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Would You Hit?: Keshia Cole

Damn. Keshia got her teeth fixed, her body is bad, and the tatoo on the wrist make her even more attractive. I give her Kudos. Pictures to follow below...she is pretty damn hot. I would smash.


Stumbled On: New T.I Song

Not even going to lie, I was pretty excited about this track. Needless to say, I was not dissapointed one bit. The song is fire. And M.I.A. Is still a terrorist to me.


Music Info: Chamillionaire says, "Maybe Texas is dead"

"Houston is in a slump to say the least. Widely regarded as hip-hop’s hottest city three years ago, H-Town hasn’t been hitting as of late. Chamillionaire and Paul Wall, who respectively earned platinum and gold plaques in 2005, both released commercially underwhelming sophomore CDs, while Mike Jones, who kicked started the Houston craze with his single “Still Tippin,” has yet to release his second set. Slim Thug has also failed to follow-up on his promising debut. With the city’s stock continually plummeting, its stars plan to destroy and rebuild.

“Everywhere I go people are like, “what happened to Houston” and that’s a problem for me,” Chamillionaire told XXLMag.com. “I could be one of these people that only cared about myself and be like, ‘I’m just gon get it. Forget everybody else in Houston,’ but I’m not like that.”

“I feel like it makes me look weak if everywhere I’m going, they’re saying everybody in Texas just fell off,” he continued. “The only person holding us down is Bun B. When you get kicked and you’re down on the ground, how do you dust yourself up? And I feel like Texas is at that moment right now. I know people gon get mad at me, but maybe they’re right, maybe Texas is dead, cause we’re always everywhere saying we’re holding it down, but everywhere I go, they telling us we’re not. I wanna help everybody else and help motivate and tell them look, man we need to get off our you know whats, get out there and get it, cause I feel like we’re not grinding the way we used to.”

Slim agrees with Cham, suggesting H-town needs a fresh crop of Houston MCs to breath new life into the city.

“I think we definitely need new rappers in Houston,” Slim hinted. “I’m doing what I can as far as my end of the bargain. I’m trying to keep the movement going with mine, but we definitely need other labels and other artists to step up, man.”

That is what Houston Rapper Chamillionaire told XXL magazine in the new issue. He speaks on how the hype that once was a few years ago has trickled down to a crawl. Chamillionaire feels like every other rapper that started in Houston left and did not get anyones back that lived there.

“I could be one of these people that only cared about myself and be like, ‘I’m just gon get it. Forget everybody else in Houston,’ but I’m not like that.”

Essentially the dude is right. After Slim Thugs debut he was practically gone. SMH. Lets hope they can destroy and rebuild. I kinda liked swanging and testin my slab against the best.

SOURCE - xxlmag.com


Music Info: Da Brat Sentenced to 3 years In Prison

The Brat was sentenced to 3 years in jail for an incident which involved her hitting a lady in the face with a Bottle o' Rum. Now we all know that she is only going to serve 30% of this sentence so she lucked out. Unlike Prodigy who will probably serve all of the sentence and STILL complain about the Illuminati. Blah nignorance.


Music Info: Game Says, "I Aint Runnin from Eminem He can Hop on Too!"

Ugh, it is late. It is 3 am EST, I am tired, I have to wake up to argue with VW in the AM (I am losing boost in my car) and I am hearing this nignorance in an email about Game dissing Eminem and how messed up it is that he is dissing a God. Who cares? Game is just trying to drum up hype for his album, 50 has done in 6 times, and every rapper does it. So please stop blowing up my inbox with stupid ass requests for blog subjects...when they do not really matter at all.




A Day in the life of a Blogger : Ack!

Yesterday was Steves last day on Long Island. He is now at Suny Albany doing lines off of some random frat chick. He probably is not doing that, but from the things people say about that place, I am beginning to believe anything.

My brother made the Kellenberg football team. The kid is taller than me, and he got all of the athleticism in the family. How depressing is that? Extremely depressing, however, I was blessed with the gift of gab and the ability to talk myself out of every situation.

I had 1100 hits yesterday. That looks pretty big, but compared to the numbers I was pushing last week...wait...that is pretty average. I take that back. I have about 555 as we speak, but that Kim Kardashian wrestling video will probably pull 500 hits in on its own right.

I am now going to start networking with the other popular Urban blog, Yahdigg.com. Yah Digg? Cool peoples over there running that site and funny commentary..check them out.

I visited my sisters school today. Not because I wanted to, no never that, but because my father said he would fill up my gas tank if I did.

Needless to say me and my empty tank of gas were there in no time. My sister called me grimey.I gave her this face...

I give everyone that face. O well, let me continue searching through news topics and ish. See you tom.


Stumbled On: Pharrell Hiding Behind Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob is blowing up. He is here with PHARRELL. Look. Amazing.


Stumbled On: Rihanna Caught Buying Starbucks

Ahh, Starbucks...that is what having money gets you. Starbucks. On another note, these boots are hard. I swear this girl is always fly. Someone send me a picture with her on a bummy day. Please!



Stumbled On: Heaven..Kim Kardashian Wrestling...Carman ELECTRA

Not even going to lie, I am not a fan of Kim. I still am not after watching this video, but it is just so...so...hot?

Damn Kim, what is with you and attention? You are always embarrassing yourself to some extent.


Would You Hit?: Audrina Patridge

MMM. Today's daily Would You Hit is here. From the looks of this girl, she definitely gets a yes. Hopefully she can lead me with her beacons...


Would You Hit?: Chrisitna Aguilera..Part Deux

There are only a few certainties in life and getting old, procreation, and Christina Aguilera having larger breasts after having a kid.

Boob job RIGHT after she gives birth? It was probably one of those "well since I am in the shop already" type of deals. Needless to say..I love em.



Music Info: Lil Wayne Always Looks Stupid in some way or another

This is the new cover to XXL for October. Needless to say I think I have to buy this magazine. Ugh the life of a blogger...

O yea, check here for the scientific explanation of why Wayne is gay.


Would You Hit? : Nicole Scherzinger

Since I was bashing Chris Breezy before for making a suspect song THAT IS SUPPOSED to be for the Pussy Cat Dolls I had to post these pictures of Nicole S;jlkdjsfsa. The only problem with her is the plastic surgery on her face...but it does not bother me at all. Not one bit. I present to you, Nicole Slfkf;ldkfd.


A Day in the life of a Blogger : Sucks

Day 3.

I parked in the Expectant Mothers parking at work yesterday. I felt like I was stepping on the faces of the mothers that needed that easy access to the mall. So they can continue to shop their asses off and eventually break their waters in my store.

Ah, that IS why I parked there.

A few kids that are readers of my blog told me to put them in my blog. So I did. I took their pictures and you can see these idiots in the picture. I tried to get the retarded looking one on the left to skate through the mall but he refused to grow a pair of balls and do it.

This morning I went to pick my brother up from practice. When I was listening to the radio, (I rarely listen to the radio), I noticed that McDonalds is going HARD for that new chicken sandwich. Believe me I love chicken sandwiches, but that chicken sandwich is not worth my 3.68$ when I can get a McChicken for 1$.

I also got my game back that I was bitching about the other day. I also whooped his ass in 2k.

OK I am lying, I beat him in OT by three points after I was blowing him out the entire game. He tied the game on the cheapest shot ever. He looked at me in laughter and I just gave him this face. Then again, I give everyone that face...

Send me an email and tell me what you think...fuzzhead035@gmail.com


Music Info: Chris Brown? Come On Man

If you have been perusing my blog for the past few weeks you already know that Chris Brown has had a very important share in my blog. No doubt for that. Now, I understand that his record label basically controls him and he probably does not even own his own name, but is Chris Brown fucking up lately?

I was reading Ya Heard on Sohh.com and Streetz brought up an interesting point. Could Chris Brown be gay? There were a few leaked songs that were on his demo that were suspect. Since these songs were leaked Chris Brown expressed disappointment in the fact that they were leaked. I mean he does not care when pictures of him taking care of acne are leaked, but when homosexual songs are leaked...then it is a problem.

The song in question is called "Captive" and it has a really REALLY homosexual line in it.

"You coming with me boy
No need to resist
Won't be released until I'm good and finished
Can't let you leave now
So whatever whatever just won't work
I'm holding you captive"


The line is obviously suspect with the "boy" thing being in bold. However what does this mean? Why would a man with such potential to be the next Michael Jackson make homosexual songs? Streetz also pointed out his awkward relationship with Bow Wow. That has some truth also.

Another thing I noticed about Chris was quite alarming to me. Is Chris Brown making songs for money? Yea, I know that sounds idiotic, but I mean it in the way that is Chris Brown making songs because sponsors tell him to make THAT song?

If you look at the beginning of Chris Brown's video Forever he sticks a piece of gum in his mouth towards the beginning of it. Also the line, Double your pleasure double your fun is clearly evident towards the beginning of the song. NOW he makes a commercial about it. I think Wrigley paid him off for that.

Why? Forever was not even on a CD. Well a real one at least.
Here is the Wrigley commercial just incase and the Forever video is directly under it.


Cannot embed it


I have recieved a few emails telling me that he made this song for the Pussycat Dolls and he was just singing it to show them how it would have sounded. Makes sense, however, everything I wrote makes sense too...



Music Info: 2008 Top Selling CD List

2008 Urban First-Week CD Sales Ranking

#1 - Lil Wayne - "The Carter 3" (1,005,545 sold first week)
#2 - Mariah Carey - "E=MC2" (463,000 sold first week)
#3 - Usher - "Here I Stand" (442,850 sold first week)
#4 - Danity Kane - "Welcome to the Dollhouse" (236,000 sold first week)
#5 - Plies - "The Definition of Real" (214,000 sold first week)
#6 - Leona Lewis - "Spirit" (205,200 sold first week)
#7 - Rick Ross - "Trilla" (198,000 sold first week)
#8 - Day 26 - "Day 26" (191,000 sold first week)
#9 - Nas - "Untitled [N*****]" - (186,600 sold fitst week)
#10- Janet Jackson - "Discipline" (181,000 sold first week)
#11- Michael Jackson - "Triller 25: Re-Release" (167,000 sold first week)
#12- Snoop Dogg - "Ego Trippin" (137,000 sold first week)
#13- Erykah Badu - "New Amerykah: 4th World War" (124,000 sold first week)
#14- G-Unit - "Terminate on Sight" (101,600 sold first week)
#15- Bun B - "II Trill" (97,960 sold first week)
#16- Ashanti - "The Declaration" (86,100 sold first week)
#17- Lyfe Jennings - "Lyfe Change" (80,080 sold first week)
#18- NERD - "Seeing Sounds" (79,700 sold first week)
#19- Three 6 Mafia - "Last 2 Walk" (76,730 sold first week)
#20- Webbie - "Savage Life 2" (72,000 sold first week)
#21- David Banner - "The Greatest Story Ever Told" (51,800 sold first week)
#22- Lloyd - "Lessons In Love" (51,100 sold first week)
#23- Fat Joe - "Elephant In the Room" (46,000 sold first week)
#24- Ray J - "All I Feel" (38,000 sold first week)
#25- Keith Sweat - "Just Me" (36,830 sold first week)
# - Tech N9ne - "Killer" (36,100 sold first week)
# - Al Green - "Lay It Down" (34,000 sold first week)
# - Gnarls Barkley - "The Odd Couple" (31,000 sold first week)
# - Shawty Lo - "Units In The City" (31,000 sold first week)
# - Rocko - "Self-Made" (28,000 sold first week)
# - Jim Jones - "Harlem's American Gangster" (24,900 sold first week)
# - Lil Mama - "VYP" (19,605 sold first week)
# - Yung Berg - "Look What You Made Me" (19,150 sold first week)
# - Dwele - "Sketches of a Man" (13,860 sold first week)
# - Dark Lotus Collection - "The Opaque Brotherhood" (12,100 sold first week)
# - Cheri Dennis - "In & Out of Love" (10,700 sold first week)
# - Clipse presents - "Re-Up Gang" (9,700 sold first week)
# - Santagold - "Santagold" (9,480 sold first week)
# - Nappy Roots - "The Humdinger" (7,700 sold first week)
# - Immortal Technique - "The 3rd World" (7,300 sold first week)
# - RZA - "Digi-Snacks" (6,700 sold first week)
# - Dave Hollister - "Witness Protection" (6,680 sold first week)
# - Pastor Troy - "Attitude Adjuster" (6,300 sold first week)
# - Hell Rell - "Black Mask, Black Gloves: Ruga" (5,390 sold first week)
# - Janelle Monae - "Metropolis: The Chase Suite" (5,180 sold first week)
# - Pete Rock - "NY's Finest" (3,900 sold first week)
# - Pimp C - "Greatest Hits" (2,700 sold first week)
# - Lil Wil - "Dallas, TX" (1,100 sold first week)
# - Joe Budden - "Mood Muzik 3: The Album" (1,100 sold first week)
# - Killah Priest - "Behind The Stained Glass" (840 sold first week)
# - Akrobatik - "Absolute Value" (610 sold first week)

taken from BX poster DoctorJ.

I never really go there, but they seem to have some interesting people there. A few people link my ish on their boards so props.

Once again...
Hip Hop Lost. I only kid. Seriously. I do not need you niggas runnin up in mah house.


Stumbled On: Soulja Boy Giving To The Homeless.

I do not know what is funnier. The fact that Soulja Boy actually thinks he is helping these people with "lucky money" or the fact that they are going to smoke the living shit out of that money. What is Soulja Boy doing with these stupid videos anyway?

O Yes. Making money. You may not have to respect his music but you can SURE respect his hustle.


Would You Hit?: Kelly Hu

No. No who?!??! Jokes. This girl is on CSI: NY and she is bad there...so she is definitely bad here. Yes? Yes.


Good Morning!

Blah, lets get into the daily blogging grind. Sigh, the life of a blogger...


Music Info: 40 Glocc Calls Lil Wayne and Birdman's Gangbanging Into Question

G-Unit Rapper 40 Glocc called Lil Wayne and Birdman's Gang status into check. Do I care? No. Stop sending me stupid stories people.

It appears to be a tradition of sorts. Beef is brewing between the G-Unit member 40 Glocc and others. 40, reportedly a Los Angeles Crip, took offense to Lil Wayne and Birdman and their alleged Blood ties.

According to 40, in a recent Hip Hop Weekly interview, he and his people stopped Weezy and Baby while they were rolling around L.A. and approached them about this. This "ambush" was not pleasing to the Cash Money Millionaires. Now, 40 is claiming that a hit has been placed on his life and the beef is taking on a life of its own.

"These niggas be wolfin' all that Blood shit and dissin' Crips. When Baby started gang bangin', at 52? And Lil' Wayne started gang bangin' at twenty-somethin'. These niggas got the audacity to be dissin' a whole culture they don't know nothin' about!" touted the man who released That New Nigga last year.

In regards to a hit on his life, 40 claims to not be scared.

"Go 'head put the price on it. Now I'm gon' beat the breaks off their asses when I see them again. We kill each other over a color so what you think we'll do to them over dissin' us?"

40 also takes offense to former G-Unit members Young Buck and The Game.

"Fuck these niggas wit' the fake Crippin' and Bloodin', that nigga Buck be fake Crippin'. I call him, Game and Wayne "the Three Amigos." he added, having released a song recently of the same name [click to listen].

The diatribe comes just over two months after 40 Glocc reportedly stole Lil Wayne's affiliate, Tyga's chain [click to read].



Music Info: Method Man Says Music in 90's was better...

Method Man was quoted in on HipHopDX.com saying that Hip Hop was better in the 90's. Personally I think he is completely right due to how raw it was then. Beefs mattered, CD's sold, and a movement was felt. Method Man stated that you knew who each rapper was and what the represented.

Truth just radiated from this mans lips.

No homo Birdman.

"I mean, the whole Hip Hop movement. Like when Wu-Tang Clan came in, it was like regardless of where we went, people knew who we were. Or if we were in a new city, there was one person who knew who we was, and that would spread to 10 more people, and so on and so forth, up until it was, 'Oh, you ain't up on that Wu-Tang stuff? Oh you ain't down homie!'"

I wish things changed, but right now Hip Hop is about who can beat who in Madden.



Would You Hit? : Nastia Liukin

I want to say first and foremost that I personally would not touch this chick. Although her body is 10/10 because of her gymnastic talents, she has a forehead that you could fry eggs on. I'll pass. However...her friend Sean Johnson various laws bar me from saying that.


Would You Hit?: Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes

These girls are seriously mind boggling. The only sad thing is that Adriana looks like crap with out make up on. The Douche Doutzen girl I have no idea, but she is smashable nonetheless.

Vote it up!



Music Info: Former Source EIC Kim Osorio Slept with Nas & 50?

And I do not care. However I will post the story.

" stopped by Jackpot’s desk to ask him some online questions last week.

He wasn’t there, so I waited around a few minutes, looking at celebrity photos and the lack of decoration until my eyes landed on Straight To The Source: An Expose From The Former Editor-In-Chief Of The Hip-Hop Bible. I heard Kim Osorio, The Source’s first female Editor-In-Chief was planning to release a Tell-All Book for some time, but I hadn’t realized it would hit bookstores so soon. With Jackpot nowhere in sight minutes later, I snatched the copy and took it back to my cube, so I can flip through the pages.

So here I am reading the ackowledgements when this Harris freelance writer stops by to chop it up. He immediately sees the book and starts spilling the beans? “Yo, she says a lot in here,” says the writer. “Love triangle with Nas and 50?” Needless to say he spoiled it for me. I hadn’t gotten that far. And like most readers, I got sucked in by the juicy tid bits. Could Osorio have been involved in a love triangle with Nas and 50? Come to think about it, could she have been the reason the two MCs fell out. Fif has long said he and Nas’ relationship soured when Columbia switched their verses on Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m Gonna Be Alright,” but could there be more to it? Apparently not.

Osorio does come clean about frequenting Nas and Fif for brief periods, but the timelines don’t conflict, so there’s no love triangle there. But here’s what separates Straight From The Source from opportunists like Carmen Bryant and Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. Sex isn’t the book’s focus. While Bryant and Steffans dedicated chapters to their sexcapades and went into great detail, including the size and width of their shlongs, Osorio doesn’t. Nas and Fif are mentioned because they’re essential to the story’s conclusion, not for sensationalism.

Personally, I could care less about Nas and Fif. I cared about interesting information like Nas hanging out with Freddie Foxxx. I cared about Osorio being conflicted between providing for her daughter and carrying out Ray Benzino and Dave Mays’ immoral missions during The Source’s glory days and its darkest hour. I cared about Benzino switching covers at the last minute, re-ordering cover shoots, randomly firing employees and trading covers for beats and guest appearances on his records. I cared about Zino favoring street cred over journalistic integrity, which eventually lead to the mag’s downfall. I cared about Dave Mays’ inexplicable fear of Benzino, especially considering Zino has never been documented as one of the publication’s true founders.

This is a must-read for hip-hop writers and readers. It’ll give you insight into your former favorite magazine’s downfall."

The real question is, who really cares? I will probably buy the book. Sigh, the life of a blogger.


A Day in the life of a Blogger : Damn.

Day 2. After some good conversation with a friend of mine, I decided that I might have to move to Tumblr. Now please believe that Tumblr is weird as shit, and I have no idea how to use it.


Yes I am. As we speak I am listening to Hot Boyz Remix...I miss Nasty Nas. On the real, all you crap niggas know the deal becasue Nasty Nas was ill. I mean this proactive version we have right now is cool, but I could careless. Shit, Jay has not changed...Jockin Jay Z his a hard song. The sample from DMC goes hard and fits perfectly with the song.

Moving on, I still have not gotten my game back I stay real nigga. I will run up in your house with the keyboard.

Anyways check the new layout it is alot more unique and better than some of the other crap I had before.


Stop Jockin Jacques.

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Would You Hit? : Megan Fox

Megan Fox is one of today's "Would You Hit". Now have some balls and admit, when she was 16 and in Mean Girls, you wanted to smash it then, and you know you want to smash it now. This is her on the set of Shitformers 2 Transformers 2 and you can see Shia Le Beouffs drunk driving ass in the pictures.

*Edit* Not going to lie, she has a little of a forehead, and she has crazy eyes. Stay away from crazy eyes.


Music Info: DMX To Star in New Reality Show

Rapper DMX will be staring AGAIN in a new reality show to tell about his

"attempting to rehabilitate to himself, as he simultaneously attempts to avoid being sent to prison for pending charges of possessing drug paraphernalia, possessing marijuana, animal cruelty charges and theft, for allegedly giving a fake name when he was treated at a Scottsdale hospital earlier this year"
Am I the only one that finds this ironic? DMX is already in jail as we speak, so making a reality show about staying OUT of jail makes no damn sense. That is like watching that show Intervention. You want them to stop the drugs, you really do. However it is just good television when they do not.

The show is trying to change stereotypes about DMX.

"DMX also believes the show will change the public's perception about him."

Too late.