Music Info: Interview with Corey Gunz

Hmmm...I was wondering why Corey was taken out of the A Millie song with Wayne. Corey killed Wayne on his own song. That is why.

Class is over.


Music Info: Common interview with OKP

Common Interview w/ OkayplayerTV from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Someone from Okay Player got banned because they were constantly spamming my site. Weird. Moving on, Common is seen here in this dark interview discussing his new album and his new sound.

Overall I like the new sound. The new sound is something nice, intricate, but intense at the same time. UMC was both a nice clubby kind of track, and a nice lyrical track too.

As long as Pharrel does not start rapping we are fine =]


Politics: Barack Obama on Daily News

"My white self may keep me from voting black".

So I have not announced who I am going to vote for yet. I will probably get around to that Saturday. It is nice that Barack Obama has a little comedic thing to him. I think that is good for him to be on shows like this. Not only that I enjoyed Sarah Palin on SNL.

Jeez, I wish rap was as light headed as this.


Music Info: Q-Tip Interview

Ahh Q-Tip. This is an interview from DJ Z interviewing Q-Tip on issues going on today...new rappers making a wave, and his new album coming out.

One thing I do want to say is...this interviewer asks the stupidest questions ever.

DJ Booth: Exactly. Tip, if a listener only has time to either vote in the election or pick up a copy of your new album next Tuesday, which would you prefer that they do?

Damnit. DJ's are not journalists.

Check the interview here.


Music Info: Karina Performs for LA Reid

Who sent me this? In my honest opinion the girl cannot sing. I mean, not only that, the whole keyboard and hot chick singing thing is done very well by Alicia Keys. I mean, shoot, if Michelle Branch could not make it...what makes you think this chick can?

Stop sending me crap people!



Stumbled On: B.A.R.S Freestyle

Want to know the cool thing? I witnessed this last night. I was in the back kicking it to two girls. Phazes picked up. Ha. The white boy that went on at first I was not impressed at all, but towards the end of the freestyle it just entered into this dynamic piece that was worth listening to.

The nicest freestyle of the night was definately Torae's. The nicest show of the night? Definately Mickey's with Skyzoo's a close second. Donny went in as usual though.


Stumbled On: Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, and Mickey Factz go off the top

I have met two of them. Charles and Mickey and they are both pretty damn nice. Asher Roth is not the best freestyler in my opinion but I honestly think that because of his rhyme style it comes off as him not being as good as freestyler. Charles and Mickey took it down as usual.

Mickey is one of the best freestylers I have witnessed. Dude can take anything and rip it off of the dome. Dude is talented. However...I have not listened to him as much as some people would have liked.



Music Info: Ludacris "Theatre of the Mind" Tracklisting

01. Call Up the Homies (Co-starring The Game & Willy NorthPole) (Produced By Clinton Sparks)
02. Do the Right Thing (Co-starring Common & Spike Lee) (Produced By 9th Wonder)
03. Everybody Hates Chris (Co-starring Chris Rock) (Produced By Don Cannon)
04. I Do It for Hip-Hop (Co-starring Nas & Jay-Z) (Produced By WYLDFYER)
05. Last of a Dying Breed (Co-starring Lil Wayne) (Produced By WYLDFYER)
06. Let’s Stay Together (Produced By DJ Paul & Juicy J)
07. MVP (Produced By DJ Premier)
08. One More Drink (Co-starring T-Pain) (Produced By Trackmasters)
09. Southern Gangsters (Co-starring Playaz Circle & Rick Ross) (Produced By Streetrunners)
10. Undisputed (Co-starring Floyd Mayweather Jr.) (Produced By Don Cannon)
11. What Them Girls Like (Co-starring Chris Brown & Sean Garrett) (Produced By Darkchild)
12. Wish You Would (Co-starring T.I.) (Produced By DJ Toomp)
13. Nasty Girl (Co-starring Plies & Swizz Beatz) (Produced By Swizz Beatz)

Apparently #4 was actually made by DJ Premier. This might be one of the best lineups in years. The magnitude of having both of them on a track like this is pretty huge. However, I hope it is not like "Success". I really disliked "Success".

I am definately getting the name of the track wrong. And my integrity goes RIGHTTT DOWN THE DRAINN.

To be completly honest, I think that these two need to come out with a damn album. Not even for Hip Hop, just for the actual amount of records it would sell. I know I would buy an album; I rarely buy anything unless it is subterranean. (Underground for the people that are not up on their metaphor game).

Moving past this, Ludacris will obviously kill them both on the track. I really believe that. I know Jay and Nas are lyrical monsters but they are so out of their prime it is rediculous. Damn. This man will hate me if/when he meets me.


Music Info: Common's Entire Performance in Atlanta

BCTV: Common Live in Atlanta at the 595 north from Broccolicity TV on Vimeo.

I have one resident Common fan that would enjoy this video thoroughly. I did not watch it, and like Shake said, if you can sit through all of the video...more power to you. I have been big upping Common a lot lately.

I cannot wait until the album comes out.



Music Info: Donny Goines Interview with Wavy Crocket

Donny has an interview here. I cannot watch it but Max B is in the interview. I do not thing I want to watch it. However, Donny is that dude though.

Show tonight!


New Music: AZ Feat CL Smooth - Magic Hour

So I am sitting in class watching Fox News mess stuff up and I receive an email about AZ and his Lost Tapes which will be coming out soon. I cannot listen to the damn song but I believe AZ one of the most forgotten and underrated rappers in the History of Rap. I remember someone asking me the other day, "Can someone go from Mainstream to Underground?"

AZ is the definition of that. In my opinion I believe that AZ was a little under represented. After dropping one of best albums of all time in Doe or Die, AZ almost slowly fell away. We were spoiled in seeing a AZ & Nas track on every album...now we do not see it any more.

Live for the underground.


Music Info: U-N-I & Mickey Factz perform at CMJ

I am seeing Mickey Factz tonight. Email me for info on the show!


New Music: Sha Stimuli feat Skyzoo - Black President

Sha Stimuli is one of my favorite underground rappers. Combined with who I consider top 10 in underground rap right now, Skyzoo,It makes for a good combination. The actual black president track itself was already tough and this just made it better. I am feeling like I should just get it over with and hop on the bandwagon.

I guess.

However at the CMJ show he was not there...I am very dissapointed about that.

Sha Stimuli feat Skyzoo - Black President (RMX)


Music Info: Lil Wayne Arrested In Boston?

Ahh he is at it again. I received a tip from my boy Sharkey saying that Wayne was slated to perform at Monster Jam with Jay Z and Neyo. Apparently Wayne never showed up to the place to perform and it was said that he was arrested for having automatic weapons in his vehicle.

Will he get jail time? No. Absolutely not. He will never even see a bar. However, maybe he does need to keep the ratchet on him at all times.

Running from his dealer.

I am not a pop culture blog. I am posting this because it is a tad funny to me.



Music Info: Universal Mind Control Tracklisting

01. Universal Mind Control
02. Punch Drunk Love (Feat. Kanye West)
03. Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)
04. Sex 4 Sugar
05. Announcement (Feat. Pharrell Williams)
06. Gladiator
07. Changes
08. Inhale
09. What a World
10. Everywhere

I am actually excited this. The cover itself is pretty sick. I cannot wait for him to kick some knowledge.

Now that I think about it...Chicago is on top. Hmmm? I mean think about it. The Cool Kids Common, Kanye West....

All on top. Wel...Common is not exactly on top but that is something that he can do with this album. Common is the manliest rapper. Seriously. Remember that song? I cannot remember the name at the moment but one line went... "Fuck it lets have this baby". WE need more positive rap like that. Not only that we can also have some UMC in there with a sick beat from Pharrel.

Again my opinion matters more than yours.


New Music: Charles Hamilton

I have downloaded the tracks but I have not listened to it yet. Currently I am bumping Joe Budden - Sidetracked. It is on loop. Charles Hamilton apparently gets busy on these two songs that are eloquently spat in a hedgehog format.

The tracks names seem to have the same subject just by looking at it. I say this because DSW is a shoe store and maybe its Maybeline?

Chcek the songs out.

Chris Hamilton - DSW

Charles Hamilton - Maybelline


New Music: Joe Budden - Sidetracked (PRODUCED BY MY BOY RODNEY) & Others

I need to check my damn email earlier because it is biting me in the ass when it comes to my uploading game. These are tracks from Joe Buddens new tape Halfway House. "Sidetracked" is actually produced by my boy Rodney. Look for a spotlight on him soon. Moving on pass this onto the review.

The beat itself is tough. A tad repetitive in my opinion, however, it melds perfectly to Budden's voice. They must have made this with Budden in mind. The actual feeling it evokes is sort of a "Stained" feeling. I like Budden. Cool Guy.

Joe Budden - "Sidetracked"
Joe Budden - "Overkill"



Music Info: The Underground is a breath of fresh air

I have been listening to Asher Roth a lot recently. I used to listen to some of his stuff but nothing really intense. However, my boy Corey M lately has been on his "joc" like no other at the moment so I finally downloaded his mixtape with DJ Cannon. I am thoroughly impressed by this man. At first I could not get into his flow, but it grew on me.

This idea arose in me saying that this man is different. His lyrics are both intuitive and clever yet not repetitive. When listening to rap you get used to the common gun tracks that Mickey Factz and Skyzoo do not seem to produce. Listening to the underground is a breath of fresh air. It is almost like wearing a new pair of fresh Nikes...watching a brand new episode of a long running show (South Park etc...) or getting with a new chick. Or even trying something new with your current chick.

These ideas are expressed when I listen to a hunger that is unmatched by million dollar contracts and scantily clad women throwing themselves into a camera. This idea is unmatched b words. I can barely describe it. Listening to Asher Roth rhyme over lyrics that were once for murder and take it on a different direction is astounding. The really funny thing about this is this is what the Cool Kids bring to the table. While some may say that their rhyming skill is not up to par, it is almost different. I get excited when I hear them on the radio.

That is the feeling I used to get from BET. I used to be able to watch it and relax. I cannot no longer, because the rap they play makes me either want to choke a girl with my penis or shoot someone. These angry desires should not be matched by music. Although every song has its time and place, listening to something different is needed from time to time. Suckerfree Sundays is the only thing on TV THAT I CAN WATCH (THAT HAS TO DO WITH RAP).

Listen to the underground. Next time you check Nah Right or 2DopeBoyz.com move past the crap from Max B and Wayne. Listen to Kooley High. Listen to Fashawn. Listen to Mickey Factz. Listen to Skyzoo. Listen to Donny Goines. That is why I like the underground. I came into this blogging thing living for the pop culture aspect and now I live for the underground.

Kick Rocks Main stream.


Stumbled On: Ill Doctrine's Ill Barack Obama Poem

The real question I have is...what if he loses?

And why is it, when I say that I might vote for McCain, that I get such scorn and disrespect?

Someone tell me. I am completely lost.