Stumbled On: Barack Obama vs John McCain in Saints Row

OK I lied. They are not versing each other but they are in the video and that is what matters right?

Bah this election is getting so stupid.



Music Info: Donny Goines

I am always looking for new music to plug on this blog. The funny thing is until yesterday I was not really approached on that level yet. Donny Goines approached me at the show (which I will discuss later on along with the interview with Skyzoo) out of his own way to kick it to me. I admired that becuase I was not even supposed to be there in the first place, and essentially I was only there to meet Sky.

I listened to his songs today and you already know I am the most honest person to blog. I listened to his entire reportoire on MySpace and I was thorougly impressed. His songs actually connected with me on a different level then most new rap I hear now a days. It is not poppy but you can still bump it in the car, it is not gimmicky but you are still repeating to lines you just listened too. The music had its own ecletic taste.

Impressed? I was. I was very impressed. This man is going places so it is good for you to jump on the bandwagon now when you have the chance.

A few tracks to check out of his are...

What the people want

Held it down

Wordplay especially was my favorite. Wordplay was fantastic.

And watch out for the album "Minute after Midnight"

Check out the mans MySpace HERE. keep it locked.


Stumbled On: Cam'ron Arguing with a girl

Cam'ron arguing with a girl on the fone. Comedy straight comedy. Apparentl this is what happens when you hit the bottom of the pu**yhole.

Source: Youngandfly.blogspot.com


Stumbled On: Bow Wow Freestyle

It actually is a pretty dope freestyle it has a really old school vibe to it IMO however nothing to make you turn your head but a decent freestyle none the less.


New Music: Scarface Feat Lil Wayne Bun B

This song is crazy. I love Scarface and he truly is the original gangster. Did you people know that he was the prototype for Ready to Die? Yea. Some food for thought.

Scarface feat Lil Wayne Bun B - Forgot About Me

One question I have for Scarface....

Why make a song about everyone that has forgot about you, and put people that are relevant NOW on it? No one has forgot about "feat Lil Crackhead" and Bun B however sadly everyone has forgotten about you...


Stumbled On: ?uest Love wearing Free Kanye Now Shirt

The funny thing behind this picture is that it was at Sutra which is where everyone was headed after the show last night. Me being too young I did not go with and ended up fighting with a cab driver.


Music Info: Kanye Ghostblogger? Noo never.

These pictures were leaked yesterday of Kanye getting off of the plane after being released from jail holding his computer with a wireless card sticking out of the side. Essentially this makes perfect sense because Kanye West was blogging the entire time even though he had posts on his blog while he was in jail.

Honestly, I do not really care about the fact that he has a ghost blogger. Why does Sandra Rose care so much?

Because she is a fucking succubus dedicated blogger.

More Kanye News here


New Music: Camron - Bottom of the Pu**y Hole

Is pussyhole one word? Or is it pussy hole? Normally I would clown on Cam for making up another word but this word was made up by nignorance already. The song itself is another Cam'ron song, however the girl singing "pussy hole (two words now?)" is creeping me out.

Cam'ron - Bottom of the Pussyhole

Very slow news day and hits day on top of that.

Keep it locked.


New Music: T.I - Whats Happening?

Just stumbled on this when doing my daily round. Woke up extremely late today because of a completely crazy night. What am I going to do now? Typing up interviews and listening to demo's.

The video is pretty sick even though it is a diss to a "dead" beef.

Yea they deaded the beef...you did not know?



Stumbled ON: Kanye West Arrested VIDEO

Damn. Full story here.


Music Info: Kanye West arrested at LAX Airport after scuffle

Kanye West was ivolved in a scuffle in LAX airport and was arrested this morning at 7:51 am. From what I read on TMZ it seems like Kanye was in a fight with a photographer and his assistant grabbed the camera and smashed it on the ground.

He was arrested on charges of battery andd vandalism. He is still in custody at the airport.

Here is what I managed to grab from TMZ -

A struggle ensued and the still guy was screaming, "Police, help!" Erik says Kanye then took the still camera and threw it on the ground, breaking it into pieces.

This is the man that was fighting Kanye who was taking picutres of him. Kanye did not like this and fought with him, smashing his camera to the floor. A cameraman from TMZ.com walked up to Kanye and videotaped the incident. When Kanye tried to board his plane, the police stopped him and interviewed te reporter from TMZ. They asked if the situation was video taped and the reporter responded "Yes". Kanye then freaked out and lunged at the reporter and was restrained by police.

Damn 'Ye.

What is with artists getting arrested all of a sudden lately?

Scratch that they are always getting arrested. More Kanye News here...I will keep you workers updated as the day goes along. I have to head to class now.



Music Info: Controversy over at Hip Hop Dx?

Image: Wikipedia

Damn Hip Hop DX. A loyal reader over pointed me to a thread on Rap Godfathers.com hating on the Hip Hop Dx's review of "Exit 13" by LL Cool J. I loved this album and because of this I looked into what he sent me.

Apparently after reading their review , which is an opinion, it repulsed me. The site gave the album 1 star out of 5. The album at least deserved 3 stars but it was only given one. Hell, they gave V.I.C's album 2 stars. This is obviously an attempt to devalue LL Cool J's brilliant effort.

As we all know this is just an opinion. Shoot, it is a blog that is the point of reading this. For my opinion, nevertheless their opinion was obviously flawed. After reading through the comments I was able to single out one post which made a lot sense,

I just heard through another website that the person that wrote this review use to work for Roc-A-Fella and is somehow affiliated with Jay-Z. I am also hearing that it is a campaign bent on undermining the current and future works of LL.

Based on the fact that several songs on 'Exit 13' contain subtle disses towards Jay, it stands to reason that this review cannot be respected as a valid one.
That is true. LL and Jay do not get along. This is obvious and completely apparent through the many subliminal disses on Exit 13. This is actually extremely funny. Who would have thought that it could come to this in Hip Hop? I respect Jay 100% so I do not believe that man had a thing in this, but the review is obviously bias.

When reviewing, or reporting, it is supposed to be done objectively. This review was not done objectively. It was done with a hateful spin on it and that is not a good look at all for Hip Hop DX. This is a shame and should be pulled immediately, if anything it is slander.

Now after reading this, I called their entire rating system into question. After seeing that I rest my case on the terrible reviewing that is going on there. Shame on you Hip Hop Dx. Shame, shame, shame.

1. Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor
2. Nas - Stillmatic
3. Jay-Z - The Blueprint
4. Outkast - Idlewild
5. Atmosphere - You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having
6. The Roots - The Tipping Point
7. The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die
8. Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth
9. Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein
10. Brother Ali - Shadows on the Sun
11. Madvillain - Madvillainy
12. Run DMC - Ultimate Run DMC
13. Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead
14. Jay-Z - The Black Album
15. Kanye West - Graduation


Stumbled On: Behind the Scenes of "World Go Round"

This does not get the New Music tag because it is only Behind the Scenes. I know you guys would not be too happy if I lied to you would you?

*Edit* Nas is blazed as hell in this video.



New Music: Kanye West - Love Lockdown

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

Source - Nah Right.com

Remember who gets you new music first! Well...second. Check out more music here.


Stumbled On: Kanye Ripping the Stage up During Live Show

This man is one of the greatest performers of our era. I will confess that this blog is biased to this man...and heavily against this man.

Hate on his lyrics, hate on his flow, but you cannot deny that Kanye's performers are unparalleled.


Stumbled On: Trick Trick's Daughter Holding Berg's Chain

In this video you can see Trick Trick's son daughter holding Yung Berg's chain. This is only a few days after I was one of the first to bring you Jay Stones and his posse declaring "internet war" on each other. Conflicting video's uploaded on World Star Hip Hop and YouTube are currently "beefing". This will aslkfdjasdf....

I am done typing. Someone get me a drink.


Rumor: Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross among other to be in movie

In another email I received today, a loyal fan was perusing IDMB and found a movie with the listing as...

Tracie Thoms ... Ki Hassan
Lil' Wayne ... Pierre (rumored)
Young Jeezy ... (rumored)
Ky-Mani Marley ... Romeo
Rick RAWSEEEEEEE... Francois

Hmm the movie will be called C.R.E.A.M: The American Dream (2009) and will probably feature Haitians as major people in the movie. I say this because the two names Pierre and Francois are French names and there are not that many French people in Miami where the movie will be based. Needless to say the movie will proabably tank but Rick Rawsee will put on such a good performance since he is so good at acting.



Music Info: Kanye West to use Vocoder throughout entire album

As we already know Kanye is coming out with a new album called 808's & Heartbreak (which probably mean hard beats and broken hearts but that is just what I think). A source emailed me a story ( IDK where they got it from, but I am Googling that motherfucker as we speak) saying that a trusted source said that the album will be dropping 12/16.

Vocoder throughout the ENTIRE CD. For those who do not know what Vocoder is, it is the magical toy which allows T-Pain's fruity voice to sell records and chase Lil Wayne around a stage.

This is turning out to be one of 2008's most interesting albums. Personally I know I am excited for it because I actually like vocoder. I do not have as much as a gripe with it as everyone else in the industry does, so go Kanye for doing your thing. Keep it locked for more unique Hip Hop info.

More Kanye West here.

*Edit* Just found the SOURCE. Email me ---> with exlcusive info.


Stumbled On: Two Girls Listening to Gucci Mane

Damn...what was that?


That was the sound of Hip Hop dying.


New Music: Maino - Hi Hater Remix

Is that Mya? Yes it is Mya and her fine self.

O good video also. Forgot about that.


New Music: Raphael Saadiq Ft Jay Z - Oh Girl(REMIX)

I have not listened to this track. My friends over at Yahdigg apparently love it. However I am in class so I cannot read it. Bah I am so bad. Blogging in class. A day in the life sigh...

Raphael Sadiq Ft Jay Z - Oh Girl(REMIX)


Music Info: Lil Wayne On Trial in NYC for drugs

Lil Wayne was on trial yesterday just after taking home the best Hip Hop video award from the VMA's. Lil Wayne is on trial for an arrest on criminal gun possession that he had received last year. If convicted, Wayne could face up to 4 years in prison.

Officer Diane Hornung testified that she boarded the bus after Carter performed at a concert at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan on July 22, 2007, when she saw and smelled marijuana smoke that wafted from the bus’ open door.
Do you know how it happened? The cop walked on a marijuana filled tour bus (do you know how much weed it takes to fill up a TOUR BUS with smoke?) and caught one man trying to flush a bag of it down the toilet, and Wayne, in his underwear, trying to hide a bag with a gun inside of it.
The officer then testified that she saw Carter in a bedroom at the back of the bus, sitting on a bed in his underwear and trying to hide a bag.

The really funny thing about this is the fact that he was sitting on a bed in his underwear getting high. They say drugs are done mostly when you are comfortable so I guess Wayne likes being naked and amongst guns.

The real ironic thing is that Wayne will not get jail time whatsoever for this. May God smite bless that man. A friend of mine called me a hater the other day because Wayne is bringing Hhp Hop back.

No. Wayne is dumbing it down.

SOURCE - Allhiphop.com


Stumbled On: Apparently Akon Did Not Beat that Women in Africa...

This is the contradicting video to the one I posted earlier this week. Akon's camp is thoroughly outraged and posted this video to counter the fact that Akon did not beat another women. Although this video does look like he is thrashing about.

On a side note...who knew or even cared that Akon had such a huge following in Africa? Look at that damn concert. It is like a see of nappiness which is ripe for the perming of people trying to get as close to this man as possible.


Why can't my life be like this?

Source- Hip Hop DX



New Music: Kidz Bop - Lollipop

Yes! This is even better than Shawn Johnson's Poppin taco. The funniest thing about this is how they actually made the song. How can a group of conservative rich white people sitting around a table pass this song?

Hysterical. Apparently this is very old so please excuse the late pass.
SOURCE: Email.

Bored? Keep stumbling on more stuff here.


Would You Hit?: Vanessa Hudgens

I was up on Vanessa Hudgens before anyone else was.  I liked her before Zac Gayfron Efron did.  But one thing I must say is, what is with the style?  I mean the spandex looks great for me staring at her pictures, however the style looks terrible stylewise.

O well.

Keep it locked.  I know you do not have anything else to do at work.


Stumbled On: 50 Cent "Before I Self Destruct" Listening Session

All of these beats sound classic. I am not a fan of 50 Cent,hell I am barely a fan of rap anymore but the sounds I am hearing in this YouTube video are just dynamic. Watching the video makes me wonder something. Why does every black introduce themselves the same way on YouTube? They throw their hand at the and stand sideways and it starts like this...

"Hey its your boy _______ aka _______ from _________

shout outs too ____Dawg _____Cal. _______ that b*tch I pay child support to

I am here to _________ ."

That is the perfect format for these people. Another thing, why is it ALWAYS so damn dark in the studio sessions?

I have also never seen a man bop his head as hard as this guy has.


Music Info: T.I Almost beat Chris Brown's Ass

As we all know and can see Rihanna and T.I performed together yesterday at the VMA'S. Chris Brown is currently "best friends" with Rihanna and the two are seen together everywhere. Apparently during rehearsal, Chris Brown "crashed" the performance and was clowning with someone off stage.

This was interupting T.I who said, "Can someone get this little *expletive* out of here?". Now we all ready know that Chris Brown is a slick kid. So he is not going to take that from frail T.I. T.I then said, "I'm not playing with that boy, I'll hurt him". Now they made Chris Brown leave, however, what kind of story that would be.

Chris Brown whips T.I's ass while Rihanna stands and watches.

O yes, am I the only one that noticed that Rihanna can't sing worth shit? is hot as hell?

Source - Allhiphop.com


Music Info: Raekwon in the studio with DJ Muggs for OBCL2

This is what we need. Some old school Killa Bees to come down and swarm it up and change the rap game. However the major problem with this would have to be that most little white listeners have no idea who Wu Tang is.

That is terrible.

Maybe Hip Hop is going through a cycle just like Pop did. Bubble gum pop was popular as hell for a while now it has died down. Bubble gum rap is popular as hell right now and maybe it will die down...maybe that is it?

Keep it locked.


Music Info: VMA Video's for all who missed.

The VMA's were lackluster as usual because they have not been good since 2003. Nothing outstanding happened, and to my dismay Lil Wayne had the best performance. Here are a few video's of the nights performances.

*to be updated*


Music Info: VMA Video's for all who missed.

The VMA's were lackluster as usual because they have not been good since 2003. Nothing outstanding happened, and to my dismay Lil Wayne had the best performance. Here are a few video's of the nights performances.

*to be updated*



A Day in the life of a Blogger: VMA's

This is retarded.


Back when I was young: LL Cool J Feat Prodigy, Keith Murray, Foxy Brown, Fat Joe

One of the nicest Collabo's of all time. I remember when this dropped and my mother would not let me listen to it. Then again, my barely English speaking father was bumping this.



New Music: Dap C Feat Talib Kweli Lil Wayne Royce Da 5'9 - Ma Money


I do not know who Dap C is. I have no idea nor do I care to even know who he is, but after listening to this song I know care just a slight bit. Tough song and even tougher beat. Song is on the long side, but the line up is just outstanding. This song gets bumped.

Keep it locked!

*Edit* Apparently Dap C hails from London. Here is something I found on him.

"There's no doubt that London is still running things in the UK scene. But in the past few years there's been a constant run of acts popping up from all over this small but fertile land. Enter Dap-C, an artist firmly representing the Midlands by way of somewhere up North. But location isn't really an issue when you are a talent that sounds universally dope.

Dap-C has perfected a style that can only be described as dangerous.

Its easy for the listener to be lured into a false sense of security when checking out the tracks on his Sin Nombre debut Character Building. He might be emotional and deep on one track but then hit you hard with a venomous club banger on the next. This ability to switch personas is worth the cover price alone and is handled seamlessly by the complex artist.

Already a well seasoned veteran in the UK music scene, Dap-C has slowly but surely built up an impressive fan base over the years. Now that he’s officially signed on the dotted line with Sin Nombre, it looks as though he will finally be able to give his fans what they have been waiting for.

After a lifetime of overcoming each hurdle of bullshit the world has thrown him, Dap-C is now ready to let rip on an industry full to the brink with below average rappers."


Now that I think about it, Dap's verse is terrible. Everyone else completely outshone him.

Another one bites the dust.


New Music: Kanye West - Heartless

Heartless (live low quality) - Kanye West

Terrible quality. I am not even going to front and say that it is, but from what I can hear the song sounds amazing. This is only a DAY before he leaks his new single tomorrow. I am very excited for this album and this man can do no wrong. Unless it is ghost blogging.


Stumbled On: Kanye's Diary

This is seriously one of the funniest pictures I have seen in recent time.  All it needs is an entry that says, "I stood in front of the mirror today for 3 hours...it was magical".

I found it on a message board so no source for this one.  Does that make me a biter?  Apparently.

And damn, its 3 oclock and I have mad homework to do.


Stumbled On: Retro Kidz - New Era

Warning: If you are prone to seizures, or you just dislike really bad and hipsteresque rap, then please naviage away from this sorry video now.

I am not going to knock the style..

Scratch that the style is wack leave the 80's alone.  They are gone for a reason. 


Music Info: Drake

Picture credit: Concrete Loop

Remember Degrassi?  Do not sit in front of this computer and tell me that you do not remember that groundbreaking show.  That show changed lives, and changed my opinion on America's hat, Canada.

All jokes aside, unless you have been sleeping under Hip Hops Rock, you have probably heard about Drake.  


Jimmy from Degrassi.  Next thing you know Cassie Steel will start making porno's.  The hardest thing about listening to him was the fact that it is hard to take him seriously due to his previous experience.  

There is currently a lot of controversy surrounding his signings and no one knows if he is Young Money or not.  One thing of advice Drake, stay away from Young Money.  Why?  Because you will never put out an album due to the terrible management over there.  

Now, reading this you are probably wondering what all the hype is about.  Under the post I enclosed a few of his songs for your listening pleasure.  It takes a lot for me to actually like a new rapper now a days, but Drake?  His flow, delivery, lyrics are all on point.  His two mixtapes, Room For Improvement and Comeback Season were both fire.  I am looking forward to hearing more from you Drake.

param>param>src="http://www.youtube.com/v/EZnidJ35Uqc&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
param>param>src="http://www.youtube.com/v/QIFfkES9J5g&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">


Would You Hit?: Ciara Nude PT 2

The first set of pictures were almost breathtaking, and the second set is just outstanding.  Thesenude pictures of Ciara remind me of a tree with no bark.  However, I have not read the story yet, and although I am slowly making my way into the Hip Hop game I am not getting advanced issues of magazine just yet.  To see the first set of pictures click here and to see more girls click here.

Keep it locked here all night! Remember to bookmark and digg this too!


Stumbled On: The Funniest Rap Battle Ever

The real funny thing about this video is that, black carrot top actually thought some of his rhymes were nice.  It was evident that all of his rhymes were completely prewritten, his flow reminded me of Webbie, and I could not pay attention to his rhymes so well because I was trying to see where his hair would end up.

Revanon on the other hand, I have no idea who this dude is, however, it was the funniest and most humiliating disses I have ever heard.  It was completely off of the top, nothing was staged, and I was kept entertained.  

Someone send me more of Revanon's stuff.  Please I dare you.