A Day In The Life: Sucking it up at Gears of War

Yea...CertifiedPlayer is the most arrogant kid ever...but he backs it up. I am The Darkness...I am not too good right now..still getting used to Gears...but that is what we gotta do.

Stay tuned..more stuff going up soon!


New Music: Mista Mista - I Am A Beast

I am obsessed with twitter. Everyone understands that and knows this. However, the problem with twitter is sometimes I cannot follow my messages. But, I followed this one, and I asked for music sent to me and Mista Mista was one of the first people to answer me. That was cool. I was sent a few songs, but I picked "I am a Beast" because I felt that would be the best song to showcase his lyrical capabilities.

So...I liked his flow but I hated the opening line due to my hatred for Lil Wayne but that is just me. Lyrics wise, to be honest it just seemed like a normal pride/bringing up track. So I was not expecting too much from that lyricswise...but regardless the song is alright. Nothing special.


Would You Hit?:The Number One Girl in the top 10 is...

Before I unveil to you who is number one, take the time to go through my previous choices...
Ok. We have reached the number one female in Jacques' Celebrity life. It has been a long journey and we have traveled through all the corners of the earth to find these magnificent women. I have been working tirelessly to please you people as well as please me. I have tried to dabble in every aspect of the female...the video-ho...the musician...the actress...the starlet...the idol. I have conquered all of these genre's of estrogen and now I present you my number one girl. I present you...

Comment and tell me what you think!

Megan Fox


Stumbled On:Joe Budden TV "Bowling"

I do not normally post Joe Budden TV because I do not find much of it THAT funny. His girlfriend is very pretty though. This one I found funny because he actually came close to bowling a turkey....

But he did not...and Jacques stayed unimpressed.

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New Music: Wordsmith Feat Skyzoo, Unlearn, Donny Goines, Ra The MC - Game, Set, Point

When this beat dropped...I was expecting it to be different. Do not ask. At first I did not like beat, I eventually faded into just loving it. It had to grow on me. Skyzoo's first verse was something I have come to expect from the dude. He cannot come weak on a song for me anymore. It has to be complete fire each time. If not, then I do not even want to bother with it. He did a nice job here.

The second dude, Wordsmith, I hate his voice. I absolutely dislike it...I feel like he sounds like the average dude spitting. Voice is extremely important to rap. Rappers like Cormega and Canibus would not be as popular if it was not for their voice. Same thing like Pac & B.I.G in my opinion...Their voice was extremely important. Where other rappers like Nas had average voices but made up for it in straight lyrics. I could not attach on this song..that is not a good lok for me.

Unlearn(if I am correct) is up next. "Put my words up to the bible/ and argue who has the better verses". <---Dirty.

Donny Goines did not spit as nice as I thought he would honestly...but besides that...it was an alright verse.

Ra The Mc did not really impress me at all. He had nothing different to me...so therefore...it is whatever.

Overall the song is worth the download for the few select verses...but nothing extremely groundbreaking.


A Day In The Life: Its Good!

That IS Cl Smooth Ladies and Gentleman.  Google that legend.

I am currently rocking out to the new Coldplay album which I decided to just go out and BUY because some of you people did not send it to me! Especially on Twitter...where my tweets reign supreme.

Its great being cocky as hell for no reason..

Had some conversations with Ronin last night about my mixtape but you do not know about that yet... If everything goes according to plan...we could have something classic on our hands...I just need a name got it...and now I am about to hit up Exel for some info too.

Also, I am waiting for the snow storm to come down...I have to head to Queens too...ugh that is that bullshit.

Finally, I am about to unveil the number one on my top 10 list...I cannot wait for that.

How is my life doing? My life is great. Better than it was a few months ago for sure...people love me, I love them...and that is all we need right now. Let us get started.

Also, shout outs to my dudes Skyzoo and Donny Goines and Emilio Rojas. These rappers have honestly helped me so much it is ridiculous. And especially my boy Josh. With out him none of this would even be possible.


New Music: Set2 - "Coming Up 2009"

I was sent this song and I was a little wary of posting it because I had no idea who Set2 was or how they even sounded...but after giving it a chance...I really liked the damn thing. Yea...it sounded great. Something that was cleverly put together with a crazy flow...

The wordplay was present with the multi's, similies, and alliteration that you could only hear from pre-In My Lifetime Jay Z. If you do not know what alliteration is...I ask why you even listen to rap.


The repetition of consonant sounds...ignorant people...

The beat is annoying as hell though.  Blech.


New Music: Lil Wayne Terry Urban Mix - Viva La Vida & A Millie

Since I do no ant to be associated with Wayne..I posted a picture of Jessica Alba and her tits...be happy.

I could swear that a while back I promised that I would stop posting Lil Wayne on this blog. Well I did not lie, because I was telling the truth. I will not. However, I will post something that Terry Urban did with Coldplay and Wayne...

Yea that is the same thing as posting Lil Wayne stuff, but Coldplay is dopington (as Jessica from Looseneck would say) and Wayne is trash...so it completely offsets. Yea, that makes no sense either. The actual remix itself is pretty damn tough with the crack inspired lyrics mixed with the "Viva La Vida" sound which has become almost iconic.

Why iconic?

You hear it everywhere. 10 years from now when we are playing Guitar Hero 38...we will be playing this EXACT song. While I am hanging out with members of my Top 10 because bloggers will become as famous as rappers by then.


Stumbled On: Parody of Q-Tips "Move"

I was emailed this video..I was told it would be at least some kind of funny...instead it really was not. However, I thank the person for sending me the video. I am known for being brutally honest...so that will no change during this video. However, I will say that it still is not close to funny for me...sorry.



New Music: Classified - Trouble (Video)

I reviewed this song the otherday...where is that review...*searches own blog*

Out of the three songs, this dudes flow is the one I liked the most. As the beat escalated, his voice did and that is the sign of a rapper than really took the time to sit there and pen the lyrics together with the beat itself. The beat sounds a little "Soundclickish" to me with the little synthasizer piano's towards the end of it. I can get over that...no biggy.

The Chorus itself is a sample..I do not know where the sample is from becasue my beat game is trash However, I will admit that after hearing it a third time...it was just a little repetitive for me. However, I could see myself just randomly singing that as I curse out customers at work.

His breath control was nice, and as said before his flow was on point. Lyrics wise...maybe I am just not paying attention right, but I had no idea where he was going with the song. I gotta give it another listen...regardless. Stream it here and download it here too!

There we go!

The video is pretty damn dope too...so do not be afraid to watch it.


Would You Hit?:#2 on Jacques' Top 10 List - Rihanna!

Soo it has been a whopping 9 days since I introduced the top 10. The Top 10 of women that are more attractive than your favorite women. For today, I introduce...Rihanna. Rihanna is currently dating Chris Brown.

Now, I know that I have had some shockers on this list...and I guarantee...tomorrow's will be one. It is just what I like...

Now all Rihanna has to do is get rid of that damn forehead...shoot!

#3 - Stacy Dash
#4 - Eva Longoria
#5 - Halle Barry
#6 - Nicole Scherzinger
#7 - Adrianna Lima
#8 - Rosario Dawson
#9 - Hayden Panettierre
#10 - Jessica Biel


Back When I Was Young: Cam'Ron - "Confessions"

For today's "Back When I Was Young", it is time for Cam'ron. I twitted (shout outs to my twitter buddies) today saying that I was listening to Cam'Ron all morning...well...here is a product of that. This is before Cam'ron got all ignorant and stuff and a complete rap joke.

But, you cannot deny that he is not funny. Cam'ron is easily one of the most entertaining rappers in the industry. Cut this "he can't spit" out. His lyrics are funny and are good for laughs all around.

Shoot, I have laughed about those things many a time. And the Skits? Let me post a skit.

Come on??!

Someone tell me that you did not laugh?


New Music: Belly Feat Drake - "Girl Let Me Know"

Click the Divshare to download it.
Ironically my alchoholic boy called me today asking how much I liked Mr. Drake Drizzy I drive a Phantom!! Yay! Rogers. Ha. Ironically I do like him and his flow a lot. He just gets a little repetitive in the whole lyrics thing and that annoys me. Otherwise I listen to him all the time.

Anyway, the song itself is annoying at first...a rapper, named Belly, on the Autotune...I thought that fad was over. Moving past that though, in a club perspective...it is actually a decent song. Honestly, dude, I would dance to this in the club.

Smacking random asses and shit.

But, Drakes verse is lacking in the lyrics point... that is just me...I did not like it...what do you think?

Snatched this from OctVeryOwn


New Music:A Pinks - Held Me Down

A. Pinks - Held Me Down (Hip-Hop) from JumpStreet Presents... on Vimeo.

Currently I am listening to Drake's new song with Belly...what a weird name...ew. However, the song itself is alright..but that is not something we are even going to talk about right now. My boy A Pinks debuted his video on MTV2 yesterday...big things for this dude...that I know personally...

The video itself does not have much variety.  He is in about 2 or 3 outfits the entire time and just spitting.  Not even going to lie, I could easily become bored of it.  Not something I could watch again.  However, I liked the song itself...I had no idea his flow was like that.  I mean never slept...but damn.

This is going to be featured on his new EP with CoalMine/Jumpstreet records called...crap my email x'ed out.  Damn.


New Music: DJ Concept pt 2

So it is late, my dog threw up so I am cleaning that up..I WAS SO CLOSE to going to sleep, and you need some nice cool smooth jams to rock out to. Right? Well Dj Concept has been helping us out for a while and this is something that he is good at. Check it out..

I am going to head to sleep...and finish cleaning after this dumb dog...keep it locked tomorrow morning!



Stumbled On: Dj J Ronin, Donny Goines, Planet Asia

Lol, Ronin...who painted that for you? How you gonna let Donny clown you like that?

That was a good needed laugh...but today was a great blogging day to be honest...best in a long while



New Music: Asher Roth - The Reading


So after completely trashing Asher Roth the other day I decided to download his new song from 2Db...Now the funny thing is...the beat is amazing. Sampling Reading Rainbow at anytime is almost perfect. The beat comes in at random times with that ladys voice...brings back memories.

I have come to a conclusion after listening to Asher enough times. I have come to the conclusion that although he himself...is not meant to be taken seriously, that no matter what...I cannot take him seriously. Listening to him does not evoke any "wow's" or "omg's"...it just makes me laugh. I cannot have him talk all serious on a track...becasue frankly...it does not help me at all. I just laugh.

I thought the dude was nice, and frankly...he still is to me...but I cannot take him seriously at all...damn. The song itself is alright...nothing special. But that beat...damn.


New Music: Young Jeezy - Who Dat

Do not hate. I am only posting this video because the song is absolutely ridiculous and when my boy Johnny is drunk...he completely rocks out to it.


But, the video itself is pretty funny...the song goes hard in the car...but that beat...damn.


New Music: Mick Boogie - Adele....1988 (Mixtape)

Mick Boogie presents... Adele: 1988 from MickBoogie on Vimeo.

I am down for anything from Mick Boogie. For all those who do not know, I met the dude a while back but I completely lost contact with him. O well...nothing special I guess. I will be reviewing this tape later tonight since I do not have to open tomorrow...so stay tuneddd.

Tracklisting -

1. Chasing 1988: The Intro (f/ 6th Sense)
2. Day Dreams (nVMe Remix)
3. Tired (6th Sense Remix)
4. First Love (Remot Remix f/ Naledge)
5. My Same (Garbs Infinite Remix)
6. Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix f/ Big Pooh)
7. Cold Shoulder (Garbs Infinite Remix)
8. Right As Rain (nVMe Remix)
9. Make You Feel My Love (Remot Remix)

DOWNLOAD HERE(Right click here)


New Music: Fashawn - Freedom

New Fashawn...yea I am excited. I pressed play and then sat back in my chair for a listen was entertained with an opening chorus of Fashawn's voice being looped and scratched into an eloquent chorus.

Fashawn comes down on the song hard with hard beatdown rhymes which go with the beat so well. With every break and snare he continually buries any competition that would even test him on this song. Lyrically the song is alright due to the clicheness of the beatdown lyrics.

I cannot get over his delivery though. It is felt in every single vowel that what he says is serious. The second verse comes in slower than the first and with a more fragmented flow, but still works. Fashawn clearly displays his versatility in rhyming by spitting this verse like this.

Sadly it is a tad short...regardless...it was dope.


Would You Hit?:#3 on Jacques Top 10, Stacy Dash

Just got home from work...it sucked but o well. For now coming in at number 3 on Jacques' Top 10 is Stacy Dash. Now I first fell in love with her on the Fresh Prince of Belair and then I realized she was in clueless. Since then, it has been a love affair which is pretty much one sided.

She is 40+ and she looks like that. She also posed nude for Playboy which kept me entertained for an entire summer.

#4 - Eva Longoria
#5 - Halle Barry
#6 - Nicole Scherzinger
#7 - Adrianna Lima
#8 - Rosario Dawson
#9 - Hayden Panettierre
#10 - Jessica Biel



yea...it deserved its own topic.



Back When I Was Young: DJ Concept Mix of Oldies used as Samples..

DJ Concept sent this over to me today and I gave it a good listen. It is filled with oldies that were used as samples from such artists as Styles P, Eminem, Saigon, DJ Premier, The Lox, Reflection Eternal and more. If I smoked...this would be amazing smoking music. But since I do not mess with the ganja, I have to forward this to my many friends that do. Sit back, click the link, then surf my blog. It has a lasting effect!!

Shout outs to all my buddies on twitter also.


Stumbled On: Asher Roth And Kid Cudi Freestyling

Ok. Before I get into my patented "few things" technique...I want to say this first.

I do not know neither Asher Roth nor Kid Cudi. All of my reviews are on a strictly business state of mind.

  • Ok.
  • Both freestyles are wack.  Like really really really bad.
  • Cudi was not even on beat...and he was not even rapping to a beat.  
  • I found it hard to pay attention throughout the entire thing.
  • About 3 minutes into the video...I found myself wondering why I was even listening to it to behin with.
  •  I found this on Jessica's page.  She is biased and said only Asher's freestlye was wack.  Correction Jessica...
  • They are both wack at freestyling.
  • But, Asher is a great listen musicwise...not freestyling.
  • Kid Cudi...he is cool to me.  But is he a rapper or a singer?  Someone explain this.


Would You Hit?:Honorable Mentions

If You have been paying attention to my blog lately, you understand that I have been having a Top 10 for the women that I like a little too much. Here are the honorable mentions that were not attractive enough to make it on the list...comment away people!

Elisha Cuthbert, not only can I remember the movies she is in...but sometimes I forget the girls name.  However, when someone brought her up...she had to be up there.
Scarrleetttttt.  Ugh.
Eva Mendes looks like a complete sexual freak to me.  Someone prove me wrong and I find out she is a complete prude.
I found this picture randomly...and it has been impressed in my head since then.
She is Brazilian...any more words needed?  I thought so.
She is getting a little older, but dude...it gets riper with age.
I needed a little Asian love here...come on!
So what if Disney owns her contract and she cannot breath without Disney knowing...She can chill with me when ever she wants.  She has to shave though...


New Music:Sene - "Babies Need Daddies" Prod by Blu

So I was really into "Spacejive" by Blu on the The New Deal mixtape so when I peeped this over at 2DB I decided to post the thing.

I have no idea who Sene is...but I do not like him. Yea...I know call me a hater for not liking something that everyone else SHOULD like..but his flow is off...the chorus is absolutely terrible, and the beat is fragmented, eclectic, and the song is way to short.

Yea Yea Yea the song/freestyle/poop was trash. Call me a hater.


New Music:Skyzoo Feat Sha Stimuli & Sav Killz - BK Renaissance


Coming into this song, I love the beat...it is very calm and quiet and completely fits my mood. This allows me to give it a better review. Ha. Sha Stimuli is one of my favorite rappers out currently. He spits an eloquent story which is clearly worded with some clever simile's and multi's to get his point across. It eventually climaxes at the end and leads the listener into the chorus itself which is many artists talking about Brooklyn.

Skyzoo is another artist I like a lot, and I am very excited to listen to listen to this. The actual verse is very lyrical and pretty dope. The Resperiator Pen line was pretty damn nice.

However, the nicest verse on this song is Sav Killz. I have been sleeping on this dude and now I am going to wake up. The flow is nice and it gets simple towards the middle but picks back up at the end. I liked his wordplay and I loved his flow. It was a pleasure to listen too...

So the trophy goes to...Sav Killz!

Look out for the mixtape dropping next Tuesday.


New Music: Fresh Daily, Mickey Factz, Naledge - Stop What Ya Doin


Shout outs to J Ronin for this song...new mixtape drops next Tuesday. Moving on...lets get with the review..with my patented "few things" technique...

  • To be real, I am not a fan of the beat.  Not that there is anything wrong with it...I just do not like it.
  • The first rapper, Fresh Daily, is seemed as if he was rushing his bars.  His flow was not as smooth to my liking (which is truly hard to please) and it was not easily something that I would rather sit through again.
  • Not to be a complete ass, his wordplay was there and there obviously was something behind the lyrics...
  • I like the scratching in the chorus.
  • Mickey Factz verse...I have heard it before.  At the B.A.R.S Show that Donny hosted a month back.  This was his freestyle...I could swear it was.  It was only the beginning that I had heard used before, but the final "millionaire" line was good.  
  • Not a good look to reuse lines though...but that is something else.
  • I like Naledge.  I like the play on his name.  His verse was probably the best on an overall mediocre track.  However, towards the end I just started to sway away from his rapping.  
    And if I hear Dr Kourvorkian(sp?) on one more track...shoot.


New Music - Jet Audio Feat Daytona - Lose Your Mind

Just got back into the home base of operations. The Day The Earth Stood Still was absoulutly retarded and Keanu Reeves needs to be shot. Big things about to happen also...Shout outs to DJ J Ronin I see you...

To get started on the next 6 posts/reviews I have, I start with a track I found over at Eskay's palace. Daytona, who I gave a good review on the The New Deal, has another track. Coming into the track, it makes me feel good just to listen to the beat. With the slight singing in the background it challenges the ear to choose the correct sound to listen too. Sitting on the song makes one feel drawn to just restart it.

Essentially the beat made me lose my mind. With the piano's and the fantastic drumkit... it was good. Jet.Audio and Daytona's rapping was fragmented but fit with the beat very well. Nothing spectacular in the lyrics though...and I had trouble finding the true subject of the song itself. However, it picked it self back up and it will not be skipped in my rotation for my Zune.



Would You Hit?:#4 On the List - Eva Longoria

Coming in at #4 on my top 10 list is...

Eva Longoria.

After I first saw her on Desperate Housewives during dinner at age 14...it has been love since then. This women is downright beautiful in every way. Combined with the fact that she is about 35, it just makes her better to me.

There is nothing like an older woman. I will tell you that. Also, knowing that she was not to attractive as a kid makes me like her more. Because it shows that she truly is a swan...something that gets better with time.

^^^That was entirely to poetic...o well. Lets move on pass that. See the rest of my dolls-

#5 - Halle Barry
#6 - Nicole Scherzinger
#7 - Adrianna Lima
#8 - Rosario Dawson
#9 - Hayden Panettierre
#10 - Jessica Biel