New Music:Kanye West Feat R Kelly & Pharis - Love Lockdown Remix

Time for another review right?

Part of the song made me laugh. When R Kelly did his patented, "Its The Remix" while the Vocoder was on...damn...It made me laugh. It honestly was just pretty damn funny. I like R Kelly's voice with theVocoder. He has a great voice as it is, but it actually...works with a Vocoder.

Now, I do not know if this is the official remix, and it probably is not. Who is complaining though?

R Kelly actually manages to show the desperation that was in the first song. He actually manages to make me understand...pain? Yea. However, that was the reason of the first song anyway?

It is worth a download. What do you rate it?


Props to Xclusive Zone for this


Music Info: Emilio Rojas Remix Contest

The ever so eloquent Emilio Rojas held a contest on his song, "Young Fresh & Fly". 5 Finalists were picked and the voting is to begin...err..right now? Yes. Right now. I cannot vote because I am blogging then running to work. However, I can wish am I right?

The “Young, Fresh & Fly” Remix Challenge finalists are here:
Shouts to the finalists Dario, Just Wright, Small Professor, J-Clyde & Mindstate!!
Download the remixes by clicking on the image below. Refer to voting instructions and rules below

The “Young, Fresh & Fly” Remix Challenge finalists are here:

After much deliberation, the top 5 finalists have been chosen!! There were so many incredible remixes that included submissions from producers from all over the globe. A special shout goes to everyone that participated. Now YOU get to decide on the winner. Click here to download snippets of the top 5 remixes (or here to download via zhare). After you check out the remixes, please cast your vote by emailing remixrojas@gmail.com and include the producer of your choice as the subject. Please, only one vote per person.

The voting will end next Friday, November 14th. The winner will be announced along with the debut of the "Young, Fresh, and Fly" video which is scheduled to drop at the end of this month! The winning producer receives placement on Emilio’s forthcoming EP, The Nouveau Slick (Coalmine Records) along with a watch courtesy of Flud Watches and some gear courtesy of Mighty Healthy.

Click Here to download the original version produced by Illmind.



New Music: Kevin Rudolph feat Nas - NYC

Props to Nah Right for this. Listening to the song I am happy that Nas used some of his Nasty Nas flow again. Very entertaining regardless of the annoying dude singing. Funny story behind Kevin Rudolph actually. One day Johnny and I, (who is currently sitting next to me and loves the damn song), was driving and a girl next to us was listening to it and we asked her why she liked him so much. What did she do?

She flipped me and Johnny off and drove away. She was hot too.


New Music: Kanye West - Go Hard Video

I do not think I told anyone, but today is the day where I just post everything Kanye is doing well. This video featuring T-Pain and Dj Khaled is not as good as his "Heartless" video, but still pretty damn sick none the less. Damn.

Kanye needs a haircut though. That I will admit too. And T-Pain looks like he has vampire teeth. DJ Khaled looks plump as usual.

It is a decent video but as usual I will not give it a numerical rating...what do you think?

Personally I think that Kanye left the creative side with this video and the song, but it is still fantastic.


Music Info: Kanye West - "I have even gangsta niggas wearin tight jeans"

Shoot. He is right. I wear skin tight jeans though.

Wearing them right now.


New Music: Mario feat Kelis - He Don't Know

So some people have been saying that I do not post any R&B. There are reasons for that. Not because I do not like R&B, but like fingering and blowing in Beer Pong, leave it for the bedroom.

No I am just kidding.

However, it just seems like some R&B is just trying to damn hard. For instance take this song. I listened to 20 seconds of it and erased it. Why? Not because it is R&B, because that damn beat. I do not know/understand.

Do not download this song.

Download Here.


New Music: Rockstar - Rockstar for President

I have not posted something that I did not like in a long time. Yea, I was almost seeming repetitive. Now this is a song that Rockstar sent me himself. Listening to it as we speak it is obvious he does not know the issues.

Although gas is going to go back up, right now it is at DOWNLOAD HERE


Music Info: Asher Roth on Last Call Spotlight On Carson

Does anyone watch the Carson Daily show anymore?

Asher Roth was featured on the Last Call spotlight which is designed to help artists who are not that famous...well...become famous. Now, Asher has a pretty decent sized buzz; capturing the underground heads by storm while managing to anger many Hip Hop heads at the same time. His rhyme scheme is different; a tad Eminem with some Kanye and even Jay Z heard in the mix. Asher is white. That is what essentially makes him so dynamic. Not like Eminem or Termanology or some other white rappers who almost emulate black rappers, Asher does not. He sort of...how can I say...does not give a shit?

However Shake (from 2dopeboyz) posed a question asking if Asher still has a career now that Eminem is back. He has already been scrutinized and from many messageboard threads he is not to well liked amongst casual Hip Hop listeners. The real important thing to realize her is tha the is different. The flow is almost broken up.

Do not take this writing as something that says, "Hey...I love how Asher Roth's dicktastes!". No, that is not what I am going for. Personally I listen to him on a sporadic basis due to his slight repetitivity, however, it is almost something new from that constant drab we call underground Hip Hop.

So does he deserve all the love he gets?

I do not know. You tell me.


New Music: Kanye West - Heartless Video

Lets begin this sting of Kanye dick-riding slowly. Got to let it ease in. How are we going to deny that Kanye West is not the most creative man in Hip Hop right now? Someone argue that statement with me. In all seriousness, he truly is. Looking at this video, and shortly reminiscing of the great Champions & Good Morning videos, it is true to see that this man can have clothed women AND spend under 20gs on a good video. Kanye West does this time IN and time OUT.

This deep-rooted hatred for this man needs to be dispelled. Personally I love Kanye and everything he does. I am a Kanye Stan. All of my reviews on his music are completely biased. However, moving past that, who comes up with this stuff? Even his blog (which we all know is Marcus Troy), is something clever and innovative that he stuck his hands into. Come on people. Open your eyes to some good hearted, creative, rap music.

*Bumps Heartless 2 more times*



Would You Hit?: Cassie and Lauren London

Remember when I said Cassie had the body of a 9 Year Old Asian kid? Yea I take that back. Although it she is still skinny as all hell, she kills it in these pictures.

Lauren London?

Not a fan.

Thanks to 2dopeBoyz for this


Correction, Mickey Factz is NOT Flaking on me

I just recieved an email from him with a different number and scheduling an interview with me.



Stumbled On: Qtip Album Signing in NYC

Michael Rappaport is seen here discussing a documentary that he is filming about A Tribe Called Quest. The funny thing is I am going to be in that damn documentary. Me and Mr Rappaport had an argument lasting over an hour and he then shouted me out at the DJ Red Alert event.

Rappaport is a cool B-List actor. Yes I said it. Shoot, he is a great guy but he tore me apart during the discussions that we held together.

Yea I know. He probably has not even checked the blog out.

Ass. Ha.


New Music: Fashawn Feat Evidence - "Our Way"

The video itself is a damn good video but the song is a tad waning. It probably is due to the mood that I am in right now in this boring class, but, from a quick glance it it seems as if it is discussing everyone in raps second favorite topic...Old School.

Really. I mean, Old School is in. Think about it? The Cool Kidz are huge, The Retro Kidz (even though they absolutely flooped) and the whole hipster style is in now. We are reaching for better times.

Fashawn's video is worth the watch, but I cannot say the same for the song itself. It does not make as much sense, but it does.


New Music: Jay Electronica - Exhibit A

I have no time to listen to the track but a basic run through of it really shows the lyrical poweress of this dude. I was put on to this guy in a thread on Boxden. After listening to his mixtape, I have something new to listen to. The dude is nice. Really nice.

It is something I am not used too.

The track itself is worth the download. After sneaking some headphones on in class, I like what he is saying. Shoot, if it was not worth the download I would not even post the damn thing.

Moving onnn.

Jay Electronica - Exhibit A


Stumbled On: Woaa Slow down there.

In this video, an African American mother is talking about how happy she is that Barack Obama became president. That is great. I am proud that she is taking pride in the election. Cool. That is where the happiness stops. She says, and I quote,

"...he will put gas in my car and fix my mortgage. If we help him he will help us"

Pause that broken record for me please?

Thanks. If people think things like this is going to happen...then Barack Obama will dissapoint a lot of people. With this kind of thinking, not even a Socialist society would be able to help make her wishes come true. This was one of the major problems with this election. It seemed as if so many people were uninformed about who the correct choice was. I did think that Barack was, but, many people think that things like this will happen.

Peggy, Barack will NOT pay for your bills or to fill up your tank. No matter how you helped him. The whole "spread the wealth around" idea does not play to this. Move on. Instead of focusing so much on a handout for the goverment...focus on doing it yourself. She probably is, but she needs to shake that "need" mentality.

People are fitting this out to be just like Hoovers, "Chicken in every pot" idea which eventually was his downfall. Do not let this become Barack's downfall just because of the ignorance.

On a side note, the comments on YouTube itself are pretty damn racist.

Borrowed this From bitchSandra Rose.


Stumbled On: Joe Budden vs Charles Hamilton freestyle battle

The major question I have is why are they reading off of paper? I thought a freestyle was free of pre-thought? This completely kills the authenticity to it. But I am happy that we can play around in Hip Hop now. I am happy that instead of things being taken so seriously that two rappers can battle on a friendly idea.

Is this the direction that Hip Hop is going in? It used to be something that radiated such violence and beefs left and right. However, lately things are being taken less seriously. People are just trying to bring Hip Hop back to wear it was. The beefs killed Hip Hop. It did. The beefs is what brought Hip Hop to its current state. "Friendship" is what will change it back.

Charles Hamilton's verse was pretty good and made Budden look stupid, however over all Budden's prewritten verse was nicer. I am very disappointed at this writing of the verses. Blah. My opinion matters to much for this. Someone change that!

Charles Hamilton was wayyyy nicer in this freestyle though.

Picked this up on BlogXilla


New Music: Common - "Changes"

This is an interesting title for a song talking about Barack Obama's victory of the presidential election of the United States of America. (That sentence was very long but it sounded patriotic). Why so interesting? Think about it. In the classic Tupac song "Changes" he states, "Although it is heavent sent, we will never have a black president".

This "Changes" contradicts that belief.

The song itself is a very...airy type of track. The beat made me think of trees and a garden (seriously). Common's flow is on point as expected and it is just a happy track. It actually made me smile (although Corey as we speak is spelling out why Juelz will be the comeback rapper of 2009).

Common's real name is called Common Sense. Right now he is rapping as someone who has been in the game for a long time and he just looking back. Nice track. What do you think?

Remember to get his album December 9th!

Download the track here.


Review: Joe Budden - Halfway House

The mixtape has an aura of filler to it. I mean, it seems as if it is obvious that "Padded Room" was pushed back. Like it was rushed but it was not rushed at the same time? You know? With the intro he speaks clearly and jumps right into "On My Grind". "On My Grind" is a very good song with a gritty beat to match the gritty atmosphere to start the tape. The beat has a heavy guitar sample which is reminiscent of the days when guitar samples were huge.

Moving into "Overkill" with a hard resonating beat with a chorus in it. Hearbreak is new. I have never heard of him. However, listening to him now makes me very interested in him. *googles*. Budden's verse is a normal verse with a very hot Cloverfield line in it. To be completely honest, Budden is a lyrical beast. You do not need me to tell you that. It moves kind of smoothly into "Check Me Out" and the beat in that song annoys me. I do not know. It just does not have that good of an effect on me like, "Overkill" and "On My Grind" did. I do like the breakdown in it. Budden's voice almost contrasts the piano part which is supposed to be soft, yet Budden's voice is raspy from smoke. Weird right?

"Sidetrack" was produced by my boys Syfy. This is my favorite track on the entire mixtape. Not because of the obvious bias towards my friend, but becasue it has no ending. It leaves me with a disgusted desire of wanting more. It is remeniscent of "Stained" and "5th Gear". Budden kills these self reflecting tracks. The Coldplay sample is amazing too.

"Slaughterhouse" is a posse cut. Joell Ortiz kills the verse. Joell is someone that will bring NY back. Guaranteed. Budden likes to put these tracks on his tapes. Nino Bless reminds me of Emilio Rojas...just not as nice. But, his verse is nice none the less and his flow is very easy to listen too. It is almost circular...starts with a rhyme ends with a rhyme. It makes sense. Think about it. Crooked I's verse is not as good as I expected. Royce is not as bad either. Budden does alright but does not kill the track. Joell on the other hand did.

"Under the Sun" and "The Soul" were both some more self reflecting tracks that I seem to love that Budden does. "Under the Sun"'s beat is outstanding. "Soul" on the other hand is not as nice of a beat which kind of lets me down. I skip this track most of the time. "Anything Goes" is a nice laidback track. I write papers to this track. That is an honor in itself.

"Go to Hell" is a story. I like the story. I will not blow the plot, just listen to it. "Just Be Different" and "Touch & Go" cleverly round out the tape. "Touch" is the club track he made to promote the track. "Just Be Different" is probably one of my favorite tracks on the entire album The track is outstanding. "So stubborn I can dream a thousand paths and walk an old one".

I do not give numerical values on my ratings. It just acts as something for you to ponder. Purchase the tape here.


I have a feeling that Mickey Factz is stunting on me.

I did not tell anyone, but I received Mickey Factz contact information at a show that I attended a few weeks ago. Now I am not one of his blind supporters/dick riders because I do not listen to him as much as people think. Doing my job as a journalist, I wanted to interview him and post it on the blog. Now he does not have to heed my interview because my website is not big yet. However, I do believe that if his intention was to not let me interview him he should tell me that.

Being as popular as he is, he definately has different people telling him different things and asking him for many things. A blogger, coming up to him for an interview, is nothing. It takes 30 minutes for me to sit down and ask him questions. I will even go up to the Bronx to see him. Instead he ignores my phone call and my voicemail.

I called him tonight and I kicked it to him again. I told him to add me to his blasts and I sent him my email and I asked for a respond text. Nothing happened.

Take me seriously now or get shunned later.

I will update you people on this later.


New Music: Jim Jones feat Ron Brownz & Juelz Santana "Pop Champagne"

Something interesting 2DopeBoyz pointed out. Jim Jones took Ron Brownz song...and put it on his own album. I will not deny the fact that Ron Brownz has a small hit even though I do not like the song. However, Jim Jones, using his clever tactics ( I think he is a good buisness man. Seriously) put the song on his own album.

That is funny.

It seems like Jim Jones has a new hit on his hands. Essentially this is taking away from what Ron Brownz has tried for. What is going to propell his album to the 25k sale mark? How is Ron Brownz going to almost go wood?

Jim Jones took his record. Jim Jones, who is making 3-4$ an album, will cake on this deal. Although he will only sell upwards of 300k, it still means that he will have used someone elses song, taken a remix, made a single out of it, and promoted his album on it.

Ron Brownz my friend, you were just had. The only reason I posted this is to point this fuckery out. And Laugh at it.



Fashion: Down Goes Obama Shirt from Crown

Well I lied before about saying that was my last Obama post. This shirt was too damn good to not post. It is available right NOW. I already bought the damn thing. To be honest, after all of the damn forwards I have been getting all day, I think that we are kinda rubbing in the face of the supporters of John McCain. What ever happened to being a good sport?


Stumbled On: Terry Kennedy Rapping

Well he can stick to skateboarding. I found this on WSH and since I absolutely hate the rapping itself, it gets posted. To be honest, I was not sure if he was even rapping to begin with. The tricks in the song were decent though.

He is the only nice member of Pharrel's Ice Cream. Everyone else is trash.

I skateboard. I can barely Ollie.


Fashion: Jordan 20 / Air Force One Fusion

Ew. After a pass through of my friends standing around me as a I blog, (I tend to draw a crowd) a resounding NO is heard through out. The sneakers are gross. I mean I applaud the concept, and I applaud the idea, however, I do not think that these sneakers are nice. To be honest, even though I do not wear Jordans, I do not think a pair of Jordans has been nice since the 13's. Seriously. The inner lining has a white/blue lining which is quite appealing according to Legend at OnSmash.



New Music: DJ DeviouzMindz "Beats I Was Supposed to Give Lupe"

I do not know who this guy is the beats are tough. I like it. The picture is form 2DopeBoyz because my email is messing up

Here is what he sent me,

Here’s the new mixtape, hope you guys enjoy it. Again these are just basically a beat CD in the form on the mixtape. I thought these beats would definitely fit Lupe Fiasco. I also ask to send me any freestyles or songs over my beats to my MySpace. Thanks see you next month Decemeber 3! Stay Tuned.

Download it here.


What Makes This Blog Different

This is not a pop culture blog. This is not a new music blog. This is not Nah Right and this is not 2DopeBoyz. The difference between this blog and other blogs is that I ACTUALLY WRITE. I write my opinion on the things that I am posting. I do not just post. Some dislike my opinion. Some like it.

Consider me like a Sandra Rose.

It works.


Music Info: Murs & Kidz in the Hall Zune Podcasts

From Mat:

Independent hip-hop stalwart Murs is currently on the road with Kidz in the
Hall for a 36-city tour to support their latest albums Murs for President and
The In Crowd. In support of the tour, Zune is producing exclusive tour diary
video podcasts that will chronicle the artists’ current journey across the U.S.
The initial episodes will be available on Zune Marketplace beginning November 5,
and new episodes will roll out weekly through December 18. Fans can subscribe to
automatic weekly downloads and then synch the episodes to their Zune device to
enjoy them on the go.

In addition to the video tour diaries, Zune is
producing episodes with both artists for “The Green Room" interview series,
which consists of video podcasts that take fans behind-the-scenes through
regular access to exclusive, backstage interviews at concert venues. Murs and
Kidz in the Hall are creating custom playlists of their favorite tracks for Zune
Marketplace, as well as artist "Breakdowns", where they discuss their albums
track-by-track in their own words. Zune also created 25 custom devices for each
artist etched with special artwork, which will be given away on the artists’
websites and through radio stations and other media outlets.
Fans can access all of this content by downloading the Zune software for free at www.zune.net. Zune recently launched new software and music discovery tools that help artists like Murs and Kidz in the Hall connect to new fans. Mixview is a visual recommendation tool that displays similar music and artists to allow a deeper journey into Zune Marketplace. Zune Channels adds a variety of new music to fans’ collections each week automatically through customized playlists programmed by expert partners and by the Zune software itself. Channels are free with a Zune Pass subscription, which provides instant access to millions of songs for about the price of one CD per month ($14.99). Visit www.zune.net/free to try Zune Pass for free.

Subscribe to the Kidz in the Hall podcast channel for free on Zune and follow the guys on the road. Go to www.zune.net/kidzinthehall to subscribe.

Access the Kidz in the Hall video podcast at: http://social.zune.net/my/ContentRedirect.ashx?mtype=Podcast&mid=bdd647e6-a7d9-49a3-9634-3bd68af2d39a

Interesting.Another idea from the best Media Player out... Zune.


Stumbled On: Common Talking About the Victory

Another discussion from our favorite Manly ass rapper, Common.

Last Barack Obama post of the day.

I promise.


Politics: Ralp Nader, "Barack Can Either Be Uncle Sam or Uncle Tom"

Jeez. I do not understand this. Honestly, we all know that Ralph Nadar is a disgruntled, broken, old man. However, do use such derogatory terms when describing the new leader of the freeworld...that is a shame. That is a downright shame.

Fox News for once stood up for Barack here and I am glad that he will never win the election and could barely garner 1 Million votes.

Shame shame shame.

This deserves a nignorance tag.


Music Info: Damn This Freestyle was back when Bush won

When this freestyle was recorded I was sitting in my dads car on the way to my grandmothers. I was not really into rap at the time, and my dad was enjoying bopping off beat to it, nonetheless I remember hearing it like...damn. This is what rap is about?

Years later, I am not into "Blue" and Blink182 anymore, however, the freestyle still holds substance.

Insane right?



Let us turn a new leaf.



Checkmate. Barack Obama wins the Election.

Lets go baby.


Politics: Live Election Results

Thanks to 2DopeBoyz for this


New Music: Busta Rhymes - Arab Money Official Video

The really funny thing is how the video manages to be as stereotypical as the actual song. I like the dubbing and it was a lot better than I thought it would be. The real amazing thing is how dumb the song is. I do not know if I reviewed the song, but, I know how dumb it is. The depressing thing is that Busta used to do some real clever stuff now he is doing this.

And Ron Brownz? That guy's career will last as long as the Vocoder lasts. Depressing? for him. Encouraging for Hip Hop in general? Yes. Forget this sub par rap crap. Ugh. Time to listen to some Charles Hamilton.

As a producer...Ron Brownz will continue.


Fashion: Leaders1354 Reebok Release Party

A friend of mine sent me this. Personally I do not like the sneakers that much and I have not rocked Reeboks in years, however, seems like itd be fun.


Fashion: Q-Tip Tee Shirt

Just so you people did not forget, Q-Tips album The Renaissance just came out today. So yea, Election Day happened and what not, however, Q Tips album came out. I did not buy it but I am planning on getting it later.

I am pretty happy about that.

The T-Shirt has already been placed on order by me. Props to OnSmash for this.

It was put on order with phantom money. I have no idea where I am getting money at all. Jeez.

O Yes, 174 - 64.


New Music: Nas - "Election Night"

Nas drops another song with Dj Green Lantern.

Download here.

The song essentially is just one verse with the beat taken from his "Black President". A question I was thinking the other day...if Hillary Clinton won the nomination, would Hip Hop be as adamant against John McCain?

This is not tying into the race factor here. It is just a question. Anyway, moving on, Barack just won NY as usual...174-49.

Thanks to ONSmash for this.


New Music: Evidence Feat The Alchemist & Fashawn - The Far Left

The video has a very interesting concept. Each word has a sign on the actual card. I like it a lot. Fashawn, my dude from the west coast, is featured in it and gives a sick verse none the less. This is not the usual crap that I post. Some nice underground stuff.

Crap, polls are closing in 5 minutes over here in New York and Barack Obama just won Pennsylvania.

Crap. 105-31. Here we go.


Whiterance - This Girl is Selling her Fake Virginity

So, we finally get to see the dude who actually is the highest bidder. The funny thing is how pasty, old, and rich he looks. They should actually just video tape the damn thing. I mean, I would not by it, however, it would be damn funny.

Ugh. Question for you, why does Tyra have such a bad show? Is it only me that thinks that? Jeez.


Politics: I voted.

I voted earlier today for Barack Obama. I had no idea who I was going to vote for, however, I finally came up with it and voted for Barack. As we sepak, McCain is down about 47 electoral votes.

Here we go.


New Music: Kanye West feat Kid Cudi - Anyway

So the song itself is not that good.

Yea I did not like it. It was almost boring to me... and I am completely fed up with the vocoder. I can barely listen to T-Pain speak what makes Kanye thing that I can listen to a whole album of it? Well I will end up buying Kanye's album regardless.

Bah. The life of a blogger.

Download the song HERE.


New Music: Complex & Mick Boogie Present - "Leaders of the Cool"

I was thinking about it the other day...Mixtapes have obviously changed the direction of the Hip Hop. However, I realized that more and more mixtapes are not being sold, they are being downloaded for free...not even illegally through other avenues like ItsBx.com or some other site. The people putting out the tape make their money through sponsorship.

Like Complex is sponsoring this mixtape...and LRG sponsored the Hip Hop Honors.

Has Hip Hop changed completely to this way of making money? With album sales in the tank and single sales almost nonexistant, this seems like the only way to make money when it comes to mixtapes.

Mick Boogie is obviously caking when it comes to this due to the fact that he has been coming out with sponsored mixtapes up the wazoo. Look for me to actually go into depth in this later.

Download the Tape here...



New Music: Film School Rejecks ft Skyzoo and Soundcheck

Soundcheck- Film Skool Rejekt's ft. Skyzoo from Kevin Parkinson on Vimeo.

At first I was wondering what the hell I was even watching, but when the beat dropped and the first voice came in...I was drawn into it. As we speak I am not even watching the video, so do not come here asking for a damn review on the video itself. However, the song sounds pretty hot right now.

Where is Skyzoo? Skyzoo is the one I really want to listen to. *Fast Fowards*. There we go. This dude is dynamic. I really like everything he has done and he has been doing.

Now I gotta take this car somewhere else. Look for me to update on the way there.

Check it out.


New Music: Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, B.O.B - "Change Gon Come"

So keeping up with the usual Barack Obama "change" dribble that has been coming out lately, Charles Hamilton, B.O.B (Who I have not listened to lately), and Ash came out with the song, "Change gon Come".

The song itself comes in with a 2005 esk raised up sample. I have changed my direction on this song. It is not about Barack Obama. I take that back. (ps..I just sneezed on an electrical outlet in the mechanics shop...crap).

Charles Hamiltons verse was alright. It seemed a lot more laidback than I was used to however, it was nice none the less.

Asher's verse is crazy. His flow is just on point and his rhyme scheme is insane. Listening to this dude is seriously a treat. I mean he may not be able freestyle that way (do not hate, it is true) he can definately rock a verse. The actual verse is insane. Someone send me some more Asher Roth.

It is my listening of B.O.B from Atl. Yes I am about to blog about this track. His flow is...smooth. It sounds a little like Ludacris and Big Boi sort of mixed together. It stops but it leaves me wanting more. Some intense desire to listen to more Southern drawl. It crescendos then becomes small and comes back up.

I like this guy.

*furiously downloads B.O.B"


Stumbled On: On The Night Before Nov. 4th

The Night Before November 4th from jeff on Vimeo.
So I had a great Halloween weekend as you can tell here by my lack of posting in the past few days. Here we go with the usual dribble. I have not posted a video from IsTheReal.Com in a long time; these dudes are funnier than the average Jew. However, if you normally do not watch the videos, this should be one you tune into.



And we all know that is all that matters.