Music Info: Rapper MC Breed on Life Support

Rapper Mc Breed from Michigan is in need of a kidney and is on life support.  The rapper was playing a game of pick up basketball and collapsed and fell unconscious.  His manager is contacting a number of rappers in order for a benefit concert that can help procure money for a kidney or to probably forward him to the front of the list.

I do not want to be callous, but I am going to be real.  Mc Breed might not get this kidney becasue he is/was not popular enough and is not relevant at all anymore.  If he was popular he would have had the kidney already due to the corruption in the system.  Mc Breed was almost unknown to me untill I read this when I remembered his song, "Gotta Get Mines".  

Depressing.  If anyone has any information or wants to help contact his manager at this email - >>>Vanglorious61@yahoo.com


New Music: Ryan Leslie Feat Fab & Cassie - Addiciton

Weird and ugly girls in this video.  I do commend him for not using "video hoes" in this video, but the girls in this video just weren't doing it for me.  Extremely attractive girls.  That is what I need to even pay attention now a days.  When I feel down I just look at this.


Music Info: Joel Ortiz Rips it up with a short freestyle

Joel Ortiz is fire.  I remember sitting in the barber shop and hearing him for the first time on a freestyle and ever since I have been hooked.  Dude's flow is crazy and his wordplay is on another level.  


Would You Hit?: Jessica Connelly

Forget Megan Fox.  Yea I said it.  Jessica Connolly is the new baddest brunette on this blog.  You know I always bring you the latest pictures of the prettiest girls and she in my opinion is one of the best.  She does not have nothing on Hayden though...


Music Info: Another Message from Yung Berg's Camp

This is another message from Yung Berg's camp about his stolen transformers chain.  This is the second message and the first one was Berg's brother talking about how he would get the chain back.  We see the "goon" in the video going through his assortment of guns and his Rambo machette and he is supposed to be striking fear in peoples hearts.  


Watch the first video here.


Fashion: Clipse to Start New Clothing Line

Pusha T and Malice are set to create a new clothing line.  The two already popularized the famous Japanese clothing line A Bathing Ape and have recieved numerous props and also critics becasue of that.  This led to some "beef" with Lil Wayne about this, and the undercover diss track, Mr Me Too.  

The sibling duo is set to released a new album later this year also to follow up to their critically acclaimed album, "Hell Hath No Fury".  They will also be collaborating with Pharrel Williams on this.  The clothing line will be called, Play Cloths.  Stay tuned for more fashion information.


Stumbled On: Tyga has a new chain, O yea he "eats" money


Earlier this week I posted a video talking about how Tyga, the tattooed up punk, got his chain stolen by some people trying to get signed through the exposure.  Tyga released this video talkin about how it "made no sense" to rob him of his chain because he could easily buy another one.  That is pretty cool.

O yea, did I also mention tha the eats money in this video?

Yea you read it write.  He eats money the dirtiest thing ever.  Touched by many many many people at a time only to be passed on to the next person.  Tyga tries to tell us that he is so rich, that he can eat his money.  

I thought people used to burn money to show that?  I really thought that.  That is pretty impressive by how stupid this whole thing is.  

The funniest thing about the video is how he takes the money out of his mouth.  Yea, watch the "cut" in the video and you see his mouth magically empty.  This is not some porno Tyga.  We know you did not swallow.


Stumbled On: Lil Wayne Drunk in NYC.

They were trying to ask Lil Wayne about the 40 Glocc situation.  Since I do not exactly know what happened there I will report on that in a bit.  Maybe I will type up the whole situation for you people.

I mean shoot, it is 1am eastern, and there is nothing to do.  The Oblongs are on TV and I hate that wack show so lets see what happens.

Keep it locked here all night.  



A Day In The Life: My View

Yea.  That is what I wake up to every day.  A beautiful New York sklyine.  With the cops buzzing by, staring at the hot girls down on the street, and the constant construction of lower Manhattan.  I am excited just thinking about it.  


Stumbled On: CNN - Follow the Dollar

They are back. I am excited. Very, it is time for some "hood" rap to get those ignorant juices flowing. But to be real, they probably will not sell at all. That is the problem now a days. People complain about hip hop being dead and how it is completely unrelevant now, but then they will not go out and buy a cd to support. Not only that, it makes Hip Hop unprofitable.

But hey, who is going to listen to a blogger like me? No one.

CNN - Follow the Dollar


Stumbled On: Akon Punches Fan

http://view.break.com/566370 - Watch more free videos

Akon is in fan trouble once again by "punching" a girl on stage.  If you watch the video you can see Akon crossing the dark sea crowd surfing.  After being almost stripped naked when he gets back on the stage, he pushes a chick right off the stage like she is not even there.  This is for people who do not want to watch the video.

To be honest, the video is not even that good, and he does not even really "punch" her.  It is more of a well calculated shove.  Yea.  A well calculated shove.

*edit*What the eff is with that dude and the flamethrower on stage?  It is only AKON.  This is not Kiss or something.


Would You Hit?: Beyonce

Am I the only one that thinks that she is not as special as she used to be?  Normally I would not post pictures of her here because the answer is blatantly obvious (all the answers are blatantly obvious).  Looking at these pictures does not give me the awe and amazement that I used to get from lookng at Beyonce.  Maybe she is not that special anymore.  I take that back.  I do not need you niggas runnin up in mah house!


Stumbled On: Tyga gets robbed for chain..again.

I must have forgot when robbing chains made you cool. The really funny part about it is that it is only an overpriced piece of jewelry that no one even really needs. But please that is what determines your gangsta. The ability to keep your chain and not get it jacked like some idiot. Yea guys. Since I am a blogger, jacking my computerwould be something worth doing. Yea. Damn idiots.
The funny thing is that these dudes could not even splice their song into the video or something. Nope, they had to play it on an Iphone...which they probably stole to. I forgot stealing chains was the cool thing to do.



Stumbled On: Cam'ron Crime Pays Preview Video

Cam'ron is seriously one funny dude.  Honestly watching this video makes me wonder...what is his problem anyway?  But o well, dude makes me laugh.



Would You Hit: Ciara...Naked.

No words for this picture.

No words.

This is almost as good as the Christina Aguilera pictures

More pictures here... AND REMEMBER TO DIGG IT TOO!


Would You hit?: Christina Aguilera

She definately recieved a breast augmentation.

I remember what one girl told me about fake breasts... she said, "You do not like fake hair, why would you like fake breasts?"

I said to her...

"Fake hair I can pull out. Fake breasts I cannot."

Shut that noise up REAL quick.


Would You Hit?: Olivia Munn

This is the only reason I watch that dumb show and even stupider channel. But who is paying attention anyway?
Check the pictures out.


New Music: T.I Feat Rihanna - Living Your Life

I am really excited for Paper Trail. Last night I posted a sorry ass video of T.I freewriting on RapCity, but listening to this song, and the choice of sample for the beat...I am enthused at the ability to download purchase this album. First Swagger Like Us, then T.I dissing Lo on the set of What Up then this?

Hot tracks to be on that album. Fire tracks. I am excited. And my girl Rihanna is on this?


Remember keep it locked here for new music and entertaining commentary!


Music Info: Game Open's Up at 1st on the Billboard Charts

Congrats to The Game. He managed to sell over 200k albums in a 5 year hip hop recession. Please people, do not send me emails talking about how Game lost becasue Curtis sold 700k last year. That album was fueled by a lot more beef than this album. I am honestly surprised Game sold this much this time around.

Other Notable Selling items...

Lil Wayne only pushed 50k albums this time around and he sits at 2.1 million comfortably.

GZA flew low selling under 15k albums.

Nas' album completely flopped selling only 12k Albums this week sitting at 350k.

SOURCE - Hip Hop Stan


Stumbled On: T.I in the booth on RapCity

That was terrible and it was another prewritten freestlye. When are people like Serious Jones going to come back and actually free off the top? I have posted a few freestyles on this blog of mine and this is definitely not one of my favorites.

Props to WSH.

Remember keep it locked here!


Music Info: Ludacris hopes to hook up with Eminem on new album

Over at Hip Hop DX Ludacris says he cannot wait to link up with Eminem for his new album, Theater of the Mind. This will be Ludacris' 6th studio album and he has not made a song with Eminem before.

On the album he is also working with Three Six Mafia on a track called "Lets Stay Together" begging for the people in Hip Hop to stop the beef.

[Why? It is the only thing interesting about Hip Hop now-a-days]

He will also be starring in a slew of movies releasing in October. Looks like October is his month?

Theater of the Mind will be dropping in October.

Source - HipHopDX


New Music: LL Cool J - Ringtone Murder

Ll Cool J - Ringtone Murder

This song is hard. LL Cool J kills the track, his flow is on point, and it has a small old school vibe to it. The lyrics are on point also. I am still not excited about his album, but it definately gained more respect from me definately.

"You are not Hip Hop homie go write for vogue"



Would You Hit?: Gisele Bundchen

I love Brazilian girls. Maybe not any of the sticks I witnessed yesterday, but for the most part I love them. These are very sultry pictures of Gisele Bundchen who my friend loves to call sexiest Brazilian alive...truth?

I do not think so.


Would You Hit?: Jessica Alba

I think this is from an old shoot...from her pre-pregger days...but the Czech magazine has no idea about that. I WISH it was more recent though...we could see her bountiful new breasts...

I think this is from an old shoot...from her pre-pregger days...but the Czech magazine has no idea about that. I WISH it was more recent though...we could see her bountiful new breasts...


Stumbled On: Maino Put On Freestlye in the studio

Another prewritten freestlye which was not even that nice. His flow is slightly off, and the beat is really getting on my damn nerves. Dear Maino, you are a one hit wonder, fall off the planet of the Earth.


New Music: J Dog - Paper Planes Remix

I have no idea who this guy is. Not one bit, but I actually enjoyed the two songs posted over at UrbanMusicBlog. Give him a listen...
J Dog - Paper Planes Remix


Stumbled On: Pharell Making fun of Busta Rhymes

A few things to notice about this video.

Pharell is hilarious.

The kid next to Premier touches his face about 20+ times in the video and salivates as his looks at Premier.

The kid copies Pharells every move.

The video groupies are obviously evident and they are just chilling.

This will not be the last time you see Cons on this blog...you might see me in a video with him actually...



Nignorance: Diddy Says John McCain is "Bugging the f*ck out over VP choice"

Shut up Diddy. The amount of ignorance that you displayed in this video astounds me to the realization that you, Mr Vote or Die, do not know the facts WHATSOEVER in this election. You, Diddy, are acting like everyone else is. Barack is black, lets vote for him.

Yes, that is a monumental thing, but I thought we moved passed that. I though we could look at this race objectively and sway away from the negative racial issues surrounding the campaign. I thought we could come together to elect the person that is right for the country. Diddy, you are making this hard to do.

Diddy you are inadvertently hurting the man's campaign with these stupid video blogs. It is obvious Barack has the black vote, but what about the white vote? What about the pseudo conservatives that are on the line between McCain and Obama? What about those people? They see this video, they see this picture, they see those commercials and they are made afraid of Obama.

Hip Hop's support of Obama is a blessing. That is very true, but the support is being dispropotionately thrown to the racial side of the election. Diddy, why do you not speak on his policies? Why do you not speak on cementing what "change" really means? Why can you not speak on the strategic choice of Sarah Palin? Nope, not at all. You have to further degrade black communities and say that since there are no black people in Alaska (which there are my well versed friend and NO CRACKHEADS might I add because every black community has a share of those) she cannot be worth being the VP?

Yes everything Diddy is saying is true. I live in a predominately black suburban neighborhood and the local crackhead is who has a majority of my things, such as my bikes, my broken stereo etc. Since Sarah Palin cannot relate to that, she cannot be VP.

O yea, let us remember, Barack Obama is from Hawaii. Tons of black people there. They swim over there too. Yea. Swimming blacks. Astounded yet?

Rap might be hurting the election and that is sad.

Very Sad.

And Diddy, please do not get it twisted. Yes we are a very important vote, but the Hispanic vote is WAY more important at this time in history.


Would You Hit?: 3 Skinny Brazilian Chicks

I thought they fed them well down there. O well. The answer is maybe..after I ate something so I felt better about smashing sticks.


Nignorance: Obama Joins The Roc

Found this over at Yahdigg. I cannot begin to talk about the nignorance in this picture. If this picture gets huge enough, it could screw with a lot of simple minded white people's minds. You do not believe me? If that commercial about Barack being a celebrity was able to work, then what is going to stop this picture of making innocent Caucasians think he is some chain wearing thug?

No one will believe that this is just a Roc add. No one will even know. Now I see why they are telling Obama to stay away from rappers. Tarnishing his legacy.


Would You Hit?: Gemma Atkinson

When I was sent these pictures from reader Mike C (remember to email me anything you wish to get published...) I was astounded at how great those beacons are. You would never get lost in a storm. I bet you my good ol' friend Gustav would love them too.

Too Soon?