Back When I Was Young - T.R.O.Y '94 Rap Contest...

The picture makes no sense...but o well.  Why not?
Everyone knows that my taste in Rap is astronomically better than the average person reading this blog. I mean we all know this. My taste in blogs (check the sidebar homeskillets!) is also something way better than your's too. But that is not something we need to pay attention to right now. On T.R.O.Y's blog they had a '94 Rap contest which had the following rules attached to it,

1)Only 10 tracks
2)Can only use an artist once
3)There must be at least one posse cut
4)There must be atleast one Soundtrack cut
5)Must have at least one song from a Death Row artist
6)Must have at least one song from a Queens rapper not named Nas

Now that I think about it...that is pretty damn hard. Here are the lists for people to download, I will post mine directly under here with no download though. Here we go.

Jacques Mix

  1. Big Daddy Kane - Show & Prove
  2. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones pt 1
  3. Flatlinerz - Flatline
  4. Shyheim - Lick a shot (if I am correct this DID come out in 94)
  5. Gravediggaz - Diary of a mad man
  6. Nate Dogg - One More Day
I could only come up with 6 at the time...o well.  Hey...Real Hip Hop Heads.. Download this.
skater 4041's mix
1) Redman - Can't Wait
2) Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean
3) Above The Law - Gangsta Madness
4) Scientifik - Lawtown
5) O.C. - Ma Dukes
6) Nas - One On One
7) Big Daddy Kane - Show & Prove
8) Organized Konfusion - Stray Bullet
9) Gang Starr - Suckas Need Bodyguards
10) Common - ThisIsMe

thomasv's mix
1. Ice Cube & Dr Dre - Natural Born Killers
2. Gravediggaz - Diary of a Madman feat. Shabazz the Disciple, and Killah Priest
3. Method Man - Mr Sandman feat. RZA, Inspectah Deck, Street Life, and Carlton Fisk
4. Craig Mack - Get Down (Q-Tip Remix) feat. Q-tip
5. Nas - One Love (One L Main Mix) feat. Sadat X
6. Crooklyn Dodgers (Masta Ace, Buckshot, and Special Ed) - Crooklyn
7. Organized Konfusion - Stress (Extra P Remix) feat. Large Professor
8. Artifacts - C'mon Wit Da Git Down (Buckwild Remix) feat. Busta Rhymes
9. Kurious - I'm Kurious
10 Justice System - Trouble on My Mind

Jaz 's mix
2-quinton-i'm not an mc
3-thug life-pour out a little liquor
4-stezo-bop ya headz
5-pmd-swing your own thing (izum remix)
6-craz-it's on
7-shorty long-shorty's doing his own thang
8-pete rock & cl smooth ft rob-o & deda-in the flesh
9-beatnuts gt gab gotcha-2-3 break
10-snoop dogg-murder was the case (remix)

vaporized's mix
1. Tweedy Bird Loc - Album Bitch
2. The Goats - Wake 'N' Bake
3. Lil' 1/2 Dead - Who Am I?
4. Pharcyde - Pandemonium
5. Flatlinerz - Flatline
6. Lady Of Rage - Afro Puffs (G-Funk Remix)
7. Champ MC - Do You Know My Style
8. Jayo Felony - Sherm Stick
9. Ras Kass, Ahmed, Saafir - Come Widdit (Fredwreck Remix)
10. Main Source - Only The Real Survive

Markshot's mix
1. Bas Blasta - Ain't Whatcha Do
2. Shyheim - One's 4 Da Money (Mad Dollaz Radio Remix)
3. Ahmad - That's How It Is
4. Cella Dwellas - Land Of The Lost
5. Redman - Winicumuhround
6. PHD - This Is For My Peeps
7. D-Moe - Hecta Feat. Playa P, Seff Tha Gaffla & San Quinn
8. Nice & Smooth - Doin Our Own Thang
9. The Beatnuts - Hellraiser
10. Lady Of Rage - Afro Puffs Feat. (Snoop Doggy Dogg)

schenectadyfan's mix
1. (00:06:21) Bustin' Melonz - 1994 (New Jersey)
2. (00:04:50) king tee - free style ghetto (ft. xzibit, mc breeze & tha liks)
3. (00:03:57) Organized Konfusion - The Extinction Agenda
4. (00:04:57) Raekwon - Heaven & Hell (Feat. Ghostface Killah & Blue Raspberry)
5. (00:03:32) B-Mad - In Da Hood [Michigan]
6. (00:03:57) sam sneed - you better recognize
7. (00:08:44) Kokane - Don't Bite The Phunk (Los Angeles]
8. (00:04:28) Willie D - Whatcha Know About That (Texas]
9. (00:05:02) Hen! - I'm A Bad Motherfucker [Atlanta]
10. (00:04:49) da basement society - straight out da basement '94 [nebraska]

Ho1ogramz's mix
01. Mercenaries - Stick Up, Stick Up (Bonus)
02. 100X - Beyond The Door (Remix)
03. Sharpshooters - Massacre (6th Sense Remix)
04. Ground Floor - One, Two (Main)
05. Kapone - Who's Blowing Up Far Rockaway Queens
06. 2Pac - Pain (feat. Stretch) <- Death Row Artist 07. Bas Blasta - The Rhythm (feat. Godfather Don, JuJu, Lord Finesse and Fat Joe) 08. Red Hot Lover Tone - The Illest 09. Saafir - Light Sleeper 10. De'1 - Uneke (prod. K-Def) http://sharebee.com/0b0e3550 
Godmc's mix
01 - beastie boys - get it together (ft. q-tip)
02 - anotha level - what's that cha say
03 - first down - see sense
04 - organized konfusion - let's organize (ft. q-tip & o.c.)
05 - e.c. illa - let it go
06 - sixtoo - posse cut (shakinawakinabreakinemup)
07 - parallax - bleeding hate
08 - mobb deep - shook ones (queens)
09 - smoked out productions - aw yeah
10 - warren g. & nate dogg - regulate

Swann's mix
1. Common Sense - I Used to Love H.E.R. (instrumental)
2. Smiff-N-Wessun - Bucktown (instrumental)
3. Group Home - Supa Dupa Star (instrumental)
4. Redman - Rockafella (Remix instrumental)
5. Gravediggaz - Diary of a Madman (instrumental)
6. Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (instrumental)
7. Method Man - Bring The Pain (instrumental)
8. Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest (instrumental)
9. Nine - Whatcha Want (instrumental)
10. Nate Dogg - One More Day


New Music: Clinton Sparks feat Clipse & Pharrel - "Still Got It For Free"

I was actually listening to "Stinky Money" the other day. I peeped this track over at 2DopeBoyz. The song itself is pretty sick and is as grimey as any other Clipse song. The lyrics are alright but the beat is bananas in my opinion. If you pay attention though...there is a little diss to Lil Smegal Wayne. Yea. I would play it again, but currently I am getting my nignorant rap fill by listening to "They Know".

Stay Tuned.



Stumbled On: Will Smith as 10 Most Facinating People On Barbra Walters

Will Smith is the man. I loved his rapping and I love his movies. People hate all the time saying that he is soft...or he is wack...or that he cannot act...but you cannot argue with results.

From what we know, the dudes relationship with his sexy wife Jada Pinkett is doing great because it is OPEN and we all know that is the ONLY way a relationship can survive...AN OPEN ONE.

Not only that, this new movie 7 Pounds will not only sell out at the Box...it will probably get him another Oscar nomination.  Now all we have to do is worry about getting his ass that actual Oscar...hmm..


Fashion: Party and Bullshit T Shirts

SO I love these T-Shirts from Leaders 1354.com. The actual shirts is the cliche shirts that have been coming out noew with the big letters and the picture, but the actual picture of the girl is just perfect. I cannot explain it. Shoot, I get like this sometimes at parties...it is not pretty.

The only sad thing about this T-Shirt is...you got to be in Chicago to buy it.



Would You Hit?: XXL Eye Candy of the Year

Since this is a Hip Hop Blog I must post the dregs of the Hip Hop Society...so I am posting XXL's Eye Candy of the Year.

Remember when Janelle Monae said all of your dreams go away when you take your clothes off? Well this girls dream JUST came true. Eye Candy of the year...you go girl.

Now, the question is...Would I? Yes. She seems smart. Shoot. I mean... Shake liked it.


Would You Hit?: Jennifer Aniston

O.K. I did not have that good of a time in my Jessica Alba thread so hopefully I will be able to reel it back in here. I really think that Jennifer Aniston is really pretty. Not even like sexy. Just...pretty. Plus, she is a billionaire. Come on...who can pass that up?



Watch this video...and let it sink in.

Let it sink in. Because eventually...something like this will be happening soon.


New Music: Drake - "Say You Will:"

I will completely real.  I am sitting in my room as we speak studying for some test while everyone in Queens heads to the bar.  Everyone is going out...and I am sitting at home.  O well.  New Drake. 

Just what we need.

This song is fantastic.  I rarely say that, but besides the fact that the beat gets repetitive after a while, the flow is outstanding.  Staying constant throughout the entire song, the flow is just one long rampant lyrical exercise.  Honestly I post Drake enough on this blog, but part of me feels like I have not been listening to him as much as I should have.

Shoot, I press skip sometimes when his songs come up on shuffle.  Not because I do not like him, but I just do not feel like listening to his songs all the time.  This is something I wont skip.  Lets continue moving on as I continue blogging, studying, and chilling.  Shoot, cafeteria is closing...


New Music: Fashawn - Sunday Morning

Blogging live from somewhere else than my crappy apartment in Manhattan. Right now I am in Queens live from my girls Keity A and Leo B's room. Currently I am just hanging out deciding whether to leave on the shuttle in 15 minutes or stay till 630...

Looks like 630.

Anyway's moving towards the song from Fashawn (who I love). He is releasing his album with Nah Right and On Smash 2DopeBoyz and Jacques Morel.com. I am working on that last one. Seriously. Moving on anyway to the review. 3 Reviews will go up tonight so do not complain. Ok?

  • The Chorus is catchy...my boy Gabe is humming it right now.
  • Fashawn is such an upbeat rapper. "Shut up and let me go" was one of these type of tracks.
  • His voice is perfect by itself. Even though he doubles at the end of his verses, it is low so it does not draw from it. Great stuff here.
  • Ok enough banter...DOWNLOAD HERE.


A Day In the Life: Donny Goines Listening Party Pictures

These are the pictures I promised yesterday. Currently I am listening to some pretty nice rhymes from Sha Stimuli. The new tape is seriously fantastic. Bah, gotta get ready soon so I can fail this French Placement test.

Yea Yea Yea.

I know I should be doing better in it. O well. I am just focusing on studying for this stupid Living Religions test. Ugh does that suck. Moving on, here are pictures from the event that I attended for all that care. In the pictures (in no specific order) is Esso, Emilio Rojas...Panama is somewhere in there. I did not get one of Donny...hmmm.


Back When I Was Young: Lost Boyz - Renee

I picked this song as the throwback because of a very good conversation I had with friends on the way back earlier. The song was playing in the background so it was properly anchored to the feeling that I got. Humans attribute certain happenings with feelings. Certain smells etc.

It is called anchoring because sub consciously you pick up on the fact that everytime you feel someway, this one sound, movement happens. So when that sound is played again, it allows you to really be into the song and brings you back to that moment.

Plus...this song is freaking classic.


Would You Hit?:Jessica Alba + New Boobs + Some drink

I ave not done a "Would You Hit" in ages so I decided to sprinkle the blog with a little of that. Is it just me, or does her third picture look really awkward? I am actually SO excited to see these things as large as they are...for now. They are working real well until they sag to all hell. That is something to truly be afraid of. Then again, I remember when she first announced he pregnancy (she looks great now...really wtf.) My boy Fred being like.... "Wtf." That was it. The most blank stare on his face as he realized that not only has every famous rapper has smashed, someone was actually having a baby with her...thus snagging her in their web. O yea...enjoy the pictures.




Seriously.  It is something I need desperately.  So please.  Comment.



Stumbled On: Ac, A Pinks, Donny Goines, Esso, Panama Freestyle

I was at the listening party (I will post pictures of it either today or tomorrow morning) and I left early.  I left early because I had homework to do.  Becuase of the fact that I left early, I missed this fantastic freestyle.  I could swear I was not really expecting it at all.  

I did not meet AC but I am on a first name basis with everyone else in the video so shouts to them..like I said before...Donny's Minutes to Midnight...is tough.


Stumbled On: How to Stop Kanye West's Arrogance

Shake posted this today and I was dying watching it. Steven Colbert who is a better Bill O'Reilly than O'Reilly himself does not love the fact that Kanye is number one. So, tomorrow, Dec 3rd at 5 PM everyone is to purchase his album on ITunes in order to surge his album to the top spot and live his lifee. ayyyayyyy ayyayy ayyaa.

No really. Do not buy his damn album. I will give 5 reasons to not do it.
  • Because I said no.  And we all know that my word reigns supreme. Shoot...look at my banner.
  • Because Kanye deserves that top spot.  I bought two of the albums.  Why?  Because it was worth it.  Do not ask why it was worth it, or did I waste my money.  No, I needed to find some way to pad his sales.
  • Because the autotuner will kill you if you buy the album.
  • Jeez...its Steven Colbert.  How many "politically" in the know-how teenagers can really make a change in the sales of his album?  
  • Refer to bullet number one.


New Music: Sha Stimuli - The Funeral

Ahh. Some Stimuli to stimulate the night. As we speak I am downloading this album on the slow connection from St Johns Manhattan. I have no idea why I am still here to begin with, however, I guess I will just end up moving on and sleeping here anyway. Shoot, it is Manhattan yanno?

Anyway, I have had the opportunity to meet Stimuli on a regular basis and I was supposed to sit down and chop it up with him but I had things to handle. I am sure the tape will be fire and if you are looking to get more in the Underground Hip Hop scene...this is your avenue right here.



New Music: Donny Goines

"What Happened" Directed by John Colombo from Donny Goines on Vimeo.

Funny thing is...I peed this video last night when I was talking to Columbo. Check the story behind it...they were not planning on shooting a video but ended up doing that anyway. They just shot the video and moved it along. This is the product of their spur of the moment genius. Yes, it is genius because the video is so good.


Donny Goines' Minutes After Midnight is fire.  Do not sleep.  You will not be dissapointed.



Music Info: Vote for Fashawn on MTVU!

I like Fashawn. Remember that "Day n Nite" remix he did to Kid Cudi's song which was 10x better than Jimmy's? Yea that was the turning point which actually made me hit him up on MySpace. Cool dude that actually hit me back up. O well.

Moving on, vote for his video on MTVU because the dude really deserves the support. One of the only people from out in Cali that I actually check up on and listen to on a regular basis. So...yea. support.

Quick blogging run as I exit class sooon.



New Music: Redman Feat Oh No - Lay You Out

Ahh. This feels right. A few thoughts about this before I supply you the download link to you fiends.

  • Redman is such a nice rapper. Feels good to here him again. Shoot, just the other day I was listening to "Rated R". You know what? That is the "Back When I was Young" of the day.
  • The beat comes from Street Fighter. People know that there is a IV one coming out right? Saw it in an arcade when I was hanging out with Laila C. Game looks fantastic.
  • Back to the song. First verse was actually damn good. I was vibing real hard to that. My dog jumped when he heard it come in. I guess that is a good sign.
  • Shake loves it, as evident by the Bonus' he attached to it.
  • I love the actual beat for it. Like it reminds me of whooping my cousins ass. The song is a "kill a nigga" type of song but taken low heartedly. I love that about Redman. I am going to travel to SI and interview this dude.
  • The chorus is...eh. Yea. Leaves something to be desired.
  • DOWNOAD HERE. props to Shake.


I really think Jay Z needs to retire. I mean the dude still has it in someways but...not every track is as hard as it used to be. I was reading 2DB today and Meka posted this song. Jay Z feating Santogold in a M.I.A esk sample. I grew traditionally more annoyed at the sample as her annoying British accent continued to ring on beat. While taking a quick glance at the comments everyone was complaining about the Jackie Robinson line...someone said it was "sick" someone said it was "lame".

I think that it was eh.

His flow did not really come hard with something that I was used to hearing 5-6 years ago. However, who is really paying attention anyway?

Back to the paper...



New Music: K Sparks - "Hard Lemonade"

I post a lot of K Sparks stuff. That is clear. Since I am currently bullshitting writing a paper, I will give bullets instead of a discourse.

  • Beats crazy. 'Nuff said.
  • Flow is on point, although I feel like his P's are being said way to hard. Seriously. Ha.
  • The first verse is just crazy.
  • It slows down at the chorus if you call it that. Sparks speaks in the middle laughing and coming off as Cocky. I will be completely real...the beat completely works for his flow.
  • Who made this beat? Someone tell me. I want to thank them for this listening in experience.
  • Stream the song HERE. Download HERE too.



New Music: Kanye West Feat Rick Ross - Heartless Remix

I find it funny that Rick Ross really was proven to be a CO. I really find that funny. Now I do not feel like finding the trackback link to that and placing it cleverly HERE, but if you scroll through my tags...click Rickity Ross. His verse is alright, but the actual beat is terribly instrumentled (is that a word?) up. You can tell it was just a constant loop of the actual part where Kanye was not spitting.

Come on Rickity. You need better producers if you are going to make a comeback. Don't let them cancel you like Chips, the Police Academy Series, and Family Matters.

On another note...I am getting tired of "Heartless". I know...It is a hurtful thing to say. It hurts me to say it...but "Heartless" is boring me. But, on the other hand, "Welcome to Heartbreak" is some heat rock (black lingo for you fools). So I will just listen to that instead.

I snagged this from Nah Right. No really I did.


Music Info: K Sparks Documentary

Do you want me to lie to you or tell you the truth? I did not watch this documentary. But, I do keep some serious tabs on K Sparks so...I will post it regardless. Yea Yea Yea. I know this goes against my values, etc etc etc.

Bah. Shut up.

Regardless...I will watch the video tomorrow probably not, I have slave work at Gamestop and when I do...expect a good share of words on it.

"Here is my documentary...this shit really took me down memory lane...shout out to the video director staff Eddie, Gino, Chris, Adam, and everyone else that made this possible...I got some great news comin soon...I'll keep ya'll posted...nuff respect"


Stumbled On: Asher Roth Messing around at USC

So since I have the next 15 minutes to myself, I will blog freely. I have worked err 36/48 hours of the past two days so I do not even want to hear complaints from you people. (btw email me @ JacquesMorel08@gmail.com). Moving on, Asher Roth is seen here...having fun. Doing something that is not seen by any other rapper trying to stay G'D up to all hell on their videos.

You know why the G'd up messageboard posters hate on him so much? Because they are afraid of him. Instead of smacking some girl or "pushing" weight, he is running away from public safety on Segways. Instead of smoking blunts, he is walking around his school. Shoot he is going to school in the first. wait...wtf? really?.

Kick rocks people. Jeez.
Thanks to Meka from 2DB

The party I just went to...was crashed. Not by the police...but by the girls parents. Ugh. I was dropping game on this one chick andalskdjflksadjfasdf.