still downright nasty. But, hey, when you are Chris Brown you could probably find a girl to SUCK it off.

Source: Crunk and Disorderly


My Daily Rant - 8.04.08 - That Montauk Monster...ITS A DAMN DOG.

We all know that the internet is law and rightfully so it's laws cannot be bended. If you are frequent visitor of the "internets" then you already are up to date on all the countless and pointless news there is, so me mentioning the alien that landed in Montauk, Long Island is practically old news to you. When you saw it, you probably thought it was an alien of some sort. Sorry.

It is a got-damn dog.

Yes. A damn dog. Do not come in here telling me that Will Smith slipped up and that is an alien ambassodor of sorts. It is a dog. If we were in Atlanta, Georgia then believe me, that would either be a dog(Michael Vick) or a member of the Ying Yang Twins.

Check the story out -

MONTAUK, New York (CNN) - The residents in the seaside town of Montauk have quite a mystery on their hands. Just what is the mysterious creature that washed up on their shores?

Residents are calling it the "Montauk Monster" because it looks sort of like a dog or a turtle without its shell. Many people just can't tell what it is because the beak-like snout and flipper-like limbs are throwing folks off.

The so-called "monster" washed up on the beach several weeks ago and ever since then the web has been abuzz about its origins. Some think it may have washed up from the nearby Plum Animal Disease Center, where they investigate diseases. The director however denies the creature is from there.

The biggest question that remains about the Montauk Monster though is: is the creature even real?



Stumbled On: If I could make love to a car...it would be this one..

The new competition style Lamborghini Murcielago had its pictures released today. To be completely honest, if I could sleep with a car it would be this one. Yea. This one. Well maybe the 911 GTR....UGH to many choices. Let the pictures speak for themselves.



Stumbled On: The Real Rick Ross?

Personally I am sick of the whole Rick Ross fiasco that has been going on lately in the land of Hip Hop news. So what if a dude wants to lie about his life to sell records? So what if he watched over the same people that did the things he rapped about? So what if he is the rap games new biggest joke (sorry Ja)?

Allhiphop.com posted an interview with the real Rick Ross that actually has a real drug life behind him. Not to mention he probably owes Noreaga 99 favors instead of 100.

Come on Ricky. I believed in you. I believed that you huslted like crazy and that you were the "biggest boss that I have seen thus far". You have let me down. Do not worry people. He will come back...trust me! Back and better than ever.



My Daily Rant - 8.03.08 - OK, These cops are becoming crazier and crazier.

Everyone loves living on the edge. Without living on the edge, such things as condoms would become useful...I mean shoot how many times do you hear this?

"Dude, shes def has something"


But when someone comes in and stops you, or, in fact, proves that said women HAS something it does not make it as much fun. This is the same thing that happens when police get too much power.

Apparently in Maryland police have scanners that can tell if your car needs inspection, stolen, or if you are a minority and pull you over. It is amazing how it works too. It just dominates people as they are driving recklessly with rabid asian hookers hanging out of the window doing lines on the roof.

Nope, the radio stops the need for that. It makes police work way too easy. Just like being a minority. But what can we do about it? Nothing. Check out the pictures here...hysterical.

Story from, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/01/AR2008080103570.html


My Daily Rant - 8.03.08 - Screw that Fred Kid.

So I am an avid viewer of YouTube. I have my own YouTube channel and I am on it almost every day. But I do not subscribe to any single persons videos. Yes I know they get paid for it, but the one reason I do not subscribe is because...

I am a spiteful nigga, shit, where is my got-damn money?

So I was on YouTube today viewing some videos and I watched a video and I stumbled on Fred. Apparently this kid is a "microtrend" in the sense that he is now what is popular on YouTube. Remember that lying slut Lonelygirl15? Yea this is the answer to that. He is supposed to be a hyperactive 14 year old that has an absentee father, a drunk mother, and gets overly excited about many other stupid things.

I think it is hilarious how this kid can capitvate so many people just by adding a vocalizer to his voice. O wait, T-Pain, Yeezy, Weezy, etc have done the same thing. But they are black so therefore I support them. Why?

I am a spiteful nigga. Shit.

But this kid Fred? He is the example why YouTube is turning into crap. Terrible acting and annoying videos. But, like, totally, what can I like, do?