Music Info: Juelz...check ya mans son...

"Tappin the head sonnn"-Waage

Someone rate his swag for me. Come on. Rate the dude's swag behind him too. Does he get extra points because his hand is in his crotch? +2? +3? Come on. Someone rate his swag.

That is the problem with the whole swag movement. A homophobic Hip Hop cannot start rating people's "swagger". How do you go from saying "No Homo" to everything to saying...."That dudes swagger is hot. I love it".

That is gay.

I have no problems with gays and I actually have a few gay friends, however, stop saying "No Homo" to anything worth while.

Knock this crap off. This deserves a nignorance tag.


Stumbled On: Kanye West performs first minute of "Heartless"

This vocoder thing is a problem. (PS Idiots...it is not AUTOTUNE, it is VOCODER). Dissapointingly, Kanye West's entire album will be completely VOCODER. Now Kanye is my favorite artist at the moment but even this dissapoints me. Daft Punk had this down to a pact, however, copying them obviously is not working....



Nignorance: 12 Year old girls wallowing over Soulja Boy

The little girl says even his nipples are nice.

You know what little lady?

He thought your nipples were nice too. That is why him and all of his boys ran a train after the show.


And Soulja Boy? Pedobear does approves.


Nignorance:Oj Simpson finally declared guilty

Oj Simpson was convicted today on all 12 counts of kidnapping and robbery that he committed in a hotel in Nevada last year. This was from the sports memorbilia heist where he took people kidnap inorder to get his "stuff" back. Oj Simpson has the probability of spending the rest of his life in jail for these antics.

Sentencing is to be set on Dec. 5th.

Oj...remember when you wrote that book that said, "If I did it?"? Remember? Remember when you played golf and you were practically a millionaire? Remember? Remember when you were aquitted...12 years ago to the day of murder? Remember? Remember your 2000 rushing yard season for the Bills? Remember? Remember being the only one in Bills HISTORY that even matters? Remember?

You just pissed all of that away. You have enough money to PURCHASE the memorbilia back. Nope, you had to go and "take" it back. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Many of you are wondering why this gets a nignorance tag. Why? because it is just that. Nignorance. A dude that is worth millions goes and does stupid things to ruin his life.


Now you are going to let the white people people that doubted you before win. Now you are finally in jail. White People are happy for that. You messed this up OJ.

What do I hope? I hope the man spends the rest of his life in jail. Kidnapping is no joke, especially when you could have bought them with all the money you have. In the meanwhile, send me that money. I know a few ladies in Brazil that would love to spend it...with me.

SOURCE: Cnn.com


Stumbled On: Wtf is wavy crocket?

Wtf is wavy crocket?
*must watch trashy video to understand*


Music Info: Leave Kanye Alone!

In this video you can see paparazzi once again getting in Kanye West's face looking for an altercation. I have a question for E!...do you set people up for this? Do you have people trailing them taking pictures of them and stuff just for a reaction? Kanye showed you before that he was not having it and he obviously still is not now, so why would you even think of putting another man in his face?

Not only that, he asked clearly.

"I am going to ask you as a man, leave me alone".

And the video stops there. However, what is the point? You got what you wanted before and now you cannot even get a reaction out him? Leave the man alone. Shit.

Woa I cursed. Excuse me.


Stumbled On: Dragonball Z Movie Trailer...

So I was looking for the Kanye West video of him getting it in with the paparazzi again (lets leave the real artists alone please) and I found this video. Remember Dragonball Z? That was a damn good show. My favorite character was Vegeta and alskdfjalskjfdasdfblah blah blah.

The trailer is trash. The movie will be trash. Most things that have to do with this movie will be trash. The people that buy tickets for the movie will be trash. The actors are trash. The director, never heard of him...trash.

Why come out with a live action version? If anything they should have done it as overthetop and as crazy as the tv show. That would have mad sense.


Rumor: Maino slapping people again? Not Gangsta.

I dislike Maino. I dislike most things that he stands for. I hate the "hater" movement, not because I emulate that movement, no, because of how stupid the whole movement is. I was on Allhiphop reading my favorite section [illseed] and the first writing is about Maino apparently slapping someone that we all know and love. Illseed did not tell me what his name was, nonetheless, I am dissapointed in the whole thing.

Come on Maino.

Then again, the dude knocked out Lil' Cease. If that is what you are going for, than I guess that is a great idea. That would be a great rappper. My idea of a rapper, as an artist, is not fulfilled in Maino, which therefore causes me to dislike him. Along with the "rate a dudes dick swagger" movement and the wavy movements.


O, Maino slapped someone before? Yesss I posted that here.


Stumbled On: Bill O'Reilly...damn

Jeez I have not posted all day and I still managed to get 500 hits. Anyway, for those who choose not to watch the video, Bill O'Reilly is seen here arguing with democrat, Barney Frank, over his alleged telling of people to invest in Fanny Mae. I do not know who is right and who is wrong. That is not my problem, nor my job as a blogger to find out. However, I will say that Bill O'Reilly has a history of being completely outlandish, muting his guests mics, and being completely close minded and hostile. I respect the mans opinions. That is what someone should do correct? Respect the opinion, however, I do not respect the way he puts it out.

Yet, I still watch the show whenever it is on. It is like watching a trainwreck, reading ThisisColla.com, or seeing your friend take down a fat chick



Music Info:More Swagger Like Us Remix's that I will NOT remotely enjoy

So I was cruising through MissInfo's blog a few hours ago (I love her) and she leaked information of more songs to further extrapolate more remix's to "Swagger Like Us". Here is what she wrote...

"It’s a swagger epidemic…

1) There was the hipster anthem “Paper Planes” by MIA and Diplo.

2) That got sampled on “Swagger Like Us” for T.I. Jay-Z Kanye West and Weezy.

3) Jay-Z then records “SLU part 2″ for his album with Andre 3000, Nas and Young Jeezy on the beat.

4) Then Lowkey reported there’ll be a “Swagger Like Us” (the R&B version) by Chris Brown, T-Pain, Usher, and Neyo. (just stop)

Now, I’m hearing that Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne have recorded yet another version….

The hook goes: “All these other rappers jack swagger from us.” LOL.

And it seems this song, “Swaggerjack from Us” will be on Jim Jones’ solo album, which drops right in the thick of things, on Dec 9th.
Why? See, all I need is just answers...that is all I want. Answers as to why terrible things like this happen. The song was crazy when it first came out and when Part II comes out it will probably be even hotter but an R&B version? Why? That is almost as dumb as that new movie Blindness.

Starts everywhere tomorrow by the way.

Also, Cam'ron is the hottest member of the failed group The Diplomats


Stumbled On: Don't Vote

There is one thing that we must take from this video. Would you, if you had the chance, sleep with Sarah Silverman? I know she is quirky and not funny at all, nevertheless look at it objectively...would you do it?

Not to take away from the video it is good that the whole voting thing is in full force again. Just like Vote or Die where youths voted LESS than in previous elections. I am registered to vote. I am a registered Independent. I cannot vote in Primaries but I do not care anyway. I do believe that if you do NOT vote then you have no right to complain about anything.

This ties into what I said yesterday though...when white people behind that curtain will they really vote for Obama?


Back When I Was Young: Canibus, Mos Def, Big Pun, DMX, etc cipher

There is actually 7 parts to this which I did not watch, and I do not think you would want to watch either. Canibus' verse is the hottest hands down, Mos Def kills it, Pun used a verse he used on "Dream Shatterer (if I am correct)" however it was fire regardless, and DMX's flow...

Where has rap gone? Where has it gone? Seriously? This is replaced by the whole "rating a man's swag" and the "wavy" movement. I do not even hate on people like Soulja Boy because it is the people that say he is ruining Hip Hop are the ones that are ruining it. Hip Hop used to be ill raps and essentially entrepeneurship. He is an entrepeneur.

This cipher is classic. Someone send me some more important stuff.

SOURCE: Link my friend sent me from Boxden.



Stumbled On: T Pain vs Vocoder



Politics: Barack Obama sends letter to Vibe, "I need you"

I really dislike Sandra Rose...however she gets things first.

I get them second.

Barack Obama sent a letter directly to Vibe Magazine. The simple message, which is evident in the cover, says, "I need you". This marks the first time a leading lifestyle publication has come out right and supported a Presidential Nominee. This is for the November issue and goes on sale October 21st.

This raises an interesting question...who is Obama talking to here? Please, do not get at me saying that this is completely obvious that he is speaking to the Urban Culture. What I am essentially asking is...why? It is completely obvious that Obama has the black vote. Some people are sadly voting for the man based on the basis that he is black looking past the facts and if he truly is the one for our country. Ignorant blacks are essentially throwing their support for someone who they may know nothing but the color of his skin.

Obama and his camp understand this 100%. So why would he go and send a letter to Vibe magazine asking them to publish it? Because he is looking for the Caucasion Urban Audience. This would be the same thing as Barack Obama asking for support from BET. The majority audience for BET is Caucasion.

An interesting point my Jewish friend Asher brought up the other day...White people are gunho for Obama. Lets face it, they love him. However, when they get behind that curtain on November 4th, are they truly going to vote for him?



Fashion: Hi I am Jacques, I have a newspaper reading habit woa wtf...Star Wars Hoodies?

I was in the middle of completing a survey about myself. "Pro Nails" was playing on the Zune and I was grooving. Everything was good. Then I was rudely interrupted by Joshua who had these interesting pictures of Star Wars hoodies made by Marc Ecko. Now I am not a hater. I have opinions. I hate these damn hoodies. These things look retarded. Remember when having an obsession with Star Wars made you a loser? Apparently, thanks to Marc Ecko this is not the case anymore.

I never post fashion things however, I have been thinking about getting into it more. This set of hoodies gets a blechhh from me. However I love Star Wars which makes me a virgin.

Virgin fo lyfe.


New Music: Joe Budden - Touch and Go


Looks like we are here again. Budden makes a club track which is actually reminiscent of "Pump It Up". Matter of fact...it IS just like "Pump It Up". Budden is talking about girls that other people cannot get that he can get and asdfasd...blah blah blah.

The video is nice although I am dissapointed for Budden actually coming out a club song. Maybe this something for the "blind that can't see".

Blah its too early in the morning. Someone get me a drink.


Would You Hit?: What is Ciara DOING?

I was perusing through Dimewars recently just on the site. It is a better site than World Star Hip Hop and I like the way they approach things a lot better. I stumbled on these pictures of Ciara filming for her new video. Looking at the pictures you are probably thinking the same thing I thought...why? However I will not deny, the camel toe is strong in this one The goth look resembles the people they try to emulate...it just will not die. Not only that, how ugly does she look dressed up like Lionel from Thundercats?

That is who she looks like. Like she is out of Thundercats.

That was a damn good show too. This crap is just fantastic how they actually let her dress like this. Who knew she was this skinny too? I mean, right now she looks like skin and bones. I really do not understand what people find SO attractive in her. I just do not understand.



Music Info: Rap City Canceled...to be replaced by new show "The Deal"

The other day I was the first to leak to you that Rap City will infact be canceled and from a source that I JUST acquired at BET, it is going to happen. The show will be replaced by another rap themed show that will take ideas from Rap City called The Deal. The show will be hosted by Dj Diamond Kutz and will probably be worse, or AS bad as Rap City was. The show will instead have videos with little blurbs that will talk about information about the artists.

For example, a Bow Wow video will talk about how much of a child the little waste of talent rapper is.

That sounds familiar...sounds like something VH1 already does? Yess that is true. MTV has done it already. Why must BET continue to follow OTHER stations acting as their younger, annoying, nipping at the heels, adopted black brother? Please. The entire network is trash as it is. Nothing good to watch, and they seem to radiate stereotypes instead of belay them.

Ugh. What crap.


Stumbled On: Joe Budden Getting Gully With his Girl

In this video Budden gets gully with his girl telling her to go make him a "sammich". She then sons the living crap out of Budden. How you ask?

"Go Rap"

Yes Budden. Go rap. Put something out. Personally I listen to Budden on a daily basis. I will actually purchase the mans albums, nevertheless he just has a strong string of just bad luck. Yes, bad luck. Padded room was reviewed by XXL and given an XL (who gives a shit about their ratings anyway?) and we are not going to hear it. Budden needs something to release that will flow so Padded Room can flop.

Do not come up calling me a hater. Be realistc. Budden will flop, however, the possibility of him dropping a hot album is astronomical. I am not going to sit here and ride Budden's dick like some of you stans for him, however, I will admit to his talent as an artist. Sadly enough, the man will flop.

People are not going to buy it. Not because it is bad, nor because he is wack, becasue people outside of rap heads do not know the dudes name.

This will probably be my only update of the day seeing as I have other important things to do. Slow hits day...as we speak I am only clocking 300 after posting 1.8k yesterday. No biggie.

Keep it locked.



Would You Hit?: More Pics of Hayden Panettierre

I love this girl. I hate a lot of people, and it is evident from the comments I have been getting that a lot of people hate me. However, I love this little white girl. However I am excited to post pictures of my favorite girl right now, Hayden. I have not even watched Heroes...shit I have not even watched an episode of that dumb ass show, nevertheless I heard she is bad as hell on it.

The show seems corny as hell to me. Like really corny...what is the point? I watch it and it seems almost as dumb and as bad as X-Men 3. Let me stop this pointless banter, feel free to stare. More pictures of girls here.


Stumbled On: Big Kuntry Cover

I approve. I fucking approve. This is one of the most inventive covers I have seen in a long time. It is almost as good as the Exit 13 cover. Speaking of that, I have not heard that album yet...


Stumbled On: T.i To English Translator

Picture: Sandra Rose.
So I was on that bitch's Sandra Rose's blog today just reading, and I found something that was damn funny. A T.I to English translator. Along was a post of T.I's birthday pictures. Since I am not a celebrity blog I will not post pictures of that, however, I will post the list.

Props to That Bitch for this.

At = out

Am at = ‘I’m out’

Kane = King

Owl = ‘all’ or ‘I’ll’

Giyyuh = ‘give you’

Sur-ruh = sorry

Wur-ruh = worry

Own = on

W’own = want

C’owl = call or called

Cuppa = Couple

Diz eye = desire

Steel = still

Rim muh = remember

Murrah crimuh = Merry Christmas

Bro = broke

Ha = high

= got to, or gotta

Chir-ren = children

Keeds = kids

Ye’en = You ain’t or you don’t

We’en = We ain’t

E’en = even

Ah = I

Ah’m sane = ‘I’m saying’

Ay = ‘hey’ or ‘ain’t’

Ay ya = air

Hey ya = here

Day ya = there

Dat or duh = ‘that’ or ‘the’

Drah = drop

Drah dat = ‘drop that’

Quat = quiet

Luh da = ‘love the’

Tyrone or Trone = short for ‘Patron’

La home = ‘little homie’ or ‘little friend’

In a minute = ‘later’ or ’see you later’

You own no = ‘you don’t know’

Gimme dat noise = ‘be quiet’


Rumor: The Three Headed Monster is coming.

I was surfing the blogs today and I found something interesting on Sha Money XL's blog. He said that "The Three Headed Monster is coming". Now Sha Money is in cohorts with 50, Dre, and Eminem. This is what we know to be true. So, what else do we to figure out what he is talking about? Since I do not feel like pasting exactly what he wrote here because it was a bunch of babble, here is what I took from it.

Eminem's album will be called -
The Empact
50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct
Dre - Detox

Now there was rumors of Eminem coming back at the end of this year, however that is not going to happen. Sha Money wrote on the blog saying for Artists to drop the LP's this year, because 2009 is not going to be their year. So we can obviously say that 2009 is the release date for these albums (50's will probably come out at the end of 2008).

I for one am excited for only Eminems album. I do not care that much for Detox becasue I have been waiting to damn long for it and now my enthusiasm has passed. Before I Self Destruct will probably be trash, however, I do believe that 50 can come back to the top of the charts. If any man can come back to the charts it is him. Remember, it is 50 cent. The dude is a smart man and he is an even better buisnessman.

Do not come on this blog and tell me how bad T.O.S flopped and say that he cannot do it. This is different from a posse cut. This is 50. He will come with something to blaze up the charts. Eminem? He will go platinum in a day.

Hopefully Wayne will stop hanging from his nuts by then.


Music Info: Scarface to perform at VH1's Hip Hop Honors

I just received an email from Lauren S (Jacques has female readers?) saying that Scarface will be performing at the Hip Hop Honors. He will be honoring the rapper Too Short.

I am proud that he is honoring Too Short, nevertheless, the man himself should be honored. He is a pioneer in the rap game.

Want to know what the sad thing is?

Most of the people watching it (i.e the "Lil Wayne Generation") will have no idea who Scarface is.

That is depressing. I remember having an argument with someone the other day and I said, "Do you know that B.I.G got a lot of his ideas from Scarface?"

The kid looked at me, slightly perplexed and said, "That was such a good movie. Every black person loves it!"

Besides the fact that the kid was Asian and what he just said was astronomically ignorant, it depressed me to know that he had no idea who Scarface is. However, the kid can name every Lil Wayne song that has come out in the past 4 months. I swear what is this world coming too?

This blog supports Old Hip Hop.


Music Info:Swagger Like Us Finished; Blueprint 3 Dated

Yea I used Google Images
A few days ago I leaked the story of "Swagger Like Us PtII" first. I was the first to get that rumor out on the net and it caught fire. Now I am not the first for this (checked my damn email late) however, I am bringing you news that "Swagger Like Us PtII" was recorded and is ready to go. 50 Cent was left out of the action, however, it is with Jeezy, Andre 3000, and Nas along with Hov. This is fitting to be a great song.

I mean Jay Z is old as hell and he will be rapping till he has a pension, nevertheless, I respect the mans hustle. Normally I do not respect anything because rap is sorry as shit now a days becasue I am a "hater" apparently.

"Swagger Like Us PTII" will be an outstanding song if they all come correct. Even the one with the lowest Lyrical capability [Jeezy] can come out strong with enough adlibs to kill a male horse. 4 of the top dudes in the game on the same track without that fucking crackhead Lil Wayne rapping on it?

I am sold. Blueprint 3 in stores on December 2nd.


Source for all of this nonsense - 2dopeboyz