Throwback: Mobb Deep - "Quiet Storm"

Remember back when Lil Kim was still a slut, but a famous one, and Mobb Deep was actually relevant? Well this is a good segue to those times. To find this Throwback I turned on my ZUNE fuck an IPod and just found the first Old School Song I could find.

Now that I think about it...this song was just great. Yea. Mobb deep used to be amazing...back in the day. O, here is some R&B...get off of my back Drea!



Stumbled On: Hey KanyeStan...Want to Stream 808's & Heartbreak?

Then pay attention. You too Drea. This is the full stream of Kanye's breakthrough album, 808's & Heartbreak.

This should be the official launch center of Kanye West's album which will be amazing. Well besides the actual song Amazing which I just dislike with the passion of 1k Moons...but who is actually paying attention anyway?

And I actually like the song with Wayne...cut me.

O yea, I also posted the review the other day. Check that HERE.

Stream Heart Break Here

Snatched from my great friends at Hip Hop Etc


Someone want to buy me rims?

Seriously. I got the flat from Jesus Christ himself. *Will post pictures of it later*

Jeez. You do not understand. The tire is all ripped up and shit. Like..wow.


New Music: Unofficial Video Kanye West - "StreetLights"

Street Lights from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Ahh great video. Sort of reminds me...you ever go on Night Drives? I used to go on them things every night...well in the city we do not really have cars so...night walks. Screw the subways at night; to many hobo's. But, the drives were almost theraputic. Watching this video put me in that type of mood. Shows how NYC never stops moving and how great of a city it is. I wish, just wish, that they could take this idea and make it into a real video..with real production...with real images. This idea is just too damn good to pass up.

It has been a long time since I saw something like this that I liked. Now, I found it. If my car did not have the flat tire from God I would go on a drive right now. Shit

Found this on my future homie Dallas Penn's blog. I say future because...well plans are being set in motion. Going to be a greatttt winter.


New Music: Joe Budden & Game - "Future"

The other day I posted the snippet to this song. Well the full version came out and I told you that I was excited to listen to it. I must now say...the song is dope. The beat itself is a club beat and the dude singing the chorus kills it. Plain and simple.

Joe Budden's verse comes in hard and the smoke plagued voice of his just shuts. It. Down. I love this club song. That is honestly weird for me because I do not really listen to club songs as much as people thing I do. Lets move past that.

Game's verse is not as nice as Buddens to be honest. To be honest I never though Game was good on club songs. He talks about low cars....that si true. I love lowered cars. Moving on the song is a good song. Download this.
I was emailed this so...yea!

Download Here



New Music: Young Buck Feat Young Jeezy - I Got It

So do you want me to lie to you or fluff it up?

I will lie tell the truth to you.

I listened to the full song. A great song it was. I have been listening to Young Buck a lot recently ever since he was wrongly kicked off of G-Unit. Young Buck's verse is amazing and should be one of his best verses of all time. Not only that, Young Jeezy's rabid adlibs are toned down in this song and he presents an even harder verse.

I did not listen to the full song. It is a terrible song. I have not listened to Young Buck since "Bang Bang" nor have I cared too. I am glad he was kicked off of that wack group G-Unit. His verse was even worse. I listened to part of Jeezy's verse and then I swallowed a Cyanide pill. I should be dead in a few minutes.

Give me some time.

Download here while you wait for me to pass away. Jacked from Nah Right. That is my Nah Right quota of the day.



Stumbled On: Kid Cudi Perfoming "Day N Nite"

Kid Cudi: "Day N Nite" Glow In the Dark Tour UK from ibn jasper on Vimeo.

The Lonly Stoner Seeks to Free His Mind at Night...

My girl over at Looseneck loves this dude so I think I'd post him up. It is also her birthday... so congratulations to her. Kid Cudi is definitely making his wave in the music industry. One of the people who are just...creating the New School. The New School with a new way to just...do things.

The video itself is a normal performance video which I only watched half off due to this crappy St Johns internet. I actually just sent an email to Charles Hamilton's manager. Let us hope I get a response.

Happy Birthday again to my girl Jessica!
Jacked from Nah Right.


Stumbled On: Charles Hamilton Freestyle

Dude kills it as usual.

What more do I need to say?


Stumbled On: Obama Reelected?


Music Info: The League Covers First Issue of Strong Island Magazine

The League is a group that hails from Elmont, NY. Strong Island magazine just started up recently and is procaliming tiself the number one place for Hip Hop news regarding Long Island. Thats good.

Sadly enough I do not see this magazine lasting more than 6 months; The League will on the otherhand.

They have a weird sound that works for them and actually made me move to the music at the Mixtape Awards show they rocked a while back. I will even go as far to say, that these dudes are the ones which will take LI Hip Hop to the forefront.

That is my word.


New Music: Sha Stimuli Feat T-Pain - Everybody Else

I am going to get this out of the way. T-Pain's chorus was winy and full of vocoder but was so damn tough.


That is done. I love Sha Stimuli. I have been spinning his songs for a while now. I actually have a sit down with him on Monday. Get some knowledge spat yanno? Anyway's the track itself is crazy. Sha Stimuli's rhymes just pretty much show...him. That is what the song is supposed to do. Talk about him and he does that well.

Flow-wise he is on point. It sounds like he is kicking it to a cliche video girl. So even from a "game" perspective. It is tight.

My favorite line has to be, "Hittin up Dj Drama...shoot he is not even an artist".


Sha Stimuli FEAT T-Pain - Everybody Else
^^Download there.

As we speak I am looking for "Gotta Get $ "So...brb.


Stumbled On:Common Blogs now?

This is good. I think it is great that he is blogging now and gives us something new to read rather than the constant drab of Kanye's ghostwriters But, when it is Kanye that posts...it is pretty sick none the less. However...what if Marcus Troy has a hand in this one too? Hmm?

Think about that...because we all know that Marcus has a hand in the blogs..this was a huge controversy over that last summer. I do not feel like posting the link because I have to go and find the damn thing.

Finally...what is Common going to blog about though? That is the ONE thing I am baffled about? He can go the Kanye direction..but then again it is the Kanye direction. Charles Hamilton's blog is more personal and that makes sense too...

For the first of many...found this on www.thinkcommon.com


New Banner

ArtboyCali made me a banner. Shoot, I owe him. Anyway besides that, the banner does not fit up there. Yea mad stupid right? It is hard running this blog...well not really but you get what I mean. What do you think? Leave me some comments.

That is not the actual color...dfor some reason it has been coming up like that?

I have posted some more of his work under here. If you want to contact him, hit him up at...artboycali@gmail.com



New Music: Jimi Hendrix: A Tribute to the Experience

If any of you pay attention to the Obits in the newspapers, you will know that the last member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience passed away last week. DJ Concept sent me this in an email today and I have to say I was touched. From someone who avidly listens to Jimi Hendrix more than enough, it is clear to say that this tape only needed to be done. From a quick surveying of the tracklisting, names like Jay Z etc stand out to me. The cover is fantastic. Remind me to get in contact with the person that created that damn thing. Here is the tracklisting and download link beneath. A review will come later tonight.

An Introduction
Star Spangled Banner
Stone Free
Gypsy Eyes
Nit N Run // prod by: J-Zone
Purple Haze
Castles Made Of Sand
Spanish Castle Music
A House Burning Down
Interlude One
Foxy Lady
Midnight Dirt f. Jay-Z
Pimp Palace Magic // prod by: J-Zone
Lover Man (Live)
Today's Encore f. Jay-Z
I Don't Live Today
Interlude Two
All Along The Watchtower
The Wind Crys Mary
Crazy Mary prod // by: J-Zone
Bold As Love
Fire (Live)



Stumbled On: Angie Martinez Has A Show?

So I am only posting this because Drea will watch this. And as we all know, this blog is built to support the various women that view it. Ha.

I think it is great that Angie is moving past radio which obviously does not pay enough to be on TVto interview people that are 10x richer than her. But that is just MY opinion.

Nothing more.



Review: Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak

This is not my review but I think it is good that I post it. Here are a few snippets and the full link is at the bottom.

Track 2 - Welcome To Heartbreak

Again it starts off dark. When I first heard the beat, it sounded like battle music. Something you’d hear in a Hollywood movie. I like the use of the paino in the track. It gives a sense of hope. I personally dont think the vocoder was needed in this particular track. Kanye’s normal voice would have been sufficent. While this track was playing, Kanye was very animated especially during the following lyrics ‘head spinning, cant keep having these visits … welcome to heartbreak’.

Already two tracks into the album and the rapper has set the tone for this album.

Track 8 - Street Lights

This track is like a monologue. Here’s Kanye is speaking to himself and looking at the world around him. ‘I know my destination … streetlights, broadway’. It seems at this point of the album, he has finally found his way past all the hearbreak and anger. The use of the guitar definately helps the track. The vocoder is also used less in this track. He’s come to a realisation. The arrangment of the strings and guitar helps the track to have a sense of upliftment and hope. The track ends ‘ I know my destination but I’m not in the streets’. That line is repeated until ‘life’s just not fair’.

There’s been alot of talk about Kanye. His dress sense, his musical sound. I think he’s making a statement, a statement that he’s not looking back at the streets, that he’s now found his place at this stage of his career. He’s now a megastar and this track is that realisation.

Track 10 - See You In My Nightmares ft Lil Wayne

As soon as I heard this track, I thought of DJ Khaled, I was almost waiting for ‘We The Best’, I have no idea why. This is a track that features Lil Wayne. There’s no rapping on this track by Wayne, he just sings with the vocoder.

Hearing this track, it seemed like a statement. Lyrics like ‘letting you know’, ‘you do you, I’ma be fine’, ‘after tonight, there’s no turning back’. The statement I saw was two artists at the top of their game saying that they will make the music they want, telling haters ‘you do you, while I’ll do me’. ‘You can hate but ‘ima be fine’.

There’s more aggression in this track from Kanye. Its almost like he’s venting his frustration at the hate, fighting back with his talent. Again I love the string arrangement, its sweeping and definately adds depth to the song.

Read the full review here.


Stumbled On: Common Commercial with Afrika Bambaata

Zune > Ipod.

No really.

Zune shits (no strike here) on Ipod. All day everydayyyy


Throwback: Nas - "Black Girl Lost"

Alright. For today's throwback, I am bringing it back to '96 with Nas' classic song, "Black Girl Lost". From my interpretation of it, it discusses his relationship with his baby mother. Who Jay Z slept with.


The song itself is an eloquent song with the cliche NY accents of the time drawing you into a phone conversation. Making it difficult for you to continue past that part. Moving on, the spong gets good towards the middle. Talking about problems she has wanting to go away and do what she wants. Not wanting to continue a respectable life.

That is a good throwback. Send your requests to my email.


New Music: Donny Goines - "I am Moving

Donny is a really cool guy. I am sorry people like Andrea cannot see that and will not even watch this video, but besides that, the video is alright. Nothing over the top but nothing that needs more. It is the right amount of...video. It is being shown on MTV from Nov 17 until the 28th. Cast a vote for him here.

No really. Vote for this man. If you are not going to at least watch it, just vote for the dude. Really. What he did here deserves to be on actual MTV. Support the underground artist. The one that shows up on time to perform for free.


New Music: Q Tip - Renessaince Rap

Q-Tip - "Renaissance Rap" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

Still on the grind. New Q Tip. The song is a good song with an even nicer video. You can tell that it was easily shot and easily recorded. It sucks when you are an artist without real money and your label does not really care about you.

I still ride for Q Tip though.

For the ignorant idiots that do not know that modern rap would not be the way it is without him.

Holla at me.


New Music: Skyzoo Archives #28 Never Sleep Prod By Illmind

Alright, I just finished sifting through the Iraqicity I call my email inbox. Currently I am working on my Cartel plans for opinionated bloggers. So with my terrible hits today...stay tune for that. Anyways, I was talking with Skyzoo yesterday and I asked him about the constant "Archives" that has been being sent to me and everyone else. He responded to me,
"Do not worry...it will be taken care of. Some new hot ish is coming soon"

So Sky I am waiting on you. You never fail to impress so do not start now. Moving on, the song itself is such a gritty but chill song. Illmind, as usual, kills the beat and the tuba's add a perfect offset to the chorus.

The popular line spoken by Nas is the chorus but when it is said by Skyzoo it feels so much more natural for some reason. Something about that dudes voice...

No homo?

Bah. The song itself is worth the download. Check it out. Check what Sky said underneath too.

Skyzoo - Never Sleep

At #28, this is "Never Sleep-2007", produced by illmind. This is a joint from my "Corner Store Classic" mixtape that I dropped in 2007. This was the last song I recorded for the tape, and to me was one of my faves. Illmind sent me this beat like 2 years prior, and I knew that I would use it at some point, so I held on to it for awhile. When I wass finishing up the tape, I felt like I needed one more "grind music" type of joint to really embody the concept of the tape, so I dug through the files and pulled this beat up, started writing, and 30 minutes later I was in the booth recording. I sent it to Illmind and he loved it, and then I threw it on the tape. "Corner Store Classic" was always planned to be a concept tape, aiming to be a soundtrack to the corner stores of America, and I feel like this song was a perfect fit for the story line. So, here it is; "Never Sleep-2007", produced by illmind. Holla. P.S: we're almost at the end of the archives series, so stay tuned for what's next...


Stumbled On: Joe Budden & Game Snippet - "Future"

What is with snippets or previews...of a music video now a days? Makes no sense if you ask me. Shoot, every video that has been coming out lately has some preview attached to it. Makes no sense. However, this song sounds pretty tough from the first few couple seconds then it cuts out. The real funny thing though...in the video they are in a studio and everyone is bopping to the beat...and the white dude is bopping so...off. It is hilarious.

Needless to say, no more snippets will be posted on this site.

I promise.


A Day In The Life: Show Last Night @ SOBS's

Yesterday I made the trek to Varick St. to go to the show at SOB's that All Hip Hop was sponsoring. Met up with my friends in Esso, Skyzoo, Charles Hamilton etc. The show itself was the same like every other show that I end up traveling too in the dead of the night. Funny thing about the whole thing is, I realized that is very repetitive.

I say that becasue I notcied that everyone in the Media room jocks on Charles Hamilton's manager or Skyzoo's manager (he was not in attendance, but I am proving a point.) Not only that, they act crazy on camera so they can email it to my blog or other blogs.

Some notable performances of the night was definately Torae's and Skyzoo's, Charles Hamilton on the keyboard? Believe it; Esso killed it regardless of being the last act. (I am wearing the Young and Ignorant shirt right now). Moving past that, Joell took the house down.

Under this are some videos from the night. Enjoy. Time to get on my blogging stuff. Also, my opinions cartel? It is going to happen. Whats up to LooseNeck.com



Stumbled On: Woa...That is Suspect

As we all know I peruse messageboards often. Maybe too much. This stems from a thread I found on Boxden calling out Boxdenites to post "suspect" pictures. This is a collection of what I found. Beware of what lurks under this writing. I warned you. Believe me I did.

The video at the top is about the Boondocks discussing the underlying homosexual mentality in Hip Hop. Homies over Hoes.

I want to say something before this gets started. I have no problem with Homosexuality. Frankly, I believe Hip Hop is too homophobic for its own good. You will never see T.I. doing what Justin Timberlake did.

I rest my case. Continue with this.


New Music: Skyzoo Archives #27 Peter Rosenburg Freestyle

It is not really new...more kind of new...but o well.

Before I let Skyzoo speak I think we should get my opinion. Ready? Ok lets go. Skyzoo's flow is so smooth. This is a freestlye for Peter Rosenburg...who is the only DJ that ACTIVELY plays Underground Hip Hop on that station full of fuckery known as the mainstream.

The only problem with that is I feel like the beat clashes with Sky's vocals at a point, but it fleshes out towards the end. The song is outstanding. And the beat is pretty sick too. Now Skyzoo can speak.

I love when my blog is Skyzoo'd up!

So at #27, I figured i'd do something a little different. This is a freestyle I did for Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg back in 2007. For those who don't know, Rosenberg is a DOPE radio Dj up here in NYC. He's pretty much the hope that dudes like myself, Little Brother, Torae, Black Milk, Jay Electronica, etc, have to get burn on the air (for now. Tides will be changing soon tho!). He's pretty much THE DUDE. So when he first came up to Hot 97, he hit me and asked for a freestyle. I of course said "no
problem", and then he said "just make sure its on a Dilla beat". That's when I declared that Rosenberg is THE DUDE. The thing about this freestyle though, is that its REALLY a freestyle. The concept of a freestyle is starting to become ancient, and thats corny. I grew up freestyling all day, every day, every where, and most new rappers can't say the same. So I literally walked in the booth and freestyled, start to finish, one take, off the dome. I then listened to it a few times to learn it and proceeded to do the adlibs. I sent it to Pete that afternoon and he played it that same night, and then again, and again, for the next 4 Sundays. Like I said, he's THE DUDE. So once again, this is my Peter Rosenberg Freestyle from 2007 for his Hot 97 show. Enjoy. PS: the mixtape and the album are both so close to completion its scary. I promise you, the tape (The Power Of Words) is a rewind button's wet dream, and the album (The Salvation) is everything the record store shelves ISN'T. Holla



New Music: K Sparks - "Visual Sound"

"Visual Sound is a song that tells two stories...the first story is about a friend of mine that was sexually abused when she was younger...the second story is about an individual that contracted HIV from unprotected sex...it's a concept record that serves a purpose...check it out

Seriously...this song really was one of the best songs I have heard all week. And it has been a long week. Not even saying that sarcastically. The beat is phenomenal and the message is evident. The actual newscasts in the song add a third verse that makes you go..."Ahhh".

Really...weird I know...something knew and that is not being done by anyone else. K Sparks is actually hella nice(woop woop Cali) and I am pretty happy he sent me this song. I will actually download it compared to just listening to it on ZShare.

K Sparks - "Visual Sound"


New Music: Gym Class Heroes - "Guilty As Charged"

Alright I could only watch half of this video. The song was pretty good in my opinion and the video itself...it was good.

So why...could I...only watch half of it?

Well first off because I am not drunk and the whole 70's thing is a good idea but it really just came off like a Charlie Chapman video with all the flamboyant comedy. Believe me...yea. Flamboyancy is soo the word of the day. I will try to interject that into all of my posts.

Lets get back to GCH. They are like...feel good rap. Remember that song...Cookie Jar? Yea. That was my shit. I mean maybe I might have emulated what it said....but we had different definitions about that.


Thanks to Hip Hop Etc


Stumbled On: Beyonce on SNL with Justin Timberlake

A few things I noticed about this video. No matter how homosexual Justin Timberlake is trying to be..or even trying to portray...he still will smash more girls than anyone. Yea that is the depressing part about it. No matter how well he can walk in those heels...he will still smash more girls than anyone. No matter how many kinda gay, pretty flamboyant stuff he does...he will still get more girls than need be. What does this mean?

Justin Timberlake is the reincarnation of the 14th Dalai Lama.

It was said here first. Drea and Marcella...watch this video. It is worth it..believe me. Found this on Daily Motion.


Stumbled On: Grindtime NY Battle

The Jewish guy completely rips the Asian a new one. Watch this video...it is 8 minutes but it is one of the nicest battles I have ever heard.

"I fucked your mom so good I impressed your dad"
"He jerked off with one hand and took notes with the other"

The Battle gets nicer towards the middle but trails of towards the end...hmm...let me hit up Grind Time...apparently they roll where I always am.


Its The Real: Evolution 101 with Mr West

Evolution 101 with Mr. West from jeff on Vimeo.
You know what? Its The Real gets their own tag. They were the first to put me on their blog roll and they were the first to ignore my emails about joining them. Yea...about that. Moving on. The bear is Kanye West for all my challenged people who cannot realize this on their own.

However, everything that is said is so true and so funny that...well...it made me chuckle. LL is not extint though...Exit 13 was dope. Really it was. I mean, Hip Hop DX does not think so...but I thought it was pretty sick.

No really...it was!


Stumbled On: New Joe Budden Tv...Last time I post it.

I never post Joe Budden TV. I mean it is entertaining and I do watch it everyday, but I try not to post it. Shoot, I never post it. It is nice to see him and Royce actually kicking it instead of that argument which was supposed to take place before. D12 apparently called Budden and told him to act...right.

The real funny thing abut that is...

D12 has not been relevant since 2001


New Music: Three21 & Bob0 Lucid Dreams Vol 1

The moment I signed on the Nah Right I saw cover for this mixtape...and I had to download it. Easily one of the best covers I have seen all year. It is not cliche like every other rap cover that has guns...violence...etc. It is...just so appealing to the eyes. The use of shapes is impeccable and everything about it just makes me...damn. Yea.

The tape? It is iight. Will review it after I get to the Weezy tape. Here is the tracklisting and download link at the bottom. Props to Nah Right.

01. Lucid Dreams Intro
02. The Funky Lowlives - “Inside”
03. Thievery Corporation - “Facing East”
04. Portishead - “Sour Times”
05. Kenna - “I’m Gone”
06. Radiohead - “Scatterbrain”
07. N.E.R.D. - “Bobby James Interlude”
08. Lambchop - “Up With People”
09. Madlib - “Stepping Into Tommorow”
10. Mr. Lif - “Friends & Neighbors”
11. The Roots - “Sacrifice”
12. Jay Dee - “Think Twice”
13. Vivian Green - “Ain’t Nothing But Love”
14. Res - “Ice King”
15. Dwele - “Subject”
16. Talib Kweli Feat. Bilal - “Talk To You”
17. Dzihan & Kamien - “Smile”
18. Thievery Corporation - “Lebanese Blonde”
19. N.E.R.D. - “Bobby James”
20. Gorillaz - “New Genius”
21. The Stone Roses - “Shoot You Down”
22. Smashing Pumpkins - “Set The Ray To Jerry”
23. Badly Drawn Boy - “The Shining”
24. Portishead - “Strangers”
25. Sinead O’connor - “Healing Room”
26. Lucid Dreams Outro

Download Here. (Right Click Save As)



New Music: Amanda Diva, Charles Hamilton, Skyzoo, Mickey Factz, Wale, Cory Gunz Freestyle

This is a freestlye that I normally skim through to listen to the people I want to listen too. But for some reason, it did not happen that way this time. I listened to the entire freestyle. I really like Amanda Diva. I love how she involved her rapping and singing together in one well woven verse. I was really surprised at that.

Charles Hamilton was kind of drab. It felt like he was doing it for the exposure and not so much the freestyle...he was probably paid for it.

Sky as usual went 100%. But I think that he was cut off or something because all of a sudden I was listening too-

Mickey Factz. His verse...I do not know. Maybe De Ja Vu but I think I have heard it before. That is not a good look right? Probably not. But the "I am so fly I could parachute and give God a high 5" line was epic. Epic proportions.

Wale - Bored me. Speak up please.

Cory Gunz - Did I NOT Tell you that he was the nicest of the new school? Really. Cory Gunz was the nicest of the group on the cover of XXL. Cory Gunz is one of the nicest rappers SPITTING right now. Cory Gunz is someone that I am looking forward to interviewing.


Stumbled On: The Roots Announcing Retirement

Like Shake said, The Roots live performance >>>>>. The Roots are going to be surely missed when it comes down to it. I really do think it is a good thing for them though; they are leaving to become part of the Jimmy Fallon show. They are the house band. This may be a downfall though. People who are fans of Jimmy Fallons laughing washed up ass are retards. Which means that they may gain more retard fans.

We do not want that.

But realistically, they are going to be done until the show goes bust. If it does well for them, they could probably come out with another album. I have been itching for another roots album. I really hope that they can start touring again. For now, I guess I will have to see them on TV.

Bah. Scratch that.


Cars: New Nissan 2009 370Z Photos Leaked

This will be my first and only post on cars ever. But since I have quite a few friends that drive 350z's I figured I'd take the time to point out the stupid direction that Nissan has taken the looks of the car. Coming in with a nice G37 Inspired 330 HP the 350Z is quicker than all of its predecessors. Also, the suspension was tweeked a little bit for a more aggressive stance and look. The back end is stubier and kind of remincises the BMW Z4 just a tad. (In my opinion which we all know matters more than life itself). Combined with other things, this car is ugly, but will still put at least a car and a half on your shitty Honda in a street race.

Found it over here...