New Music: Emilio Rojas - "Bailout Money"

So the other day I said I might be hosting the show at the Knitting Factory...to make things short, I had a blast and I was on stage talking for a little thanks to my boy Donny Goines...but to be honest it was a great show.

I am actually in this video...yea is that not cool as hell? I am in a video..from a show...that is a spoof...an and actually good spoof at that. Heh...watch the video up there...

I am CUTE AS HELL on stage


Review: I Am Thorougly Disappointed in Charles Hamilton.

Listen for your self ^^^ Download HERE

*after discussion with Jessica I took the song seriously...maybe its a joke..but I took it seriously*

OK...Here we are. *Smoke clears*...The most meaningful opinion in Hip Hop...Jacques Morel.com...reviews the Charles Hamilton Soulja Boy Diss.

I have listened to this song over 3 times by now. I am leaving this listening with a depreciated interest in Charles Hamilton. Personally, the dude is cool. Good conversation, nice talk etc. Cool manager too. But now, as a rapper, he has lost all of the "breath of fresh air" credibility that he had previously. Instead of being that person that was going to try something new and clever...he decided to use an age old theme which I proved the other day, to try and snag new listeners and be the anti hero. Sadly, with this diss, he fails to do that.

When the beat dropped, all my thoughts for a lyrical beatdown followed by some clever lines and witty comments...went right out the window. When I heard the Autotune/Vocoder, I looked at my dog with anger. When I heard him begin, I got up, used the bathroom...collected my thoughts...I came back and started it up again. No, but seriously, I was not expecting this at all. I was not expecting him to get at Soulja Boy by "discussing album sales" or Charles "having sex with various girls".

I Did not expect him to stoop to Soulja Boy's level. Apparently he did...he went under it. He got at Soulja Boy for such trivial things. Instead of proving to us that his "Sonic" thing was serious...he made it a mockery.

A few things, Charles...you have to understand that you are relatively unknown. If my mother does not know who you are, unfortunately, YOU my friend, will not sell 20k album.

A lot of kids will purchase his album.

I thought you thought that album sales weren't everything. I was banking on you not becoming the marketing tool of Interscope. You did. And you did it well.

So that is why I am disappointed in Charles Hamilton. Is this an effort to create a level playing field for both rappers? Allowing for Soulja Boy to come with some sub-par nignorant shit too?

Shaking my head. Shaking my damn head. LikkleMiss...THIS is Looseneck girl. THIS IS LOOSENECK.


Would You Hit?:#6 On Jacques' Top 10 Nicole Slkfjelkjefrer!

Excuse me for the lack of posts...work and partying took me over for the past two days. Currently I am listening to the Soulja Boy diss from Charles Hamilton...before I get into my #6 choice, I want to say...this entire beef is fucking retarded..

Anyways, my number six choice is the girl whose last name I cannot pronounce. I know, that does make me shallow, however, she truly is gorgeous. I mean before I was ragging on her for being completely fake before but I have to give her some love. As lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, she is pretty much the alpha female of her group and amongst one of them in Hollywood.

That is what I need in a woman...a girl on some "Trading Places" ish...shoot.
See the rest of the list below...

#7 - Adrianna Lima
#8 - Rosario Dawson
#9 - Hayden Panettierre
#10 - Jessica Biel



New Music: Jackie Chain feat Kid Cudi - Rollin (Remix)

One Song I could not stop raving about on the New Deal Mixtape that I gave a shitty review yesterday, has to be the "Rollin" by Jackie Chain and Kid Cudi.

I still have no idea what kind of artist to call Kid Cudi..but that is besides the point.

The song is just great to me. The beat is slow and allows you to bop slowly. If I smoked, I could see myself smoking to this song(ew...never will touch the stuff though). The song is heavily about drugs though and the chorus says, "Haven't slept in weeks" and they are still rollin. Kid Cudi talks about as if he popped a Vicodin...seeing as he cannot feel the left side of his face combined with Jackie Chains southern drawl about having "freaky sex"...

Trust me its a great song. I love it! Which therefore means...that your opinion does not matter!



Would You Hit?:#7 on Top 10 List...Adriana Lima!

For girl #7 in my list of Top 10 Women Jacques would love to be with, is Adrianna Lima. Now, before some of you people get at me for wasting my #7 draft pick on this chick...or saying that I should have placed her higher...it is because she does not look that pretty without all that damn makeup on her face.

I cannot wake up next to that.

Whereas, Hayden is natural beauty, Jessica is just hot, and Rosario oozes sex, Adrianna does not do much for me in those three categories. However, I can say that sometimes I cannot stop looking at her. Its weird. Regardless enjoy the pictures..#6 coming up tomorrow...she will be a stunner!

#8 - Rosario Dawson
#9 - Hayden Panettierre
#10 - Jessica Biel


Music Info: Masta Ace on "True Hip Hop Stories" Talking about Juice Crew

True Hip-Hop Stories: Masta Ace from D-Nice on Vimeo.

Morning cronies. Currently I cannot fall asleep because Residence Life jammed that door and they woke me up. I will deal with her later. Anyway, I bring you a video that was emailed to me by my boy . Knowing my love for Masta Ace,(I know all the words to...two of his albums. It is depressing), he understood my love for this video would be mutual.

The video is a new thing called "True Hip Hop Stories" which to be honest...sounds pretty damn cool. Seeing as most Old School cats are not pompous assholes and will actually respond to an email when you send them one. Now looking pass this, it talks about the classic Juice Crew Record, "The Symphony", which is as dope as anything you will ever listen to in your life.

That is today's "Back When I Was Young" which is just another keyword for "Throwback". Here we go!

I would LOVE to say that the actual camera part of the Masta Ace video is fantastic!


Stumbled On:Stock Ya Fridge

I am headed to sleep...however...I leave you with this. Enjoy.


Blogging Blitz 3 of 3 - Kounty Boyz - "Get Lost Money"

And finally for the last song sent to me, it is Kounty Boyz.  

I Do not like the beat to much.  It needs a little harder hitting 808.  Something that would be bumping.  Essentially that is what this is being made for...to be bumped...as hard as you possibly can...in someones trunk right?  

The actual lyrics are just...eh.  To be completely honest it leaves a lot to be desired and I feel that they are repitive relative to every other rap thing that has come out this year.  Talking about getting money etc...I was honestly expecting some crazy interesting stuff.

The flow is alright.  It is that usual Southern drawl flow with the smooth and abrupt stops.  It is something that I have grown to understand and anticipate when I listen to this music.  The chorus is catchy and I can find myself saying "Get Lost Money".  O well.  Moving on though...nothing thought provoking about this.  No clever metaphors, similes...etc.

Tell me what you think.  I thought it could have been better...but that is just me.


Blogging Blitz 2 of 3: GTC - "Grind Till I Get It"

This is the second song sent to me on my Daily Twitter Blogging Blitz.  Lets get into it.  I will do my "few things" method for this song.

  • Beat is sick.  Nothing to say about that one here.  Who produced this?  I want to give them kudos.
  • The sound quality is fantastic.  Whoever mixed it is someone that deserves that paycheck.
  • Now to the flow and lyrics.....
  • To be honest.. I am not a fan of the flow to much.  I think it probably has something to do with the "Southern" aspect that I am not really a fan of.  Combined with that, it just comes off as very fragmented.
  • It does not mesh with the beat as well as you think it could.  At times he seemed like he was off of the snare and that is a nono.
  • The lyrics are just normal lyrics.  Nothing special.  I am looking for something special.  I am looking for someone to wow me.  Sorry Sean, you are cool...but you did not wow me here.
  • I want something extremely lyrical and he could not get that for me.  
  • He talked a little too much at the end.  
  • This is a complete NY Bias...so thats just what happens? *shrugs*
But I do feel yea good sometimes.  That was funny towards the end.  

Over all it is...eh.  Give it a stream and see what you think.


New Music: Classified - "Trouble"

Everynight, or almost everynight, I will be starting something I will call the Blogging Blitz on Twitter.  The first three artists to send me their music combined with a picture and a Z Share link will get posted on this blog and I will review the song.  If you are not following me on Twitter yet...


Get with it.  

First up is Classified with the song "Trouble"

Out of the three songs, this dudes flow is the one I liked the most.  As the beat escalated, his voice did and that is the sign of a rapper than really took the time to sit there and pen the lyrics together with the beat itself.  The beat sounds a little "Soundclickish" to me with the little synthasizer piano's towards the end of it.  I can get over that...no biggy.

The Chorus itself is a sample..I do not know where the sample is from becasue my beat game is trash However, I will admit that after hearing it a third time...it was just a little repetitive for me.  However, I could see myself just randomly singing that as I curse out customers at work.

His breath control was nice, and as said before his flow was on point.  Lyrics wise...maybe I am just not paying attention right, but I had no idea where he was going with the song.  I gotta give it another listen...regardless.  Stream it here and download it here too! 

Thanks for participating Classified!



Music Info: The Charles Hamilton Soulja Boy Beef is a Fake.

The Charles Hamilton vs Soulja Boy Beef is fake.

I am not oblivious to the Internet scene.  Charles Hamilton was interviewed saying that "Soulja Boy made it harder for people like him to succeed."  Apparently, no one takes his Sonic stuff, which he takes to the heart, seriously.  Charles Hamilton says that Soulja Boy made it a joke.  Etc etc etc.

I know why Charles Hamilton, who is on Interscope, got at Soulja Boy, who is also on Interscope.  It is stupid to "diss" someone on the same label as you; especially a platinum selling rapper...who is worth more than you.  Not to be a negative Nancy, however it is true.  Soulja Boy is a business genius.  We can sit here for days and banter about how he "ruined" rap, but in the end, he has more money than the average rapper should.  

Lets get back to Charles getting at Soulja Boy...Personally, and from a sampling of a lot of other people, I am varied to Charles' sound.  I like him personally but I am not the largest fan of his music.  I listen to it sparingly and besides a few songs, its not constantly spun on my Zune.  I do not think that his sound can catch that well in other parts of the country.  However, if you can do it in New York...you can do it anywhere right?  


Look at it this way, down south, he may not be getting played on the radio (this is not concrete proof.  Do not shoot me).  Now, Soulja Boy and his cronies are frequently played on those stations.  People watching Soulja Boy's videos on YouTube...are from all around the country.  They are not mostly "Hip Hop Heads" because we, as Hip Hop Heads, do not listen to that nignorant shit.  However, the average person who likes Soulja Boy does.  

Charles dissing Soulja Boy and getting a response on Soulja Boys YouTube video...gives Charles more fans.  It allows those people who are not "Hip Hop Heads" to Google Charles.  It allows those people down South...to download the Pink Lava lamp for free.  It allows them to download Intervention.  It allows people to search through the blogs for him...because..if he dissed someone they know and love...they must know who he is right?  Look at it this way.  The video on WSHH Alone received over 600k views.  Lets say 10% of them did not know who he was...and Googled Charles Hamilton.  60k.  Now, lets say half of them liked him...that's over 30k new listeners for Charles.  So, unintentionally or intentionally, Charles just increased his listener base exponentially.  He just made waves in the Internet.  He just created his own hype. 

Another perspective is...look at it...Interscope is known for that.

Think about it.  It all makes sense.  The beef is fake people.  Drop a comment...tell me what you think.


Stumbled On: Classic Rap Covers Emulated In Legos...

More pictures here
Shake pointed this out on 2DB so I felt the need to post it also. Nothing to really say about it....just some funny as pictures on there...

Scratch that...I will say something...I hated Legos as a kid. Why? Do you want to know why? Because every time you bought one of the things...you'd lose all the pieces THE MOMENT YOU OPENED THE DAMN THING.

Believe me. I was no sped child. I was a bright little kid. But I knew enough to hate those infernal things. Its all about KNEX bro. Who feels me on this one?


Review: The New Deal Mixtape

Lets get into my review of The New Deal Mixtape featuring...well you'll figure it out when you read the mixtape.  

The tape opens with...

1. 2nd Time Around - Benzi, Wale, Brother Ali - Wale opens up with his verse.  It is known on this blog that I am not to fond of Wale, so I will not really delve into that now.  However, this verse does not enthuse me as much as I thought it would.  The "2nd time around" failed.  Ha.  Brother Ali had a pretty ill verse but it felt like his flow was off a few times...do not ask me for an exact answer that question then moved slowly into...
2. Piano Lessons - Colin Monore & Joel Ortiz - So I dislike Colin Monroe.  I made that evident when I reviewed his mixtape which said he was a "superhero".  I do not like the cheesy voice effects and the song itself feels a tad drab.  When I say drab I mean boring.  Not what I expect from Black Milk.  Joel's verse is alright....But...damn..its cold out here...I want to go..
3. Back To Miami - Izza Kizza - That was a terrible segue...Anyways at first the chorus was really annoying but then I found myself saying it to myself when the song was over.  The flow is a heavy southern type flow...with its highs and abrupt lows.  I cannot explain it without actually vocalizing what I am saying.  I will not skip this...so far the progression of the tape is moving smoother than I thought it would be...
4. We Major Freestyle - Charles Hamilton - What more can I say about a freestyle?   Ther eis really nothing to comment on.  All I can comment on is Charles actual flow.  The flow is pretty ill...the lyrics just seemed bland.  Nothing really came out and surprised me.  He has another song on here..lets look forward to that.
5. SpaceJive - Blu - Although his flow is not as nice...the lyrics here are just fantastic.  I think that his lyrics are crazy...and this whole space thing is out of this world...reminds me of Outkast's shit.
6.Pot of Gold -Wale & Daniel Merriweather - Earlier I was bopping hardcore to this...the beat is sick...Wale actually makes me want to listen to him in this song.  I do not think the dude is horrible, but he does not evoke any feeling in me...this one managed to squeeze something out of me...No homo?  Daniel Merriweather has a voice too...I am going to look out for him.
7.Cool, Relax - Kidz in The Hall &Jay Electronica - This song is actually kinda hard...the beat is dope.  The lyrics are on point...Kidz in the Hall just made a fan out of me.  Jay Electronica was already something that I was into before and nothing changes here.  All of the verses flowed perfectly with the beat and hit the highs and lows... one thing though.. How often is "as I take you on a lyrical ____" said in rap?
8.Get Fresh - Kid Sister - What? Her voice annoys me... Esso's version is way better.
9.Mad Again - South Rakkas Crew & Amanda Blank - What is this shit?
10. Paranoid Remix -Big Sean & Mr Hudson -No...what is THIS shit?
11. What A World - Common Feat Chester French - Did I tell anyone?  I dislike Commons new album...not because I dislike him...just becasue the album just not interesting.  Seems like he was going for the club aspect..or poppy aspect with this album.  Makes sense because Common is everywhere now...Jeez rap..your marketing strategies are so simple to figure out.  I like Chester French...Do not ask why...Common's verses bore me on this one.  This tape is starting to dissapoint me...why?
12. Party Works - Donnis - It is getting very hard to listen to this tape right now...This dude Donnis did not help at all either.  He sounds like a younger Flo-Rida...with less vocabulary.  
13. Get Off - Blaqstar - Some people swear by this dude.  He better not dissapoint...because I just dislike this tape completely right now.  You do not even understand.  At first it was ok..but then it just fell...Listening to this beat I feel like I am tripping on acid...
14. Rollin Remix - Jackie Chain Feat Kid Cudi - I love this song.  This is my favorite song of the entire tape...ironically I could probably sit here and just vibe to this...The flow is fantastic and fits the beat perfectly which is something that is crucial.  Who is this dude Jackie Chain?  Kid Cudi is on here too and he kills it also.  The beat is a repetitive sample but it just fits so well...like it.
15. Jockin - Donnis, Naledge, Chip the Ripper - Who names their rap names like this?  I cannot get this damn chorus out of my head.  I mean yea Soulja Boy said it..but sitll...I cannot get it out of my head.  

Hows the song?  O, forgot about that.  Usual southern dribble.

16. Hollywood - Hollywood Holt - The beat is really poppy.  I am just sitting here and just moving to it. I feel like I need to pop a pill of E to properly listen to this song.  I mean...Hollywood Holt is not only a dumb name but his bars are even stupider.  But, the beats hot. *shrugs*
17. DAF - Tittsworth Feat The Federation - Ha.  Tittsworth.  After I heard this I could no longer take this song seriously.  The beat is another poppy beat...With no lyrical substance whatsoever.  This song has its place in a club of some sort..with really ugly girls.
18. 10 Deep Freestyle - Naledge - Eh...
19 So Close - Skyzoo -Thank you...something absolutely nice from someone from New York that knows about music that could spit something ill.  Ahh.  I like this.  This is my second favorite track of the tape.
20. Lately - Daytona - I do not know who Daytona is...nor do I care...but after listening to this...I want to listen to more.  His flow is really on point and his verse is pretty damn sick...reminds me of a...damn cannot put my finger on it.
21. Brooklyn Go Hard - Jay Z, Santogold, Notorious B.I.G - I hate this girls voice.  I cannot stand the voice.  I do not understand it.  I reviewed this song already and I disliked it so I am not even being biased.  At parts the Notorious sample just did not really fit with it...I could not really see it with this song...and that "go hard" sample is just ...mind bogglingly annoying.
22. Brooklyn Girls - Charles Hamilton - Songs alright...check the video here.

So this tape over all was a rollercoaster.  It had its highs, and a lot of damn lows.  Would I download it again if I my laptop was wiped and I lost all of my porn? Yes.  I would.


New Music: RZA Feat Kool G Rap, Inspectah Deck, Suga Bang - You Already Know

This is the new song from RZA I was talking about before that I got from Shake on 2DopeBoyz...moving on...

The chorus is alrght...nothing special but I can see it getting annoying 3 months from now when I finally skip it on my Zune. However, Kool G Raps verse is alright but his flow is not something I got used to by listening to his old stuff. Look, if you want to get into Kool G Rap...just like Murs...listen to his older stuff first. Because if you start now you will not like him.

Inspectah Deck is the same way. To be honest I did not like his verse. mean I cannot expect him to constantly come with some "Triumph" stuff, but this just seems like it was thrown together. I do not know...listen for yourself.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Stream it up there^^^


New Music:Charles Hamilton - "Aint Nothng Like A Brooklyn Girl"

Here is Charles Hamilton's new video for hs song "Aint Nothing Like A Brooklyn Girl". I like the concept of this song because I am pretty fond of Brooklyn Girls. During my current tenure in the city, I have been in cohorts with a few...but lets keep that much information out of my blog because my parents read this thing.

A few things about this video...
  • First, I saw this video at his release show.
  • I got it from Jessica over @ Looseneck though.
  • The train part is pretty damn cool.  However, it seems like the girls on the train were trying to hard to be sexy is it just me or did anyone else notice that?
  • The girl with the white shirt was iight though.
  • Besides that, and the Duvalle cameo, the video was mediocre in my opinion.
  • What do you think?
  • *Kid Sister is on now...blech*


Fashion: More Leaders1354 Stuff

I have been checking up on Leaders1354's stuff alot lately and it is run by a group of really dedicated men. Aisha put me on to this and have talked about them enough so me raving about them is nothing new. Currently I need one of these boots because of the damn snow that we had on Monday.

Depicted in the picture are the Addidas boots...that are apparently not even released yet. At least that is what they said on their site. Anyways, what does this have to do with Hip Hop? Does it matter?

*Currently I just heard "Pot of Gold" by Wale & Daniel Merriweather...I liked it...I liked a Wale song...wtf?


A Day In The Life: Finals...blech

Currently I am listening to the 10 Deep Mixtape so I can review the damn thing. I also took my magazine Journalism final and I am hoping that my Journalism goes well.

I also found new RZA on 2DopeBoyz so I am hoping that sounds pretty good.

Now that I think about it..."Back To Miami" is pretty nice...the tape is going well. More updates to follow n a second.


Would You Hit?:#8 Jacques Top 10 List - Rosaro Dawson

Currently I am sitting in the main commons and I am chilling with Mike M and Jose J and they each think that Rosario is bad too. I really just think she oozes sex to be honest. That allows her to be number 8...

Number 9 - Hayden Panettiere
Number 10 - Jessica Biel


Stumbled On: New Corey Gunz *Yes!*

OK. I will admit. I am completely biased when it comes to certain artists. The fun part is...figuring out which artists they are.


In this video that Shake valiantly posted, Corey Gunz re-verses (screw remixs') Kanye's used to be dope but is annoying now single "Heartless". Combined with Corey's voice and the doubles...it just leads to a pretty nice verse.

Now I have to head to sleep...gotta pass tomorrow. Drop a comment..tell me what you think. See you in the AM!


New Music: The New Deal Mixtape

I am currently downloading this mixtape. I understand with all my heart that this will take all night . I also understand that I will end up listening to it tomorrow at 12 in the middle of not studying studying for my last final. I also understand that I have to move out of Manhattan soon. I also understand that I am not that fond of Wale. I also understand that you and 20 other people hate me for it.

I also understand that your ass should download the damn thing anyway and support the artist...reminds me of a conversation I had with my girl Dirty Souf Yankee...




New Music: Fashawn - "Turf Rap"

OK I have at least 6 minutes before I have to head to sleep to fail pass my two finals tomorrow. I have switched to upping each of my songs up to DivShare so people can stream it at the same time...which keeps them on the site. Yea...get em.

Moving on, Fashawn hits us with another track from his album entitled Higher Learning. Excited? You will be after listening to this song. First and formost, I just want to say that the beat is bananas. And that the baseline in the beat is just fantastic.

Fashawns raps are on point and his flow is almost unshakable. Pay attention to this dude! Believe me.

Now, download this thing HERE.



A Day In the Life: Hosting

I am hosting my first show tonight @ the Knitting Factory.  The flyer can be found directly under this post.  A really nice kinda nude picture of Rita G can get found by scrolling down too.  

Why did I write in big type?

Because you idiots will not pay attention unless I do something drastic.  Lil Wayne kissed a dude and look at how popular HE is.


A Day In the Life: Knitting Factory...Free show

I posted earlier that I will be heading to the Knitting Factory for a free show...this is the flyer...


A Day In the Life: Free Show @ Knitting Factory

Tonight I will be heading to the Knitting Factory to watch Emilio Rojas and Donny Goines and guests spit. They are having a free show...so please have a good time and head out tonight. This is something I am excited for and I do not get excited for many things...only showers with XX chromosomes.

They did not give me a flyer for this...well that is because it is free...but you do not see me complaining about that so you obviously shouldnt

See you there!


New Music: Peter Rosenburg DJ Premier for 2 Hours...At midnight..when all the Wayne listeners are asleep

I remember having a conversation with Matt D about Peter Rosenburg. Apparently he is the only person on the radio that can openly play underground artists and not get thrown off of the air. I like that. But besides that, that is sad that people NEED to be mainstream to get on the radio. We should start a campaign to get me on the radio playing some hardcore underground people.

Shoot...you have to play the good stuff at Midnight? Want to know why? Because all of the ignorant ass Lil Wayne listeners are asleep.

And that is real. Also...am I the only one that did not like Common's tape? I thought it was subpar at best...and for a manly ass dude like him...you have to come with some harder stuff if you are going to go bananas. Regardless I am listening to this event right now...Dj Premier for 2 hours. SO I cannot really review the damn thing...and by the time it is over I will hopefully be knee deep in Magazine Publishing books for my final tomorrow. *facesmack*
Listen to Part 1 Here.
Listen to Part 2 Here.

No props to anyone...I was emailed this link...SO KICK ROCKS PEOPLE!


Back When I was Young: T.R.O.Y Police State Compilation

Before I head to sleep, I have to post this old school Police State Compilation from the T.R.O.Y Blog. When it comes to getting some crazy old school stuff...I always hit them up first. This compilation is all songs that have to do with the Police...some good songs on there from NWA...Shyheim...Mobb Deep...and Dr Dre and Snoop.

I have most of these songs; as should you if you are a proper rap listener. This is a must download for any Hip Hop heads out there reading this blog.

Idiots...here is the track list...

N.W.A. "Fuck The Police"
Hard Knocks "A Dirty Cop Named Harry"
X-Clan "F.T.P."
The Coup "I Know You"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp "Damn Police"
Ice Cube "Ghetto Bird"
Crusaders For Real Hip Hop "Police Brutality"
Paris "Coffee, Donuts, And Death"
LL Cool J "Illegal Search"
Jay Dee "Fuck The Police"
Non-Phixion "How To Kill A Cop"
Pharcyde "Officer"
D2E Posse "Police Brutality"
Cypress Hill "Pigz"
Mobb Deep "Cop Hell" (DJ Premier Remix)
Brokin English Klik "Who's Da Gangsta?"
Prince Paul ft. Everlast "Men In Blue"
Dr. Dre Introducing Snoop Dogg "Deep Cover"
Main Source "Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball"
Strictly Roots "Duck Da Boys"
Shyheim "Jiggy Comin'"
Blahzay Blahzay "Good Cop/Bad Cop"
Brand Nubian "Black And Blue"
Jeru The Damaja "Invasion"
Herb McGruff "East And Police"
O.C. "Constables"
Blackstract "40G's And A 9"
KRS-One "Sound Of Da Police"



Would You Hit?: #9 On Jacques Top 10, Hayden Panettierre

Coming in at #9 on the Jacques All Time List is Hayden Panettierre. She is currently in Heroes which has been failing this season and she is well...hot. Enough said here. Just move on. Comment on what you think about her. Number 8 coming tomorrow night!


Review: Colin Monroe is the Unsung Hero

So I tried to find a picture an this was what came up in Google Images. 
As you can see...I posted it instead.
Lets move along with the blogging today and touch on my review of the Colin Monroe is the Unsung Hero.  Everyone has been talking about this dude, so I was interested in giving my overbearing opinion on what was good and what you should listen too.  Lets get it started
1. The Unsung Hero feat Everybody - I like the concept of the song and I give kudos to the person that took the time to mix this damn thing.  Because, that is a pretty hard effort to find all of the songs and get them on beat.  That is something.  For an intro this is different, dynamic, and drawing.  I was into it at this point.
2. Piano Lessons Feat Joell Ortiz - Joell's verse is sick and he kicks it.  Had to get that out of the way.  Whats with the pitch changes in this dude Colin's voice in all of his songs.  To be honest it is not unique...it is just annoying.
3.Will I Stay Feat Wale & Dallas Austin - Someone please explain to me the whole chipmunk thing that is going on here.  No really.  It is becoming almost frustrating to listen to this dude.  I liked Wale's verse for the first time, and Dallas Austins was O.K.  Nothing special...but then again what is special any more?
4. One More Chance Feat Mickey Factz -I feel like I am listening to a mixture of music from the Grease soundtrack mixed with some Kris Kringle.  Mickey Factz verse is...just bleh.  Nothing special and nothing ground breaking.  Monroe is getting continually dissapointing as the CD progresses.
5.As Much as You Feat Blaqstar - I like this beat.  It is a very good beat and that is what kept me listening.  At first, the verse  by Monroe is the same as all of others, but when the Chorus kicked in, it made me want to listen more.  This is my favorite track on the CD.
6. Fever - I could swear I have heard Fever before... I just cannot put my fingers on where...both of them were terrible experiances.
7. Cannonball Feat I drive a Phantom wooo-e! I actually like this song...not as much as #5 but the chants just seems so...80s?  I do not understand myself right now.  Moving past this, I the cannons going on in the background at the end of the track.  That is one of my favorite thing.
8. Who Killed Davey Moore - ...Great song...but it did not need a remix.
9. Last Cause - the beat on this is on point too.  This guy has great production, but as an R&B singer or a Kid Cudi copycat he is just failing all over the place.  Not my cup of tea.
10. Brick in the Wall - Scratch the first song.  This is my favorite track on the CD.  Besides the whole, I am good friends with Skyzzo, but it showcased his writing and rapping skills.  It goes into a cipher and continues as it progresses.  
11. Find a Hero - I like this song for what it is.  It is an actual song that has some good chanting.  The dude has a really good voice.  Lets just hope he is as nice as his voice is.
12. Break Off- I do not like the beat...sounds like something G-Unit would listen too.  Running aloning...the song is just...eh.  NOthing that rubs me or you any worse then it is supposed too.
13. Sunday Black Sunday - I take it that Colin has alot to do with flurs?  Or bullfighting?

O well.
The tape is...EH.  Is it worth the download but they was trying to go for some 808's and heartbreak and have me.  Great.


New Music: Mario - "Love Me"

I have been getting complaints that I do not post any R&B.

There is a reason for that.

I do not listen to much R&B. I am not one for change. John McCain should have won Sike. I do not want to anger all of the "cool" liberals that run the internet.

Aside from the political banter, I listened to this song from Mario. I am posting it because Ms. Not Anonymous says that I do not post enough. So here it is. The song. The beat in the song is crazy...however the lyrics are repetitve and I just feel unmoved by this. I do not think I can even roofie dance with a girl to this music. Blah.



New Music: Arthur Lewis - "Far Side of Town"

Currently I am listening to this Colin Munroe dude that everyone has been raving about. But, this dude (the one in the picture) reached out to me from Twitter (which I have discovered is the greatest invention since Milfs) and told me to check his music out. I only post what I really like, and what I really hate, and who I am friends with.

I took his word and checked it. At first I will be real...it sounded like elevator music and that is not really something that I want to listen too...but as the song went on and crescendoed I became really into it. The song progressed and told a different story...I was not even sure if it was a love song or not...I have to listen to it again.

I then played it for my snoring roommate and he loved too and asked for his website so he could check it out. He liked it too. I hope you readers like it also. I am all for new and crazy music (and this has a little R&B vibe to it).

The picture is a little creepy though.

Download it here. you WONT be dissapointed



Fashion: Leaders 1354 "Leaders Do Real Shit" Shirts

My girl Aisha told me to peep this last night but little did she know I had already peeped it. I am planning on ordering one the moment I get paid on God knows when. Anyway, since Fashion is about 30% of Hip Hop, it is something that I have to post right? The shirt is sick and features the Chicago skyline which is not as nice as the NYC skyline...nor the Nissan one and two rappers named Nick and Beans is seen in the pictures wearing it. Now I do not know who they are, nor have I even listened to their music, but since I am posting the shirt...I GUESS they deserve a plug.

Who says no homo anymore?

O well. The shirts can be ordered here...

Sounds dope eh?


Stumbled On: If you are high...do not watch this.

Try not to bug out when you are looking this. *WARNING* If you are stoned...do not look at this. I tell you right now.

Now this has nothing to do with Hip Hop but since my opinion matters more than yours...it does. Moving on, it is a moving picture that you get drawn into as you watch it.

No lie, I started to press my face to the screen as it continued to zoom in. And I am sober...the picture I posted is a print screen picture and it does no justice at all to how crazy this thing really is. Check it out HERE.

Drop a comment if you watched it.


New Music: Donny Goines Feat Tess - "Ghetto USA"

Last night I saw Donny Goines and we chatted it up a bit about blogging and what not. Today I recieved this song in my email and I promised myself to give an unbiased review of it. BTW I LISTENED TO THE CD...tape is harddd. Anyway, I want to say that this is a completely unbiased review.

I love the beat and the girls voice in the background is fantastic. But the theme is something that has been done time and time again. I do appreciate the effort though.

Moving past this, the verses themselves were alright but the beat and the chick is really what saves this song for me. Believe me I love you Donny but put me on with that girl in the background...she sounds bad as hell. Ha. Look out for the album on Dec. 16!

Download HERE

Drop a comment with your own review.


A Day In the Life: A Blast of the crap that I am doing right now

  • Currently my roommate is passed out and I am listening to Pink Lavalamp which I do not think is as nice as his other tapes.
  • I am trying to think of the #9 Girl to post my love too and get this whole thing over with. Hmm...Scarlett Johansen? I think she is #9.
  • I just went crazy on Twitter posting like a damn madman and following everyone. Follow me on TWITTER!
  • I had a conversation with my boy Manny today about branding myself...I do not know what makes me unique...but the fact that I am undeniably handsome and tall girls love me.
  • My roommate just snorted. Ha.
  • I have listened to Kid Cudi & Fashawn - "Day N Nite" over 10x just now. Why? I have no damn idea.
  • Bahhhh and Marcella is calling me right now telling me to meet her in Soho.
  • Finally, I think I received an A on my Themes of Revenge Tragedy Final...Holla At Me.
  • And this Rayman Hat > More stylish than anything you have ever worn.
  • *Edit* and my brother just beat some kid 8-4 in a wrestle-off. Get em Phillip!


New Music: Wale Feat Brother Ali - 2nd Time

So Joshua D was getting at me because I do not pay attention to Wale. yea Yea yea. I have people yelling in my ear all day telling me who I should and should not listen too. Well I choose not to listen to Wale.

This song did not change my opinion. I just feel like nothing sets him apart, but then again no one sounds different now-a-days. Its annoying that people are going to complain about how I do not support the dude. Kick rocks.

Moving on, the verse that Wale spat was mediocre. I really felt like that Brother Ali spat a better verse but it just sounded like the common cry from an underground rapper. "All you do is snap your fingers and make your records clap" blah blah blah etc.

Why is that the only thing that underground rappers complain about now-a-days? That people like Soulja Boy are taking their shine? Arghhh

Moving on, Download this here. I didn't though...hehehe. I stole this from Nah Right