New Music: DJ Premier - "Time For A Change Mixtape"

I have not listened to it yet, however, this was worthy of being posted here.

01 DJ Premier & Biggest G - Time 4 Change
02 Nygz - Policy
03 Big Shug - When I Strike
04 House Of Reps - U Gotta Love Us
05 Termanology - Hold That
06 Blaq Poet - Ain’t Nuttin Changed
07 Prodigy - Veterans Memorial Pt. 2
08 Statik Selektah Ft. MOP, Jadakiss - For The City
09 Young Maylay - I Showed You
10 D-Flow (DITC) - Like Dat
11 Scarface - Emeritus
12 Jake One Ft. Little Brother - Bless The Child
13 Ludacris Ft. Floyd Mayweather - Undisputed
14 LL Cool J - Dear Hip Hop
15 DJ Revolution Ft. Planet Asia - School
16 Bumpy Knuckles - The OG Pt. 3
17 Royce Tha 5′9″ - I Gotta Shake This
18 DJ Revolution Ft. KRS-One, DJ Premier - The DJ
19 Black Milk Ft. Pharoahe Monch, DJ Premier, SeanPrice - The Matrix
Download it here


New Music: Donny Goines- "Can't Fit in my Shoes"

Donny Goines - Can't Fit In My Shoes [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Restless Films on Vimeo.


It is a great video. Normally "come up" songs are done, however, the fact that it was completely done in his room was a major plus. I really felt a connection watching the video.


If you just read this blog, watch this video. It is worth it.


New Music: Kanye West - "RoboCop & Coldest Winter"

Andrea...download these damn songs.

New Kanye West songs from "Love Lockdown".

"Coldest Winter" is CDQ while RoboCop is not. Someone email me a better version. I am going to be completely real...the Vocoder is really frustrating to actually listen to anymore. I am almost bored by it. Not even bored, just...annoyed.

However, on the hypocritical side, I actually REALLY like RoboCop. The melody is insane in my opinion and I like it more than any of the other songs. While "Love Lockdown" & "Heartless" had to grow on me, RoboCop already will be thrown in my rotation.

"Coldest Winter" seems forced. Thats annoying. Time to send this to Nah Right & 2DopeBoyz. Ha.

Kanye West - "RoboCop"
Kanye West - "Coldest Winter"


Stumbled On: Diddy Obama Blog

Normally this would get a Nignorance tag, however, I am feeling good right now.

Like Eskay Said...what we agoing to do with this guy?



New Music: Soulja Boy - Turn my Swag On

I respect this mans hustle. No it is not going to get a Nignorance tag. Shoot, I dont even have to post the damn thing. However, this kid is richer than Me, Joshua, Andrea, Cella...etc.

So yes, it is crap. But this dude is so rich he does not have to work. Or do homework. Or anything else that signifies growing up.





Nignorance: Diddy wants to be the Pope for Halloween

Is it a sin to think this is funny? I still cannot stop laughing at this. Diddy really REALLY wants to do this. The funny thing is, you know the dude will get extremely drunk and get arrested for this. The extremely funny thing about that is...the Pope will literally get arrested.

Diddy is going to be the Pope for Halloween.

Question of the day.. (leave a comment)

What are you going to be for Halloween?


I am going to watch the office.


The connection in my damn room is just TOO slow.


New Music: Ace Hood, Juelz, Fabo, Jada - BET CIPHER.

Ace Hood, Juelz, Fabo, Jada - BET CIPHER.
Ace Hood comes in hard. His flow is undeniably the smoothest I have heard in a while. Well after Emilio.

His verse is complete fire. I have been sleeping on this dude...*furiously downloads*.

Juelz verse is just a little annoying. Annoying because it is so bad, however, he has a few lines that is cleverly placed to keep me listening.

Fab is on right now...

"Why lie I need a deal sign"

"We is making it rain you wasn't drizzlin yet"

"Ya swagger is like mine cuz I left in the corner"



"This is not a rhyme jsut a controlled substance...

Jada's verse is fire..however, Fab kills the entire song. I wish he still spit like this.

*Plays Keepin it Gangstaa*


New Music: Drake & Trey Songz - Pop Bottles

Drake & Trey Songz - Pop Bottles

Wait...the Pop Bottles beat? Why Drake? Why?

The song is different with out the Vocoder..even worse.

It is really so different. Drake is boring me here. The sad thing is I like Drake. Remember? What is going on. I feel like he is not even trying to really rap here.

Crap Trey Songz is on this song. What is going on?

To be honest...Trey Songz voice annoys me a tad...however, I like his verse alot better than Drakes. I am not bored. I do not feel like strangling my Non-English speaking roommate. All is good. Ok.

"Pop Rose?"

Ok...the breakdown is boring. I am on the verge of pausing this shit.



New Music:Treazon Feat Mickey Factz and Nero

Download the song here.

The song comes in decently...the beat is getting on my damn nerves though.

Very repetitive..I thought those Dipset beats were dead?

"I spit cash dropping dimes on the record" Hot line.

I am liking this song so far...Treazon's verse was DECENT. Nothing spectacular...I think Mickey is up next. Yes he is.

"Al Rocker couldnt predict that"


Mickey Factz is straight fire. I apologize for anything negatvie i have said about this dude. I cannot WAIT to meet him again on Tuesday.

Nero is up next.

"We come with hammers...."

His flow is boring me. Please do not mess up the song for me.

"Ill make art of your arsenal"...trash.

Paused it.


Stumbled On: "Notorious Video Diary"

I have lunch with Dream Hampton next week who is one of the consultants for this movie. I have to say this. I have to be true to myself and true to this blog.

I hope this movie goes straight to DVD.

I have to voice my opinion. I think the movie is going to be terrible. The acting itself is sub par but the character that is playing Biggie is on point. Someone needs to tell this to the movie. The movie will sell out the first weekend..however...after that I think its over. I think it is done.


Let us briskly walk away from this to the next topic at hand.


New Music: Keri Hilson - Return the Favor

A few weeks ago I had a poll up asking who was more attractive...her or Rihanna. Well I lost that argument; Keri is outstanding.

I cannot watch the video because the internet at SJU is sub fucking par. However, I heard the song. The song is fire. I think this girl has a lot of promise to be one of the next "divas" in the rap game. The only thing is I do not know if her buzz is large enough to mak her sell well. That is sad.



Music Info: Catch me Next Tuesday @ Donny Goines Show

I do not know if I have made it evident but I am a huge fan of Donny Goines. Skyzoo, Mickey Factz, Torae, Sha Stimulai, Esso (another cool dude) A Pinks and others will be performing at The Knitting Factory. All the Information is on the flyer for you people to see. I am not in the mood to type it out becuase I am studying for a midterm.

Now all I have to do is hit up Donny so he can get me into the damn show!



Nignorance: "Racism still alive they just be conceillinn it"

In Kansas City a young black teenager bought sneakers from Journeys. After finding them cheaper somewhere else, the kid bought the sneakers back. When he returned it he looked at the receipt he saw, "Dumb Nigger" on it.

Now this is a terrible thing to happen to him and I am glad that the employee was terminated. However, is it not funny to you? I mean, being an African American myself, if I saw "Dumb Nigger" on a receipt I would laugh...then proceed into the store to beat the kids face in. If you look at it in a laughing "tone" it is a funny topic.

But in black in white...

No pun intended.


New Music: Esso - Paper Planes

Met this man yesterday. Cool guy and an even better artist.

I listen to his stuff often too.





Nignorance: BET Awards

So someone emailed me earlier asking why I will not post anything about the BET awards. After traversing through horrible writing and sub par spelling I managed to make out a few insults to my credibility as a blogger. Why will I not post about the BET Awards?

Because I do not give a flying whales shit about the BET awards. Honestly the entire network can kick rocksand boulders. Why? Because they do not put REAL rap on the network. No underground presence is felt on BET and that is the only thing helping out Hip Hop right now. Only a few mainstream artists are continually coming out with heat. Underground rappers do this to eat. They go hard each and every damn time.

Put Skyzoo on BET. Put Mickey Factz on BET. Some damn Asher Roth. These are artists you RARELY see on BET.

Why can't I turn on the television and see some of these people? Why must I go to the Internet blogs, websites, etc to find this stuff?

That makes no sense. That is why I do not watch the BET awards. I do not watch this crap like 106 and Park. I saw Barack Obama on the show yesterday. They could not even ask him meaningful questions. This appalls me. Ask something that is provocative. Ask something that would make people question whether they should vote for Barack Obama. Stop appeasing him on the air. An interview should not just up the person...it should actually find out the true facts.

Want to know something interesting? I guarantee you Terrence J barely knows anything about Barack Obama. He probably is just upping him for no damn reason.

That is why I did not care for the Award Show.


New Music: "Live Your Life" Trailor

Ok. You know what part I really love in the full version of this song? Rihanna's first part.

"Now everybody watching what I do.."

That part is just an apex of the entire song. I love her singing voice on wax...however the beautiful Amazonian height girl cannot sing in person worth crap. I mean believe me, I love her. I love her damn Boyfriend... (no homo)...but in person she cannot hit those damn notes.


New Music: Kanye West - Heartless

Ah. A genius at work. Continuing with the annoying as fuck vocoder, Kanye West manages to scrounge up the completely final version of his new song...Heartless.

The song itself comes in differently than "Love Lockdown" did. It still has that 808 (not sure what is called) in the background at the beginning. The constant vocoder on Kanye's waning voice at the beginining of the song drags you in. The actual verse itself is reminscient of a rap song. It seems as if Kanye is constantly complaining about one girl...who?

The vocoder is getting on my nerves by the 2nd verse. I kind of yearn to hear him speak normally.

"Iiii don't knowww"

Damn that vocoder.

The funny thing is the whole album is going to be this whiny mess. I do not like that.

The third chorus has less waning and more humming with more vocoder. I am slowly growing depressed of this song as I listened to it. The breakdown itself is pretty tough....sounds good...I like this part.

Kanye is saving the song with this breakdown. Yes, I have this altruistic desire to make my own money off of that. I am going to make a video...all vocoder.

The final chorus is annoying...and the constant piano in the beat is getting on my damn nerves. Stop this crap.

No, that is not a piano..but what ever the hell it is it needs to be cut out.


Kanye West - Heartless


Music Info: XXL Cover.."10 Freshman"

Hey...did you know? I am actually hanging out with Charles Hamilton tomorrow. Is that not insane? Well not really hanging out, however, I am getting a damn interview with him...

I think that means I should start listening to his music...

Let us move past that.

However, Asher Roth? Yea...the white kid that looks like he is out of Superbad or your 3pm Math class. That is him in the picture.

Want to know a little secret?

He is the nicest one on both covers. And you know what that means...

McCain 08. It has begun.
Source - USA2DAY


New Music: Big Shug Feat Singapore Kane & Termanology - My Boston

I like Big Shug and Termanology's verse a lot, however, Singapore Kane I did not like as much. To me, Singapore (being the world's most strict nation) and Kane do not really...fit well.

I do like Termanology a lot. What is with all of these white rappers?

However I hate Boston. So it only feels better that Boston lost yesterday. Let's go Rays!


New Music: CMJ Mixtape Feat A lot of Artists You Should Care About

Ok I am going on a posting blur right now. One of my favorite white boys Matt Diamond sent me this (thanks for your continued support). Official CMJ Mixtape featuring, Slug, Dilated Peoples, Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas, Diamond D, Torae, Mobb Deep, U-N-I, Royce Da 5'9", Heltah Skeltah, A. Pinks, Sha Stimuli,The KnuX, Pharoahe Monch, Wale & More.

All related to the College Rap scene which has seemed to replaced the underground scene. Interestingly all of the people on here are dope and should be listened to. What a predicament right?

For you people that just read the posts and do not download the mixtapes (cough Drea, Cella, etc) download this one...for some real rap.

The tape itself is fire, look for a more indepth review tomorrow.


Keep scrollin!



I am sorry for the lack of updates to my 50 fans. I will update like crazy tomorrow during and after class...look for it!

I have been dealing with midterms and what not.

Keep it locked...asshats