Stumbled On:88 Keys Impersonating Kanye

Found this on Urb Blogs...

Who is this guy? Why is he all over the blogs? He sucks. I listened to one of his songs before...it sucked. What is with terrible people getting recognition? Reminds me of Charles Hamilton.

That was a joke.



Stumbled On: Janelle Monae sings for the GAP

Janelle Monae, the conscious clothed R&B singer, is going to sing in Christmas commercials for the GAP. The reason why I am posting this is becasue she is someone that I personally listen to on a regular basis. The only problem is that she does not get as much recognition as she deserves. I feel that what she is doing is slowly becoming more and more unrecognized as Hip Hop continues to degrade into a unwarranted existence.

Janelle...I am pulling for you! Watch the commercial here.


Throwback: Kool G Rap - Mister Mister

Before everyone gets on me about posting this, I do not condone violence against women. But after an argument with a friend yesterday, it turns out that he thought old school rap did not get violent.

Old School Rap got very violent. This is one of the songs that were just...crap.

Listening to this song almost makes me angry. I listen to rap all of the time and the talk about women now but it does not compare to this song. I know that there are probably other songs, but this song really really was like...shoot. Looking past that though, the song itself is a lyrically sound song. The flow is smooth and flows with the beat and it is one of Kool G Rap's best songs.

If you do not know who Kool G Rap is...then please leave this blog. Thanks.


Nignorance: The Dedication 3 was supposed to drop..yesterday

Dedication 3 was supposed to drop yesterday...I love how it is late. Why does it get a nignorance tag? Because we are not on time for anything.



Fashion: Raf Simmons Sneakers

So Tatiana does not like these sneakers, but I do. I am adding this to my Christmas list for my adoring fans to purchase for me. Yea, these sneakers are hard. But I do not even know where to find them. Found them on Marcus Troy and they are made by Raf Simmons. *Checks Raf Simmons Website* He does not have a website....someone find me these sneakers!

Tatiana is still a hater.


Stumbled On: Wu Tang Documentary (What I will be watching instead of going out)

Yea, so having a life takes a back seat to Wu Tang clan. I remember listening to a song where GZA was talking about life (I think it was on Pro Tools) and he reminised about a kid with the Wu Tang sign tattooed on his face.

Isn't that something? Not only is a tattoo perminent, it kind of just announces to the world what you like and who you are before them even having to speak to you. Crazy is it not? A tattoo on your face. I snagged that video from Nah Right it was posted about two years ago. The show will be on BET at 8 Pm EST tonight .

Are you going to watch? The real question is...do you respect Hip Hop enough to watch? The DVD drops on the 18th.


Stumbled On: Last Episode of Rap City

Get your urban news at DimeWars.Com

Good Riddens. Nothing to say here. Just relish in the experience of a bad show...ending.

Props to DimeWars.


Stumbled On: Mickey Factz, Cory Gunz, Charles Hamilton going in

My opinion? Cory Gunz has the nicest flow out of the bunch. I said it before I will say it again. Cory Gunz, out of the one on the freshman class, Cory Gunz is nicer than everyone else. A question that I have here though...why does it seem that they are always coupled together? People that were declared the freshman always seem to have appearances together or freestyles together or songs together.

It kind of makes sense to have the underground help the undergound out. But, why must they always be thrown together? It seems as they get placed together more and more, they are just coupled and if one falls, I fear they will all fall. However, on the contrary, if one makes it big then they will always make it big. That is a good idea and a good way to take it.

O well. Cory Gunz is still the nicest out of the bunch. Act like you knew already please!


Whiterance: Guy Compares Jefferson song to Barack Obama

I could not help but laugh at this when I saw it. In all honesty I am sitting here at 3 am laughing at how funny this is. I personally think it is damn funny that a man will actually post this in a newspaper. For all those at work who cannot watch the video picture the Jefferson's theme song and put this on the lyrics -

Well we're movin on up
To Washington D.C.
To a deeee-luxe pimp pad
Painted whiiiiiiteee.
Yeah we're movin on up
To the White House
I'll be jetting with P. Diddy across the sky

That is comedy. Not comedy because I condone it, but comedy because it is hilarious how the editor published that. Personally, as one that is extremely satirical and can get like this at times, do not think it is "racist" per say, but I see where people are coming from. Being an African American, it kind of is offensive.

But, I was right when I pointed out that P. Diddy will forever be tied to Barack Obama. Ugh.

See more ignorant stuff HERE.

Comment me. What do you think? Racist or not?


New Music: Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, Willie Da Kid & La Darkman - Da Art of Story Telling Remix

Got this in an email.
So Dedication 3 is not out yet and the fiends are right now clamoring like they were on Requiem for Dream (anyone see that movie? It is crazy messed up. Trippy as hell). None the less, I considered the final chapter to "Da Art of Story Telling" A classic. Outkast is nice. One of the greatest duos of all time.

Moving on to the song.

Wayne spits a normal Wayne verse. Constantly repeating himself with some intense voice effects. I really feel that he is getting repetitive. But people are still obsessed with the dude. What goes up must come down. That is what they always say. The verse is only made hot by the Vocoder and voice effects. And the Lean. I almost forgot about that.

Mack Maine's I have never listened to before. His verse did not seem like it was mixed with the rest. Like it was not mixed down well. Like he made himself. Wayne's verse was perfectly mixed down. Mack Maine's verse was not impressive neither. Broken flows do not entertain me.

Willie Da Kid...when he came in I was not expecting good...but I like it. "Sipping on something as thick as my southern drawl". Sick line. His flow made me want more. Towards the end it was not as nice as it could have been, but it picked back up. I like the way he used the deeper voice effect. "If I hit you in your back you'll need a spinal exam". Willie Da Kid killed this song. *googles*

La Darkman is next...but Wayne is spitting again. Wayne is just speaking. That is the funny thing about it. It is hysterical. Instert "lol" here. I love his placements of "No Homo"'s etc. Wait...did I miss La Darkman? O well.
Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, Willie Da Kid & La Darkman - Da Art of Story Telling Remix


New Music: Nipsey - Hussle in the House

Mickey Factz sent me this. The beat is reminiscent of the "Jump Jump" by Kriss Kross. When the song played I was excited to hear that beat again. I loved that song. But when he started rapping he just came off so generic to me. Yea. Generic. He started rapping about his come up etc which has been done millions of times now.

I kinda like people that reinvent the genre.

As I continued to listen to the music I realized that the twang that was sampled from the Kriss Kross beat is just annoying. It slowly turned the song off to me as it went on. Lyrics wise the dude is alright and his flow was nothing special to me.

But I am just giving my opinion.

Nipsey - Hussle in the House



Fashion: Some T-Shirts from Hot Topic and Flud Watches

So as my loyal readers know, I was in the process of asking for things for Christmas. I have realized that as I get older, I have no idea what I even want for Christmas. To fight that, I decided to start blogging things as they come up. So, for you idiots and various lovers reading this right now, you can purchase these things with haste.

Yes. With haste people. I do not take nonsense!

The first one is a T Shirt from Hot Topic which is inspired by the Rayman Raving Rabbids game. I already have a hat from this game so that would be a perfect present for me. (

A few shirts from Hot Topic

Finally some Flud Watches.

Get the Hot Topic Stuff here.

Get the Flud Stuff Here.



New Music: Kanye West - Streetlights and Tell Everyone That You Know Feat Lil Wayne

Crap that is a long title. Jacked this from 2DopeBoyz.

"Tell Everybody That You Know" is such a good song. I really liked what Lil Wayne did on the song. Yea, I know. I am appeasing to the whitecrowd by saying that he did something nice. The synthesizer used in the song was getting annoying but then Wayne came in and I was...enthused?

It was a weird feeling. Sort of euphoric. I am not used to liking something created by Lil Wayne so when I do like it...it is so rare. Not the Top Notch stuff though. I felt this feeling when I listened to "I'm Me" which I still bump on a regular basis.

"Streetlights" sounds like something One Republic would make. Weird comparison I know, but the song is good none the less. I like his use of the female chorus and the drums in the background. This man knows what he is doing when he makes songs like this. He knows the emotion he wants to evoke and this is what makes Kanye so damn dynamic.

Kanye West - Streetlight
Kanye West - Tell Everyone That You Know Feat Lil Wayne


New Music: Kanye West Feat Jeezy - Amazing

Jacked from 2DopeBoyz.

So Kanye tries rapping again. Interestingly enough it works here. The Vocoder thing was honestly getting really fucking old a tad old. Now I completely ride anything said by Kanye West. But I will willingly admit that the entire Vocoder thing has become such a draw on the ears it almost makes me not want to listen any more. I am dreading listening to an entire album put together by Vocoder.

Almost depressing.

And Jeezy? I love the dudes flow. Weird right? For someone that listens to the likes of Emilio Rojas so much, liking Jeezy is almost foriegn. Yea I know.

Download the song here.


Fashion: Timex Watches Christmas Pack

So I am making my Christmas list early. For some reason, I realized that as we get older, we have NO idea what we want for Christmas. Since I have tons of adoring fans of this blog, I decided to just point out certain things that people should purchase for me and mail to me. (Email me for my address). These Timex Watches are part of their Christmas Lineup which will be in these colors and some neon colors. This whole futuristic/hipster/tokidoki look is going around lately.

Buy them for me. You can purchase them HERE.



New Music: Charles Hamilton - Sonic the Hamilton

Before I head to the daily drab that I call class from 9-5...I will post the most famous nerd on the planet's CD. I have not heard it at all nor will I be able too until about 8 or 9 tonight but I will be honest and say that I am not that excited for it.

Yea I know, I am a hater...blah. blah. blah. But, what can you do? Somethings just do not excite me anymore, and this rap prodigy does not seem so...interesting. But, I did find out the reason for all of the Sonic things.

He buries himself in his music, Sonic buries himself in the ground...which makes him Sonic the Hedgehog.

Shit (no strikes for this curse) I could not make it up if I tried.

Download it here



Stumbled On: The Illest Lil Wayne Picture...ever.

I spotted this over in a thread my friend sent me on Boxden. Easily describes Lil Wayne's fanbase.

In a damn nutshell.

Someone asked me in an email, Jacques, Why do you hate his music so much?

I do not hate his music. I like C1 & C2 and some of his earlier stuff. I dislike him. I dislike his mannerisms, and how he acts. Its a long story. We'll get into it later. This is almost as good as the other Lil Wayne Picture.


New Music: Slim Thug - "I Run"

Slow down. Yes, I am about to post a Slim Thug song. Before you get all up in arms about me posting something that has a southern drawl in it and is not B.O.B, listen. I am doing it because I have a friend who loves beer and white girls named Johnny. He also loves that Slim Thug song, "Slab". It is the only song he fucking listens too. So I posted this so he can listen to something new.


Regardless of that, I actually like the song to begin with. The beat is hard and the chorus was really easy for me to memorize. I mean, that is the way to make a good song now a days right? Well I easily enjoy a good chorus.

Slim Thug's voice is almost scary. Something you do not want to hear if you are in a Saw-type situation. Shoot, Slim Thug's voice could be Jigsaw's. If I were to be in a room with pictures talking to me with a razor sharp twenty-fo inch rim dangling over my head, Slim Thug's voice would be downright perfect.

Slim Thug - I Run


New Music: Skyzoo Archives #24

So at #24 in he series, this is "Submission-2006" featuring Chaundon & Sean Price, produced by 9th Wonder. This is a joint the 3 of us did back in summer '06 when I was in NC working on the last few Cloud 9 songs. Some of you probably heard it when it was released earlier this year on Chaundon's album "Carnage" (if you dont have it, hit up amazon.com now and get that). 9th did the beat, and I started penning my verse instantly and jumped right in the booth. Chaundon followed up next something crazy, and then Sean Price closed it out ridiculously. The outcome was classic in my opinion. You have no idea how much I tried to use this record on Cloud 9 and then Corner Store Classic, but Dunny (Chaundon) always said he wanted it on his album, so I knew it would go to good use. Again, if you have Chaundon's album then you know the record, but if you dont, here it is for the first time; "Submission-2006" featuring Chaundon & Sean Price, produced by 9th Wonder. Holla.

Sky being the cool dude that he is sent me this. Someone told me that I post to much of his stuff. I then told them to kick rocks. They then told me to shut my face and then proceeded to kiss me. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, it was a female that told me this. And Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Skyzoo indirectly helped me to get laid. Hmmm...


Music Info: Charles Hamilton's Album Drops tonight..or tomorrow

This was not sent to me, found it over on 2DopeBoyz.com. Moving on, Charles Hamilton is so different it is almost insane. I will openly say he dresses the same, and like a cornball, everytime he makes an appearance. Dude is kinda nice with the mic though, yet I think Corey Gunz is better.

That is something that will make some of your heads spin.

I mean he can freestyle nicely as cleverly seen in this video, however, he has not really wowed me like Mickey Factz has. Even though my knowledge of Mickey Factz extends as far as a conversation with him at a bar, and the frustration of setting up an interview with the guy. Blah.

Without further adieu the tracklisting.

01. Enter the Hedgehog
02. Where’s My Fucking Genesis
03. 10 Minutes
04. Put Cash Up (feat. Show “Tails” TuFli)
05. Ringtone Rap
06. Two Left Feet (Swaggerless Swag)
07. Frustration and Failed Suicide Attempts
08. Stir Of Echoes or Sleeping Beauty
09. Scourge the Hedgehog (Yung Nate)
10. baby sonic
11. Lemme Know
12. SuperSonicVents
13. Happy Ending
14. Fans Are Cool

I am going to leech this album download this album so fassttt.


Stumbled On: MAD Magazine LiL Wayne Cover

I found this over on Mick Boogie's blog and like he did himself, deemed it postworthy. Shoot...the kid looks better than Lil Wayne does himself. Remember that rumor of Wayne being killed in New Orleans? It did not happen.

Damnit. Gotta plan these murders more efficiently. Next time I am using Asians to do my dirty work


Stumbled O. In: Roc-A-Fella Freestyle pt2

Where did I post pt 1? Look for the link at the end of this post. Now, I muted Sportscenter for this freestlye and I was dissapointed until Bleek came on. Seriously. Bleek spat a nice verse. But let us look at the funniest thing about this video. I will put it in large letters just so you giuys can understand.


Yea..Bleek is still wack. E Bags is almost nonexitent. Young Gunz who? Ha. That was pretty messed up, but it was funny none the less. I have not heard of them...and I am a broke out of work blogger. Ha, it is like watching ghosts on TV. Dissapeared. Gives me the Ebee Gibees.


Art: Wait...I have an art tag?

I was perusing through Miss Info's blog and I saw this. It is an open invitation to the Block Party event that she is hosting. According to her, all of the who's who's in Hip Hop Journalism will be there. That is great. I checked out much the tickets are...cheapest is 100$. Now I know that I am a lucrative blogger right now, but I am not making THAT much money.

Believe me. I would love to go. But, shoot, that is expensive. It is for the New York Horitcultural Society which is to train Rikers Island inmates to survive on the outside world;thus not giving them a reason to go back in to jail.

Essentially the event itself is just bidding on some of the gorgeous art that has actually been on Kanye West's blog before. Some of it is posted above. If you want to go, buy tickets HERE. If you want me to go. Click that link to buy me tickets too. Shoot. I am a "who's who" in Hip Hop Journalism!


Stumbled On: Black Moon & Smif-N-Wessen - "Tribute to the Classics"

Black Mooon & Smif n Wesson played at the Knitting factory (which is a crap hole might I add). Playing old school joints which we now know as classics. The funniest part of the video is when Havoc comes on stage to perform and they played Shook Ones. That was damn funny. It is nice to know that they have this much of an enclave of people still listen to there stuff.

Travis McCoy came in and performed for all the Hypebeasts and Backpackers in the crowd. A resounding sigh was heard throughout.

Spotted this over at MissInfo's blog. She actually has a blog..not a music posting site.


Stumbled On: "Single Ladies Remix"

So shoot me. I do not know the real name of the Beyonce song. One thing that I found out about this video is that these dudes managed to take bad vocoding (it is vocoder not autotune) to a new level. Really.

Personally I do not believe in marriage or even relationships. Or even person to person contact. I have Gears of War and a chainsaw for that. Word. But the funniest thing about this video is how derogatory it is.

It makes me laugh. Not many things make me laugh. This video? Made me laugh. But I do not know where these dudes career is going to go. Like Shake pointed out..."Pidgeons" went no where but a 3AM club song.


Stumbled On:Tribute for Veterans Day

Gimme the Salute from jeff on Vimeo.
Want to know a funny story? Probably not. These were the first and probably only dudes to put me on their blog rolls. Yea. Cool guys. Now, the video is a salute for Veterans Day which is tomorrow(I have class...shows how much SJU cares about those veterans. SMH). As the video progresses Master P, Lil Romeo, Silk the Shocker and many more of Wack Limit No Limit come up on the screen.

Made me chuckle. Why? Because shoot...where the hell have these people gone ANYWAY?

C-Murder got out on bail. Romeo is playing for USC. What about everyone else?