New Music: Beyonce - "If I Were A Boy"

And for your daily WSH video... However...damn. Beyonce is hot even as a boy. The girl looks gorgeous in this pointless video. It plays into the common idea of "A girl can fake an orgasm, but a man can fake an entire relationship".

Damn is that really true?

Nope not at all. Whose paying attention to my 0 434 girlfriends.


New Music: Emilio Rojas - "Young, Fresh & Fly"

Met this dude yesterday. Sat down with him, had a dope interview which should be up soon. Great stuff went down and I think that this dude is the real deal. I am hater by trait. I am not a nice person because I am real. However, listening to this song (which beat makes me want to actually get up and move...at 3:30), the flow is impeccable and the wordplay is definately there also.

Interesting isn't it?

Emilio Rojas - "Young Fresh & Fly"


Stumbled On:Mick Boogy talks with AP

PPFF: The Honor Roll : AP from Christopher Truth on Vimeo.

The main question that I liked here was how he asked A.P about Why is VH1 helping Hip Hop while BET is killing it?

Because BET is forced to play stereotypes. The underground is not allowed on BET because the white people that watch the show would not know who these people are. They want to see clad light skinned women dancing while dudes walk around with wads of 100's making it thunderstorm on them. They are giving an image...and rappers are eating it up.

Look at it. Rappers do live the lifestyle that BET portrays. Prove me wrong. Wearing big or multiple chains? Thats something BET sold you; since you were a pidgeon...you obviously bought it.


New Music: Ludacris Feat Game & Willy Northpole - "Call up the homies"

New song from Ludacris with Game and Willy Northpole on the track.

Now I thought rap names had gotten dumb enough with "Kia Shine" but this one tops it. Although this opinion is obviously misconstrued by anything that sounds dumb and ignorant in Hip Hop, my opinion matters nonetheless. The song is a common, bland, repetitive song about calling "homies" when stuff goes down.

Who calls any more?

Text the damn homies...


C u l8r.
Ludacris Feat Game & Willy Northpole - "Call up the homies"



Rumor: This Jay Z Diss to Khaled is...old...

I was on another one of my favorite blogs and TMTD and that song I was one of the first to leak you, "Untitled" by Jay and Uncle Murder...well it is a fake. The verse is actually a verse from Blueprint 2 era when Jay was SO much nicer than he is now. Someone apparently placed the verse on the song and managed to leak it enough to reach Kay Slay.

So do not get TOO excited.



New Music:Uncle Murder FEAT: Jay Z - "Untitled"

The song is called "Untitled" because not only did Eskay not know the name...I do not either. However, Jay Z is seen here taking shots at Khaled and Fat Joe. I understood his beef with Mr Crakk before since that has stemmed from a long history which started with Pun breaking a bottle ove Jay Z's head?

Not sure if that is a rumor or not...nonetheless...why the beef? Jay Z does not need help for sales...nor does he need exposure...nor does Fat Joe OR Khaled have any ammo to go against him.

Shoot, Khaled is a DJ. He would have to enlist rappers to go against Jay Z...I do not think you can find enough rappers to spell



Uncle Murder Feat Jay Z - "Untitled" (In Big type because that is how we do it in Lower Manhattan.



New Music: Nas feat Game & Chris Brown - "The World Go Round"

When I heard this song on Nas' album I did not like it. Sadly enough, I still dislike it. However, the video is on point but it is obvious that Chris Brown was not at the shoot. I JUST noticed Nas calling Chris Brown the "Young Michael Jackson".


I can see it. Makes perfect sense...similar voices...similar dancing...shoot same skin color.

Props to Nah Right for this.


A Day In the Life: Sleepz

It has been an interesting day...


Very interesting.


Spewing my superior opinions all over the internet...

Tricking you into visiting...

Making you visit again...

Don't you love it?

Sleep time.



New Music: Fashawn - "Day n Nite"

The first time I ever listened to Fashawn was on Mick Boogy's tape which I posted about yesterday. After listening to this I might be turned on to him completely no homo. It is a remix of a song that Jimmy Jones already remixed, however, this song hits hard.

I do not smoke but if I did I would understand the whole thing completely.

The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night....

Fashawn - Day n Nite

Jim Jones - Day N Nite

Shouts to nah Right for this.



Music Info: If Prince Made "Love Lockdown" No One Would Complain

*EDIT* this stems from a thread I was sent on Sohh
Kanye West gets a lot of hate. People love to do that because it is entertaining and keeps you busy when you are surfing the Internet for a few hours. Instead of doing something worthwhile, meaningful, or helpful to the community, people hate. This is understandable. Now this desire to bring down a successful artist due to misplaced hate is overwhelming when it comes to Kanye West. People hate his new song. "Love Lockdown" was described in an email to me as "his worst single ever". I have a question for you people...What if Prince made this song?

Yes Prince.

The most flamboyant kinda gay but you do not know if he is gay or not, black man there is. If Prince made this song, no one would complain. Everyone would continue to go on with their business or praise how good of a song it is.

People forget how many weird, out of left field, wtf songs Prince has made. "Purple Rain"..."Strange Relationship"? No hate.

People call Kanye West flamboyant and "gay" however...no one knows if Prince is gay or not. Personally I do not think he is, shoot, he probably slept with someone I know personally. However, Prince could sleep with a man and be considered perfectly straight by the already homophobic society we call Hip Hop.

If Prince made Love Lockdown...with the vocoder and everything...and wore a skirt to perform the song...no one would complain. Everyone would sit there and talk about how great it is. Stop this bigotry.


Nignorance: Diddy is More Scared of McCain than Palin

I love Diddy. Believe me, I love his work ethic, how he carries himself, and how he gets things done. Yet I do not agree with his ignorant view on Politics neither. This whole "scared" thing is stupid and is proving detrimental to Obama's campeign. This is what white wary voters are afraid of. Did anyone hear of that Obama frat down in Florida saying "Obama is taking on racist America"?

Knock that nonsense out.


Music Info: Mick Boogie Presents The Honor Roll - One of the hottest tapes of the year

I had to say that.


Tape is complete fire...if you have not copped it yet....cop it HERE.


Music Info: Cam'ron's album pushed back till '09

According to HipHopDX & Udubnews.com Cam'ron's album will be pushed back until '09. Duke the God told Udubnews.com this. Cam'ron probably is trying to avoid the slew of other top selling rap albums coming out this year. Personally I cannot wait for the album because I am needed of a good laugh since I stopped watching Entourage.

"Da na na, Da na na...Highlights"

Although I think it is damn funny that all of these lines are retarded, my loyal reader Mike S from LB loves him more than I do. However Mike...your right...he is entertainment!

Someone get me a drink...it is too early in the damn morning for this shit.


Music Info: Skzyoo Flies to China

A few weeks ago I had an interview with Skyzoo telling you that he was heading to China. He headed to China and performed to a sold out crowd. This dude is doing some big things...time to get on the bandwagon now.



Stumbled On: Pharrel "I am a PC

This was just emailed to me (thanks for emailing me anything and everything). Right now I am posting on a PC and I want to break it. PC's need to be kept like eggs for them to work correctly. However this is just the crappy St Johns laptop I received. My PC at home kills.

I like where Microsoft is going with this because they are showing that they are not for old people. Although Mac's are #1 on school campus' and it is considered the cool thing to have. However Macs are like slap bracelets, Pokemon cards, and cuffing it to scrambled pornography. They just might be a fad.


New Music: U-N-I Ft. Evidence, Big Pooh, Aloe Blacc, Fashawn, Mickey Factz, Theo & Kes Kaos - Beautiful Day (Remix)

2dopeboyz managed to get this before I did and I am bumping the track already. The lineup is insane and this is truly where Hip Hop is right now. The indie scene. Mickey Factz, UNI, and Fashawn all kill their verses and the song is hard. I love the song. Too bad I am in class.

Think about it though...these dudes truly love the music. Mickey Factz may be getting a little too commercial but everyone else on the track are grinding for the love of the music. Yes, the Hipster style is annoying as hell, however, it is still a crazy track.

More music coming up soon.

New Music: U-N-I Ft. Evidence, Big Pooh, Aloe Blacc, Fashawn, Mickey Factz, Theo & Kes Kaos - Beautiful Day (Remix)


New Music: Atmosphere - You

I have been looking for this video for a long time and it is fairly exciting for me to actually find it...Atmosphere is...different. I found this on 2dopeboyz and apparently he is up on it also so that helps greatly. I get alot of stuff from there. Atmosphere is the type of rapper that makes you want to continue listening with out getting you too worked up.

On another note...support real blogs. Not the ones filled with advertisements that are obviously doing it for money.


Stumbled On: Termanology on the spot freestlye

I like Termanology. I think his flow is on point and what he has to say is unique. Compared to the other artists flooding the airwaves with depressing sound and repetitive lyrics.

The only thing I dislike about this guy is how he is from Boston..damn what a shame.


Stumbled On: T.I Responds to Jim Jones

I am in class as we speak. I cannot watch this video talking about the rating of a man's swagger because that is the most important thing ever. I do not know what T.I said, nor do I care that much to be honest...

Bah rap is so dumb now a days...


Rumor:Scarface, Nas, Ice Cube to form a rap supergroup...

I received this email earlier and I was a little wary of posting it however after seeing it on HipHopGame I guess it makes more sense now. Scarface announced that his next album (that will sadly flop in sales but who the fuck cares about sales anyway?) "Emeritus" will be his last, he also stated that he would not hang it up just yet. He would from a super group with none other than...

Nas and Ice Cube.

Ice Cube heard this and cosigned it saying...

“Of course, I wouldn’t even think twice about doing that…hell yeah!” Cube declared. “I think the album would be crazy, lyrics would be sick, and Hip-Hop would love it. It’s just making that business happen, that’s the part that gets funky. I ain’t never turned down these kind of projects, they just don’t happen for whatever reasons. But I’m up for some s**t like this because I know we can make a dope record.”
The sad thing is...this will not happen. This will fall through the cracks because the days of posse cuts, meaningfull collaborations, and crazy remixes are long and gone. Dead to the days of the "wavy movement" and dudes that will leave you "holey moley" (chill...I like Cam'ron too simmer please).

I want to see this take place. I really do. I honestly think this can work. However, it is not profitable. That is the fucking problem with Hip Hop now. Where is the love? Why is money so DAMN important? This is profitable...but not as profitable as Soulja Boy coming out with another CD...

Shoot, half of the people reading this probably don't even know who Scarface is....


New Music: Freeway - "Baby Back"

I think Freeway's flow is great for a story and even better for a hard track. This track is a great track. Interestingly now they are saying that State Property is back...but the problem is does anyone outside of the East Coast care? Earlier I posted something about Sugarhill gang coming back with a release album...that love is not in Hip Hop anymore...mainstream Hip Hop that is.

Artists like Skyzoo, Mickey Facts, Emilio Rojas...etc put the love back in Hip Hop.

And this Freeway track?

It does the same thing...puts the love in Hip Hop.

He got his Baby Back.

Shouts to Nah Right for this..

Freeway - Baby Back


Music Info: Sugarhill Gang to release 30th Anniversary CD

Sugarhill Gang, who are one of the pioneers of rap, are coming out with an anniversary album to commerate the 30th year since their song, "Rapper's Delight" was released. Sugarhill gang will be joined by Dizee Rascall from UK.

That is for anyone who has no idea who these people are....smh at you people not knowing your history.


Music Info: Mick Boogie Presents The Honor Roll

When I heard about this mixtape I was excited. Mc Serch...Skyzoo...Freeway on the same tape? Mick Boogie is doing something right. Besides me bagging on the usual idiocies in rap, I have decided to switch it up with some conscious/clever/insipring/not Lil Wayne/not shitty rap. Did I mention that Mickey Facts was on the tape also?

Too $hort?

De La Soul (from Amityville might I adddd)?

Slickk Rick?

Do not pass up this mixtape.

Well pass it up if you do not know anyone here...go play some crappy "wavyyy" track.

Download the tape here.

Shouts to 2dopeboyz for this!



New Music: Ron Brownz feat Nas and Jay Z (Mick Boog Mix) - Pop Champagne

I am really feeling this song. I am not to much of a fan of poppy rap, however, I love the beat on this thing and I can actually take the Vocoder unlike some of the other people using it (cough Wayne).

Although it is only a mix, Jay Z's verse is hard as hell and Nas' verse was a great selection. Peep the song here.

Ron Brownz feat Nas and Jay Z (Mick Boog Mix) - Pop Champagne


New Music: Common Feat Pharrel - "Universal Mind Control"

Someone told me earlier that my style and the way I carry myself reminded them of Pharrel. Interesting. None the less it is time we had some Common on this blog. Video is sick none the less added with some Green Screen action.

The sad thing is that it will go unnoticed.

Common is one of those artists that is KNOWN but is NOT KNOWN. Get it? As in people know who he is, but his album will not go selling off the charts like crack became legal. This is overshadowed by the fact that he has a man such as Pharrel on his track that sells even if he pisses on an album.

Essentially what Common says in the song is true too. "I am a renegade". True. I cannot remember the song's name, but it went like, "Fuck it lets have this baby". Jeez what was the name of that song?

Regardless that was some real stuff.

Shoutouts to the Zune btw...


New Music: Mickey Facts feat Cool Kids "Rockin and Rollin"

I love the Cool Kids...however I am not to much of a fan of Mickey Facts...I am more of a Skyzoo fan. None the less the song is nice regardless. Mickey's verse was alright Inglish's verse was crazy and Mikey spit something that was worthy of the song.

Thanks to Urbanmusicblog for this.


Stumbled On: T.I and Rihanna perform "Live Your Life"

Also on RihannaDaily.com I learned that they both went in and started preparing to shoot the video for this abstract yet surprisingly interesting song.

I could find pictures...but who really cares?

All though I love her to death...when it comes to a live performance that girl cannot sing


Rumor: Did the Neptunes break Up?

I was surfing Illseed today and this was the first rumor up. Apparently Chad has been missing out on a few shows. This is shocking because they did not fall off and they have continued to create good music. Now all we are hearing is Pharrel and his expensive beats are the only things selling. What happened to the Jay Z and NORE days when The Neptunes were everywhere?

Seems like that has changed.

That is dissapointing. There beats were better than half of the crap that came out during those days....o well...they dissapear...leaves way for some more overpriced beat work.


Music Info: Janelle Monae

Miss Janelle Monae's style is unique. The beats are different...the sound is something that you are almost afraid to like. Some call her boring, but I call her dynamic. I just procured the EP and through a first listen it is a great track one after the other. Janelle Monae is here to stay. Here is her first single...

The most depressing part about this is the fact that people will end up biting her style hard.



Music Info: Drake "Swagger Like Us" Freestyle

I was sent this by a reader. Apparently I am not up on Drake enough but he does not know I have been into this dude since his first mixtape. The first mixtape itself was pretty entertaining, and the second one killed it.

Drake is a different, more versatile, type of emcee. He is dynamic, yet intricate...groundbreaking, yet simple.

I am not saying that he is perfect, however, dude's talent is definitely there. The flow is there, and the lines are too.

"If you in my age bracket, YOU'RE NOT MY PEER"

That is some Hov esk type of lines.

Who is he signed too?
Drake - Swagger Like Us

More Drake - Treazon Ft Drake - Stay in Your Place


Music Info: The Internet...where ANY black man can make a video and seem like a gangster

Nice Halloween costume.

After watching this video I have deduced a few things...pay attention you might learn something.

  1. Full body tatoos actually look half decent on blacks (middle finger to you "no homo" freaks)
  2. The dude looks like the guy from Nightmare Before Christmas (I know it is supposed to be underlined, however, blogger does not have an underlining thingy.
  3. The whole money wad fad is dumb. However it shows you that these people are heeding to the current banking crisis we have. No banks for them. Life savings in a sock!
  4. I want to make a video calling a rapper out...and see if I can get thousands of Hits on WSH.
  5. Why #5?
  6. Sigh...


Music Info: Who the hell is Stack$?

Time to start the blogging roll. I frequently visit World Star Hip Hop for the hell of it just to see how things are going there. Find some videos that speak to the black community...you know the usual. However I have been seeing this dude Stack$ talking about how his album is worth 10 million dollars etc etc etc.

So I YouTubed him.

Nothing came up.

I Googled him.

ALMOST nothing came up. Eventually it pointed me to his MySpace where I was not able to even find a reason to listen to the man. Only 526 plays when your album is released nationwide? With a production cost of over 10Mil$? That is 10 Mil dollars. N.E.R.D Produced for that album.

10 Mil dollars.

Who the fuck Ok'd this dude's budget?


Music Info: Michael Rapaport and Nas team up for A Tribe Called Quest Documentary

Smile. I googled you and your picture came up. You are famous.

As SOHH reports and I witnessed, actor Michael Rapaport and Nas are teaming up to produce A Tribe Called Quest documentary. For some of my readers that do not know, A Tribe Called Quest is one of the most influential Hip Hop groups to ever grace the cold steel of a microphone. A Tribe Called Quest is one of the pioneers of Modern Rap and people like Kanye West and others are products of them.

Learn your history. I was schooled on that last night. As of know I have KRS One "MC'S act like they don't know" playing. That is the song I can name.

I love ATCQ. I was introduced to them in 12th grade and it has been love ever since.

I met Mr Rapaport last night and through argument and ecletic conversation I found out the true angle of the Documentary is to find out the legacy that ATCQ left behind. Nas is signed on to be the producer of the Documentary.

The film has yet to be titled and the release date is in a year or so.

Also, catch me on that video too...arguing with Mr Rapaport. What a bum.


Music Info: Jim Jones calls T.I's swagger "fake"...sigh.

No, No, NO, NO, NO! Jim Jones, in an interview with Complex magazine, stated that T.I's swagger was fabricated and was not real. Jim Jones states,

Jim Jones: I don’t feel like he possesses any swag. Not like that. It’s fabricated. They’re watching other people, then they try and do it. You know people that dress like T.I.? You know people that go out and say let me get a T.I. outfit or do you know people who say “yo, you’re looking like Jim Jones?” Which one? Lemme hear it! When the *****es want to **** you and the *****s want be like you, who got the swag? *****s with money and fame always going to look like they doing something ’cause they got the camera in front of them. But the cool dudes always stick out no matter where they

Stop this. Stop this right now. Jim Jones was part of the "No Homo" movement. Does anyone not remember this? Please do not forget this. This movement rocked Hip Hop to its core. Now, small sayings like, "Nigga you nice" or..."I love this dude's music" or "I am going to college" must be followed by "No homo's", Pauses, and rewinds. The rating of the swag thing though...it is a direct contradiction to what happened before.

Not only this, why are we rating a mans "swagger" anyway?

Some can say that maybe it is just trying to become like the rapper...so therefore it is not a homosexual thing. But in the homophobic, saturated, sub par Hip Hop we have now? It is.


O yea Jim...take a shower.