Stumbled On: Shawn Johnson has a Poppin Taco

*I know this has nothing to do with Hip Hop, but it was funny enough that I needed to post it*

Thanks to Mike H for this. Remember keep on hitting me up with your questions and concerns!



A Day In the Life of a Blogger: Obama

Yesterday I ventured to this Belgian bar and had beer that tasted like flours. But that does not matter. This is an ENTIRE bar IN MANHATTAN...FOCUSED on Obama's speech last night. This was the scene all up and down W4 street last night. Insane? Yes. This man is seriously something else.


Would You Hit?: Sarah Palin

Yes, just because she is the vice president. It is a clever choice for McCain though.


Would You Hit?: Heidi Montag

Nope. Not at all. Sorry folks.



Music Info: Young Buc and Game mixtape in the works?



Music Info: DMX Has to hide for 15 days...then he is home free

As reported by me yesterday, DMX was released from jail in Miami. Now, DMX has 15 days to hide from the AZ police or else he will be arrested for the NUMEROUS charges he has there. Run DMX Run!


Stumbled On: The Dream - Put On In Your City

This song is actually pretty damn good. Dream is becoming one of the best up and coming male artists. I mean, his album was fire.

Why not?


Music Info: Budden and Game Officially Make up

The other day I was one of the first to report on Game bringing Budden out at the LAX release party. Yesterday I managed to find the actual video of Budden being brought out and changing the course of Hip Hop as we know it. To close out the trilogy, today I present to you the story of how they made up.

You can find it here.

Reading the story, it seems pretty funny that Budden thought Game was just clowning him at first when he hit him up. Actually, what is funnier, the fact that he thought that, or the fact that people actually screw with him like that?

Imagine someone hitting up your phone saying, "Yo, this is Ransom!", right after you are supposed to be beefing. To be honest, I thought that Budden was "hood" like that. Seems not.

Budden Lost.


Music Info: KRS-One sits down with Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy and KRS-One sat down to talk on the infamous show, "Rap City", on BET. The first thing I thought when I read this title was only astonishment due to the fact that I have no idea why KRS would even do this.

Apparently it was to report on the fact that Soulja Boy is now welcome to Hip Hop.


Hip Hop Lost, and once again, Miley Cyrus won. Full story here...


Music Info: Prodigy Promises more "refined" emcee upon release

Prodigy, who is in jail for 3 years on a gun charge, released a statement, again, from jail yesterday.

“When I get back out there in the real world it’s gonna be on,” Prodigy declared. “[I’m] much better, much wiser [than before the incarceration]. It’s going down, trust me.”
He just released the second HNIC album in April from jail and now he is promising that he will be more focused when he comes out of jail. This brings an interesting thought to mind...what kind of jail is he at? Summer camp?

I mean props to the dude for "wising" up but after listening to HNIC and its mindless dribble about the Illuminati and the New World Order I find it hard to believe that this dude is anything but focused.

This post deserves a "Nignorance" tag but Prodigy already has one too many of those.



Music Info: DMX Released From Jail

DMX was released from Miami Dade County jail just one day after cursing out a Miami Judge.

Honestly, who was not expecting this? He still has a bench warrant out for his arrest in Arizona and the detectives there have 15 days to arrest him. When will he stop doing stupid stuff?

First he says he is a Detect...

Then he says he is not who he is at a hospital.


"Rapper DMX has been released from a Miami prison earlier today (August 27) according to published reports.
TMZ.com reports that DMX pleaded guilty to minor drug possession charges in exchange for timed served. He was also issued a $483 fine.

A bench warrant for DMX’s arrest is still in effect in Arizona, where officials have 15 days to arrest him on multiple charges, including drug and paraphernalia possession.

On August 14, DMX was arrested at a North Miami Beach Wal-Mart store, just days after missing a pre-trial conference in Phoenix.

The rapper also facing 11 counts of drug possession, animal cruelty charges and fraud, for allegedly giving a false name and social security number during a visit at a Scottsdale hospital last April."


Music Info: Jay Stone Responds back to Trick Trick

This whole beef is entirely too stupid. Honestly, it is. The whole idea and the whole thing that they are doing right now is over a Transformers Chain. They are ready to "bury" niggas over a transformers chain.


Music Info: Game And Budden End Beef

Remember how yesterday I was the first to bring you the information on Game bringing out Budden at the LAX release party? Well I found the video, and I am one of the first to bring it to you too.

Keep it locked!



Music Info: Lil Wayne Misses Courtdate in Arizona

My blog has more to do with Lil Wayne than the people that matter...like Hayden!

"New Orleans, Louisiana rapper Lil Wayne missed a court hearing relating to drug charges in Yuma County, Arizona yesterday (August 25). According to KYMA Channel 11, the rapper missed the scheduled court date due to an unknown medical procedure, which prevented him from making the mandatory appearance. In May of 2008, Lil Wayne pleaded not guilty to weapons and drug charges. The rapper was arrested on January 22, when federal agents seized 41 grams of ecstasy, 105 grams of marijuana and 29 grams of cocaine. Lil Wayne is due back in court in October."
That is a lot of drugs. A WHOLE lot of drugs. I cannot wait till they issue the bench warrant which will put him in jail.


Stumbled On: T-Pain Sings WITHOUT Vocoder

Not a bad voice. Needless to say I am not the least bit surprised that he does not need Robocop to sing a song.


Stumbled On: Jay Z Vibe Photo Shoot Video



Would You Hit?: Krystal Forscutt

Now, I have no idea who this girl is. Apparently she is on Big Brother Australia and she has been getting hype since then. Now I am going to be completely real, she is one one of the baddest girls I have posted. But nothing holds a candle to Hayden though...Props to Young C for the pics...remember email me anything! It might get posted.


Music Info: T.I Album Cover and Full Track List

1. 56 Bars (Intro)
2. I'm Illy (Prod. by Danja)
3. Ready For Whatever (Rumored - DJ Toomp)
4. On Top Of The World (feat. Ludacris and B.o.B) (Prod. by Kanye West)
5. Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna)
6. Whatever You Like (Prod. by Jim Jonsin)
7. No Matter What (Prod. by Danja)
8. My Life Your Entertainment (feat. Usher) (Prod. by Drumma Boy)
9. Porn Star
10. Swing Ya Rag (feat. Swizz Beatz) (Prod. by Swizz Beatz)
11. What Up, What's Haapnin' (Prod. by Drumma Boy)
12. Every Chance I Get
13. Swagga Like Us T.I. and Jay-Z (feat. Kanye West and Lil Wayne) (Prod. by Kanye West)
14. Slide Show (feat. John Legend)
15. You Ain't Missin' Nothing
16. Dead And Gone (feat. Justin Timberlake) (Prod. by Timbaland)"
Hmm. The songs in bold are already leaked. The few things that I am excited about looks like Dead and Gone..On Top of the World...and 56 Bars.

Should be a decent album that I will not buy.


Music Info: Game Brings out Budden At Release Party...

So when Game is not getting completely sonned by Thisis50.com, he is throwing dope release parties in NYC. Die Hard reader James S sent me this after he came home from the actual party...

"...tonight at the fillmore at irving plaza in union square, it was fu*king crazy, game brought out Joe Budden to do "pump it up" and "dum out", he brought out ghostface and raekwon, fat joe, jim jones, young joc, maino, dana dane and kool herc, plus irv gotti and Newz... fu*king nuts!"

Unfortunately he did not send me any pictures...O well, they will probably be up tomorrow.

*Edit*When did Budden and Game squash the beef? I mean props to them for ending another pointless beef, but when did this happen?


Nignorance: 50 Sons the crap out of game on his site

Yup. That is the entire LAX CD. Thisis50.com posted it for free on the blog and this picture is just downright hilarious.

Featuring? Everyone. Ha.

Since I respect Game I will not post the link.



Music Info: Trick Trick Says, "My Lil N***ga got Young Berg"

So over the weekend Young Berg was robbed of his transformers chain(as pictured). Now I did not report about this due to my impromptu absence, but it was a pretty big deal. Young Berg is a very important character people. He deserves respect.

Berg was robbed at Trick Trick's club in Detroit and Trick Trick was saying that he was not responsible for the robbery. Now, in an interview with Allhiphop, he says that one of his dudes were responsible for the robbery.

"First of all I ain't no jack n***a. I don't need to jack nann [any] n***a to get what I gotta get," Trick Trick said. "Karma's a motherf**ker so I'm not taking no n***a sh*t. I earn mine. I don't need that piece of sh*t ass aluminum foil chain the b***h had on no way."

"My lil n***ga got him. The label called and told me he wasn't coming, so I wasn't expecting him. So there ws no need for me to tell the lil homies 'aye, the n***a's straight,' because he wasn't coming. I saved that n***a life. He would probably be dead right now or in a coma if I hadn't ran over there and pushed the lil homies back so they could quit stomping this n**ga."

The reason for all of this? Young Berg's mouth.
"You cant be saying 'f*ck Trick Trick' and you don't like dark skin women," Trick said. "I was gonna school the little n***a to the ropes of the game! If you gonna take some notes, take notes from an OG. The lil homies got that trophy [the chain], I don't want that sh*t. I don't have any problems with the little n***a. I [just] don't like him."

Pure comedy. Now my loyal fan Mike C emailed me this about the whole thing,
"Yo word I'm From chicago and I really know shortie no bullshit. I,ve Been knowing the niggas since his bloodline days wit DMX. But on the real on my life this is bout shortie third or fourth time gettin rob. The nigga a sweet lick. And if u a real nigga u gon take his shit. Y all might think I am hatin but i am just bein truthful. Come to the chi and ask an about him. Goon squad niggas been taking his shit. He has a real history og getting his chains took"

Next time lets use proper English, however, thanks for the info. Remember, keep it here for all your Urban entertainment news.

Source - Allhiphop.com


This is the dude with his chain. HA. What a punk.


Stumbled On: Kimbo Slice to fight Ken Shamrock

Everyone wants a piece of this dude. Hopefully he will do a better job than his last fight where he was getting dominated the entire time until the absolute end.

Ken Shamrock (Pictures) will be the fourth man to face Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (Pictures) when the two icons clash at EliteXC’s third installment of "Saturday Night Fights" Oct. 4 at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla. The headlining bout will anchor a live broadcast on CBS.

Sherdog.com confirmed the bout’s signing with multiple parties aware of the fight, while a press release is expected to circulate later today with the news.

The 44-year-old Shamrock (26-13-2) beat out fellow candidates Sean Gannon and Brett Rogers (Pictures), who called out Slice in May, for the coveted slot.

Shamrock, a 15-year veteran of the game who made his storied Octagon debut at UFC 1 in November 1993, has dropped his last five bouts in a row since 2005, including a lackluster showing against brawler Robert Berry (Pictures) at Cage Rage 25 last March.

However, "The World’s Most Dangerous Man" exudes substantial selling power for a match now only five and a half weeks away. A strong personality in and out of the cage, Shamrock’s 15 appearances in the UFC earned him international recognition alongside his original nemesis Royce Gracie.



Nignorance: Lil Wayne to join Celebrity Rehab?

Hmm. Maybe Lil Crackhead should take up in his offer...

Will Lil Wayne Be Joining The Cast Of Celebrity Rehab?
Published: Tuesday - August 26, 2008

From rambling, seemingly incoherent interviews to being arrested on drug charges, Lil Wayne's alleged issues with narcotics have been well documented. Word on the street is that people (outside of the hip-hop community) are starting to notice as Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab," has reached out to the rapper to invite him on the show.

"Dr. Drew called [Wayne] and left a message asking him to be on the show..." an alleged insider reportedly told Mediatakeout.com. "We all laughed... I think we still have it on tape, maybe [Wayne] will use is on the next mixtape."

If this rumor is true, some fans are saying that this may be the best thing to help Wayne with his alleged drug problem.

At press time, neither Wayne or Dr. Pinsky had offered any comment confirming or denying the rumor.

- By Erin T. McMillon


Stumbled On: Solange...Nice puppies.

Hmm. Solange when I first read about your drinking habits and what you did on a regular basis, I was intrigued. Believe me. I was. But after killing Scooby and Scrappy Doo to make sneakers for your feet... I do not know if we can still talk.


Stumbled On: Jay and Queen B walking around NYC

The funny thing is, I did the same exact thing they are doing in this picture tonight...Walked around NYC. Sad thing is, I am not rich and famous so no one took a damn picture of me. O well.

Stop tarnishing your legacy Jay!


Stumbled On: Chris Brown and Rihanna Out and About in Hollywood

What is with the hoodies? They are really acting like people are not going to know who they are. Chris Brown has a vagina attracting aura about him.


She's just hot.

Pulled from - Yahdigg.com



My Daily Rant - 8.26.08 - Jay Ruining his Legacy?

^^^Is this the Jay we miss? Or the Jay we are supposed to miss?

I was on XXL mag this morning perusing the stories like I do on a daily basis. I read an interesting post discussing how Jay Z is ruining his legacy by coming out with more articles after saying he would retire.

Read the article here.

Although what he said made perfect sense, I do not think that he is tarnishing his legacy. He recalls examples from Jordan which made people dislike the fact that he was back. When Jordan came onto the Wizards, he was a disappointment and he was obviously trying to sell tickets to a team he had ownership in.

Essentially Jay can be seen doing the same thing. Jay Z runs Def Jam. Hip Hop sales as whole are down. Miley Cryus has sold better than all but 3 artists that have come out with CD's this year. Hip Hop is full of one hit wonders. Come out, stir some hype up, die down, get your chain snatched.

Jay Z makes more money when Def Jam makes more money. So, if Jay Z is "The Michael Jordan of Rap" he will sell no matter what happens...correct? Michael still has tons of black people that line up outside of Footlocker with their welfare work checks ready to be signed away for cheap pieces of leather. This is what has befallen us. this is what we are forced to deal with and listen too. This is why Jay Z is coming out with the Blueprint 3.

To make money.

If we look at it by using numbers, Jay Z's last performance American Gangster, sold about 800k in its first week. That is astounding. Jay Z will probably do more than that this time around. Why? Because he is still on top.

You also have to remember that Jay Z is not selling to the Hip Hop Heads. He is selling to the people like my friend Ally that admit that they listen to really bad rap. Not saying that he will come out with bad rap, but subpar rap. The people that hear Jay Z! and buy it instantly. The people that buy the Jordan's just for the jumpman logo. So is Jay Z tarnishing is legacy? Probably. But is he making money with it?


Is that not the thing that drives all of us anyway? Do you think Hov even loves rap anymore? How can you?

Tell me what you think. Send me an email at fuzzhead035@gmail.com with your thoughts.



Would You Hit?: Hayden Panettierre in a Bikini...

I am going to devote the day to her. I swear. She can be my hero.


Nignorance: Cop Pulls Gun On Diddy

Ha. He probably tried his gay advances on the cop too. Why Nignorance? I do not know, but look at the picture. What would YOU have called it?

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy pulled a gun on mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs yesterday, "fearing for his safety." According to The New York Daily News, Combs' vehicle was pulled over, during a routine traffic stop yesterday (August 24).

Police noticed the rental tags of the vehicle he was traveling in didn't have proper tags.

Two cars stopped as deputies searched the vehicle and additionally, during the search a member of Combs' entourage was detained when he become uncooperative.

The detainment prompted Combs and "six or seven others" advance toward the deputy, who drew his weapon.

"A deputy pulled his firearm, fearing for his safety," a sheriff's department spokesman told The Daily News. "The situation was deflated as quickly as it began." No tickets were issued in the incident and no one was arrested.


New Video: T-Pain Feat Lil Crackhead - Can't Believe It

Watch it before YouTube decides to get gay and delete it like usual.

This video definitely trumps the Kanye Video


New Video: Kanye West - Good Morning

What is with this dude coming out with singles a year late?

Sick video though but I think the T-Pain video trumps this one.


New Video: Kanye West - Good Morning

What is with this dude coming out with singles a year late?

Sick video though but I think the T-Pain video trumps this one.


Music Info: Dr Dre's Son Dies Over Weekend

Just read this on HipHopDX...

According to The Los Angeles Times, the 20 year-old son of Hip Hop superstar Dr. Dre was found dead Saturday morning, when his mother attempted to wake him.

The city's coroner told the newspaper that reports stated that the young man born Andre Young, Jr. had been in Los Angeles partying, when he returned to his mother's Woodland Hills, California residence at approximately 5:30 am.

He was found less than five hours later, unresponsive. Cause of death has yet to be determined.

Dr. Dre has yet to release any statement nor confirm relations. The mother has also remained anonymous, although the mother is believed not to be Dre protege and '90s R&B singer Michel'le, with whom Dre did have a son.

Dr. Dre
has at least five children, two of whom have stated aspirations to rap.

HipHopDX sends our condolences to the Young family. More information will be reported as it is known.

Damn. RIP.