New Mixtape: Hollyweerd - "Electric Showroom"

Yesterday I was raving about Hollyweerd and their unique sound. That has not really changed in the past 24 hours, but I just found their mixtape on 2DopeBoyz. I became so excited. Currently I am rocking out to it, so expect an extremely biased review later tonight.

I like...
Tracklist and Download link @ the hop.

the fact that some people have the balls to legitimately do whatever they want on the mic. Without trying to be someone else on the mic and making challenging tunes for the ear to understand. It sort of requires you to acquire a taste for the music itself. That is the same thing I feel with Likkle Li when I listen to her stuff.

Here is the tracklist and download link.

Jimi’s Intro/ Violet 2:52 (Beat by 14KT)
Ridin Wit My Homiez / Miles Davis’ Lament 1:36
Triple Chrome Undipped/ Hold Up Zelda 3:46 (Beat by Michna / Produced by Devon )
3000’s Lesson / Step in Tomorrow 2:13 (Beat by Madlib)
Black Friday Interlude / Cut the Check 5:40
Eye of the Eagle Interlude 1:23
Wine & Dine / Love Handle 1:37 (Beat by Obsidian Blue/ Beat by 14KT)
Black Dynamite / All in Your Smile 3:39 (Produced by 9th Wonder)
The Date Interlude / Crazy Girls feat. Yelawolf 3:10
Dilla Phone Call 0:55
Bust it Open / Fist Foot Interlude 3:06
The Arrival / A&T 4:13 (Produced by Jay Jay the Kid/ Produced by TheMattSmith)
U Scared Shawty 2:29
Jimi’s Lament / Til Death 1:24 (Produced by Mr DJ)
Miles Again/ Day N Nite (Wiimix) 3:36
Pinexpress / Spend the Night pt.2 4:30
Mandatory Mandate 5:13
I’m Soul / First Class 2:51 (Produced by Amdex / Produced by Madlib)
Shawty Too Hot/ Wizlude 2:22
Carnivale Et Stag 2:11 (Composed by Jon Brion)
Member’s Only Remix / Sleep Tight 3:51 (Produced by Aeon/ Produced by Devon)
Jimi Again / Electric Feel 4:32
Kodack 1:26 (Composed by Jon Brion)



Stumbled On: A Pinks on "Spit Your Game"

A. Pinks - Spit Ya Game from JumpStreet Presents... on Vimeo.

A Pinks was kind enough to shoot me this email this morning. Due to extenuating circumstances, I was not able to post it. However, I am very excited to see A Pinks, who is a cool dude, on BET. Their new sorry excuse for a video show show that I have not watched at all. I honestly do not even REMEMBER the last time I watched BET. Hmmm...



New Mixtape: Bun B - Sourthern Royalty

Bun B is easily Top 10 alive from and Top 3 from the South (under OutKast and Scarface of course). I am tired of arguing my clearly more valid opinion. Regardless of that, I was on IllRoots just now and I peeped this mixtape and I instantly downloaded it.

No questions asked.

ZShare always treats me well. Looking over the tracklist, I am very excited for this tape...

Tracklist and Download a the jump!

This will clear the terrible taste that Stat Quo's tape left in my mouth and ears. What is with the terrible mixtapes coming out now-a-days? Jacques Morel might have to save it. But you do not know about that yet.



Stumbled On: The Complex Guide to Cheating!

These are for much older people, however, it still reigns true when cheating on significant others. This further strengthens my idea for open relationships! Shoot. Last post before the father's wake. Should be entertaining in the least bit.

More pictures at the hop.

Spotted this over at ThankGodI'mFamous


New Music: Print, Mickey Factz, Homeboy Sandman, $trictly Busine$$, Outasight, 6th Sense, Oddisee, Von Pea & Fresh Daily - "Super Friends"

This song is just way to long. The moment I saw the tracklist in my email I became a tad scared. I was not ready to actually sit there and listen to the whole thing.

So... lo and be hold....

More information and download at the jump!

I did not listen to all of it. I did, but I did not. I was dressing up and what not. It was just playing and I was not paying pints of attention. What can you do? I do know that Mickey Factz spat some heat, and Homeboy Sandman and others killed the song.

It is a nice posse cut. The beat itself is dope,but I have a real gripe with the name. SuperFriends is a DC name and they all gave themselves Marvel characters.

That is some serious ignorance on their part. O well...here is the breakdown of the actual comic book list from Shake.

Mickey Factz (Silver Surfer)
Fresh Daily (Spider-Man)
$trictly Busine$$ (Wolverine)
6th Sense (The Thing)
Oddisee (Archangel)
Outasight (Gambit)
Homeboy Sandman (The Sandman)
Von Pea (Plastic Man)
8thW1 (The Beast)


New Music: Holly Weerd - "Electric Feel"

I like to say that I have a very pure NY driven taste in Hip Hop. When it comes to songs, I like heavy lyrics and smooth flows and a gritty beat. Every now and then I hear something that really tickles the drums that catch sound and I get excited about something. That is exactly how I felt when I listened to Holly Weerd's song that Shake posted. It...
Listen to the track and download at the bounce!

really was something that was different, did not feature nice lyrics, and had an upbeat beat that I liked.  Sort of like the Hollywood Holt song that was on the New Deal Tape.  "Electric Feel" has flutes and a sick drum sample that really captures the ears.  Sort of entrancing in the way it runs.

The actual singing/rapping itself is something that any music enthusiast would enjoy  It really allows for someone to become enthralled while carrying on with other activities.  It is not something that you need to be really involved in to enjoy. 

It is a great dance track in an era where "dance" tracks are not to popular anymore.  I can really see a sick two step with this.  Now I am excited for the entire tape. 
Jimi’s Intro/ Violet 2:52 (Beat by 14KT)
Ridin Wit My Homiez / Miles Davis’ Lament 1:36
Triple Chrome Undipped/ Hold Up Zelda 3:46 (Beat by Michna / Produced by Devon )
3000’s Lesson / Step in Tomorrow 2:13 (Beat by Madlib)
Black Friday Interlude / Cut the Check 5:40
Eye of the Eagle Interlude 1:23
Wine & Dine / Love Handle 1:37 (Beat by Obsidian Blue/ Beat by 14KT)
Black Dynamite / All in Your Smile 3:39 (Produced by 9th Wonder)
The Date Interlude / Crazy Girls feat. Yelawolf 3:10
Dilla Phone Call 0:55
Bust it Open / Fist Foot Interlude 3:06
The Arrival / A&T 4:13 (Produced by Jay Jay the Kid/ Produced by TheMattSmith)
U Scared Shawty 2:29
Jimi’s Lament / Til Death 1:24 (Produced by Mr DJ)
Miles Again/ Day N Nite (Wiimix) 3:36
Pinexpress / Spend the Night pt.2 4:30
Mandatory Mandate 5:13
I’m Soul / First Class 2:51 (Produced by Amdex / Produced by Madlib)
Shawty Too Hot/ Wizlude 2:22
Carnivale Et Stag 2:11 (Composed by Jon Brion)
Member’s Only Remix / Sleep Tight 3:51 (Produced by Aeon/ Produced by Devon)
Jimi Again / Electric Feel 4:32
Kodack 1:26 (Composed by Jon Brion)


Review: Stat Quo - Quo City

I am not an avid listener of Stat Quo. However, I do know enough to understand that he was a lot nicer a few years back, and a just like my boy @Bodyguard said, "Stat seems like he is doing anything to get on, but nothing real well...Atl rapper, signed to West Coast." I first downloaded the tape from Nah Right my inbox rejects bad rappers and bad music. The tape opens with Stat Quo talking over an intro...which, to be frank, I barely listened too. It continued onto his song "Quo City" which left something to be desired. The...

beat itself was nice featuring looping trumpets and a nice drum sample. This was one of the high points of the tape.

The tape continues to fall throughout the next few songs. I honestly felt like something was missing. His flow was off, and it just seemed like he was doing it to get it out. Nothing was different about the tape, and it easily settled into a cycle of mediocrity that it struggled to rise out of.

The tape had another high point at "Deliver Me" but that was mostly due to the exceptional production by LyR1ckz. However that was the last time I really felt good listening to Stat Quo's lackluster performance.

It is not worth the download. Pass up on this.


Would You Hit?: Sayaka Ando

I am deciding to travel around the world for new women to post on my legendary "Would You Hit?" section. Now, I already know how my taste eclipses most other men, however, I just need to find out for myself if my taste can expand to other genres of women. I will be the first to admit that I rarely post Asian women on the list. So, I decided to take a look through flikr and I found Miss Ando. Pretty?


More pictures at the hop!



Interview: HustleGrl

Recently I have decided to start hitting up more people and getting them on this blogsite.  I only hit up people who deserve to be here and are unique to their craft in someway.   The same way I am the best urban blogger in the game makes me unique, each individual person makes them unique.  

The one I am interviewed is a graphic designer who runs with the likes of Drake and other big people in the new "T-Dot" rap movement.  Pay attention.  I sure did.

O yea, I really want that damn Lil Wayne shirt...
Explain your blog and what do you do?
My blog is basically and one-stop-shop to showcase what I do, what I like, my city: Toronto and who I'm affiliated with. I'm a graphic designer and I love what I do. It has opened so many avenues for me. On the side I do a bit of marketing, promotions, artist development and branding. I find it easier for people to connect with me while I blog. It's open, it's out there and anyone can read it. I know that there's Facebook & MySpace for that, but it's a bit limited.

You corrected me before saying that you are a graphic designer...are you affiliated with anyone?
Anyone as in, artists? The only major artist that I'm affiliated with is Drake his whole ATF/OVO crew. He's actually a friend of mines and is from Toronto as well. I also run/manage his fansite over at www.allthings-fresh.net. Look out for him in 2009. He's bound to blow!

Continue the interview at the hop!

What is the largest project you have done so far?
Hmmm, biggest project? I'd say it was when I was in charge of branding FCUK for a fashion show they had in October 2007 in Toronto. I had so much fun and the show was great. I was 15 years old at the time.

Do you make Clothes often?
Somewhat yeah. I love making custom items for myself. That's another way that I brand myself and that's by having everything that I own custom & purple. Purple is my favourite colour by the way if you havent noticed yet, lol. :] Recently I made these "Best Rapper Alive" T-Shirts for the I Am Music Tour. People were telling me: "Lil Wayne isn't the best rapper alive, he's not the best rapper ever. I can't believe you're co-signing him!" Blah blah blah Ray tay tay yaddi yaddi yadda.. WELL, I made these shirts from a marketing point of view. All the Lil Wayne fans are all going to the I Am Music Tour... Why not make a t-shirt based on him, sell them and make some money$? So many fans hit me up for some shirts and the response has been great from the fans. People respect my hustle and I'm just doing me.

Currently you are the 16 year old that I keep hearing about...what is in store for the 17 year old?

Great Question. Well, when I turn 17, I'll have 1 more year of highschool left. So I'll be a senior... I wanna get a car when I turn 17. That's something I will be investing in. I currently have my driver's license but I can only drive with an adult. Next year I'll be able to get my full license where I can go on the road on my own. When it comes to work, I don't really have anything planned. As of right now, it's really on some "everything goes" type of vibe. If I get a big deal with a potential client, then I'll go for it. I'm really excited for the new year. I know there will be a lot of surprises and opportunities.

Why did you start doing this?
I started doing this honestly because art has always been my thing. I really started when I was 10 and elevated since. A couple of years later I started to charge people and then I seen there was potential in this. Here I am today making money like no other 16 year old I know and I'm lovin' it! hehe. Money is a motivation !

Why the name Hustle Girl?
It's actually hustleGRL not Hustle Girl, lol. It's pretty self-explanatory. I'm a girl, that loves to hustle and have many hustles. Therefore I'm like the modern day industry wonderWOMAN aka hustleGRL. Hahahha

Anddd will you make a special, "Lil Wayne Is The Worst Rapper Alive" and a "Fuckery Fuckery Fuckery" shirt for me? Please?

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, no? Lol, I'm joking. If the money's right, I'm dizzown! :)


New Video: Kanye West - "Streetlights"

Kanye West - Street Lights (Fan-Made Music Video) Flipboitamidles from Benedict Tamidles on Vimeo.

Eskay posted this and I needed to get this posted. I upped another fan made version of this and this one trumps that one. Although I do understand the fact that the last video was done and not as put together as this one, you still have to throw them in the same category. When that is done, this video just triumphs in everyway. I do not know who put it together, I do not know why Penn State is losing, and I do not know why Kanye has not dropped a real video for this yet, but it is still worth the watch.

Wtf @ the fumble. Ugh Penb!


New Music:Bekay & Skillz - 2008 Rap Up

2008 is over and the Rap-Ups are here. In this post, instead of separating the two songs from Bekay and Skillz, I am going to compare the two. Eventually me and Syfy will mash them up and drop some fire. First up is Skillz Version because that seems to be the most popular one however Bekay has been doing it for a longer time. Skillz version...

Download link and full review at the hop!

Skillz version was a lot nicer than the years before. It was more laid back and something that fits a mood. It is full of witty lines from Skillz that evoke some laughter. For instance,

"[Kanye West's Album] Should have been called 808's and no high notes"
"The Commercials were wack as hell, and it sucks for Marion Jones who had to watch from her cell"
"Wrestling became faker than ever. I mean who is going to believe that Big show couldn't beat Mayweather?"

The song moved cleverly along and touched on all of Hip Hops bigger moments. It was nice. It is worth the download.

Now, Bekay's version? Bekay's version is wittier, a tad funnier, and just more "in your face". It is not a laidback track and is something that needs to be played in a hype mood. The one problem I had was that it seemed like he rushed his lines just a little.

But the beat switched up every few lines and this showed his versatility. It showed how he could really switch up his flow with each beat. That is difficult to do. Some lines that were hot were...
"The Asian Team was so young R Kelly said he wouldn't piss on 'em"
"My team stay guzzlin beer/ Call Sarah Palin up,"Bitch I can see Russia from here!"
"Asher Roth is a fucking dork"
"Everyone visited Two Girls One Cup.com"

Which one is better?

Bekays. They were both dope in their own way though.


Review: Terry Urban - "How My Mind Works"

Terry Urban and Mick Boogie are probably some of the most talented Dj's in the game right now. Their knowledge of music is something that can only be realized through constant listens of everything they put out. I had the chance to meet Mr Boogie in person and he was a great guy. That was pretty good. Now, this tape dropped last night when I was sitting in my basement blogging. After 3(yes 3)...solid listens of the tape, I have to say that it is a treat to the drums in my ears. It is one solid, cohesive, block of music.

With no sudden breaks, and the lack of interludes to kill the mood, Terry Urban manages to take the listener on a ride through new songs mixed with samples and classic voices. While also giving a shout to the likes of Bon Jovi in "Wanted Sho 'Nuff" and Metallica in "Dougie Batteries", it allows every fan of every genre to listen and enjoy.

The tape also gives a tribute to Old Dirty while placing his rhymes over a Megaman beat. Yes, Megaman. Now, that may sound difficult to stomach, but it is blended perfectly and to be frank, you do not even notice. That is how I felt throughout the entire listening of this tape. I felt as if I was in a car, zoning out, and Terry Urban was driving. Where ever he turned, I was into it no matter the genre. I mean, Terry actually made me enjoy the Maino song...AND LISTENING TO LIL WAYNE.

This tape is worth the download AND the CD Burn. I give it a 9/10. A great way to end the year.



New Music: Lykkle Li - "Little Bit"

Little Bit

I am now a writer for NerdLike.com so be sure to check me out down there also. As I was cruising my new home away from home I saw this video from a song that I was interested in a few days back. The song was the remix with Drake and Mickey Factz, but I have the original version here...that you are currently watching. The song itself is abstract enough to be nice, but I feel it will get annoying as hell in a few listens.

But if you are a music enthusiast you should live it regardless.

Here is what Jazzy said about it...

The Remainder of Your Post Goes Here

Swedish born Lykke Li was born into an artistic family, her mother was a photographer, father a musician. After growing up all over the world, she landed in New York at 19. Earlier this year, she released her first album, Youth Novels, and it was a hit among music enthusiasts. Something about this chick reminds me of Feist, but I haven’t quite put my finger on it. Regardless, she’s dope. Check out the video for “Little Bit” and if you’re so inclined, pick up the rest of the album while your at it.


Would You Hit?: Shakira

I was looking for another female celeb site, and I found these pictures of Shakira. To be honest, I feel like I forgot about Shakira in my Top 10 list. I forgot a lot of women now that I think of it. I mean I cannot take any of that back, but what can ya do? The list was flawless as it was, and no matter how many of you people say Rosario Dawson is buns, she is gorgeous and deserves that position in everyway.

More pictures at the hop!


New Music: Termanology - If Heaven Was A Mile Away

This the new mixtape from Termanlogy honoring J Dilla. I liked J Dilla, but, I did not LOVE him. However, I do see his effect on Hip Hop as being something great. Something that needs to be included during every discussion of Hip Hop.

Shoot I am tearing up.

Tracklisting and Download at the hop!

What I will say is, the cover art is seriously lacking. They need something like my ArtBoy Cali...who created my wonderful banner.



New Music: Terry Urban - How My Brain Works

Happy New Year people. I hope everything is well. I do not expect many people to be online reading this right now, but whoever is online and reading, Happy New Years. This is a tape that I peeped over at Ill Roots
. Excited? I am.
Download and tracklist at the hop(aka jump)!

A thing I noticed about Mr Urban and Mr Boogie...these dudes push out tapes like there is no tomorrow. Instead of coming out with one a month, they come out with 3-4 a month. However, each tape is so different and groundbreaking in its own way that it does not get old. That is something that we do not see from the common Lil Wayne idiots that populate the Hip Hop game. Bah. Nothing I was in the mod for bantering about. Happy downloading!


Stumbled On: Jay Z Bitching @ Kanye For Beats

For some reason I was rewatching Dipset The Movie on YouTube. It probably has to do with the fact that I am home on New Years Day. However, due to my fathers recent passing (this is the one and only time I will say this on this blog), I am staying home.

I love you Dad.

Anyway, I managed to find my way to the website they were on and I noticed this was a new video they uploaded. The video was not that funny but I could not help crying when Jadakiss' point came on. It was just damn funny. Then when I rewatched it, I realized the whole video was actually worth the 2:34 time limit.

Since when do I enjoy stuff anyway?

Before ItsTheReal, this was my source for Hip Hop Comedy.



New Music:Emilio Rojas - "Sounds So Good"

I cannot get over how nice this song is. Now I know that I am glad to have an exclusive song on the mixtape but you do not know about that yet. This dude rips tracks and just any beat thrown to him. If we were even going to go on a "swagger" thing that gay ass shit Emilio has it. The beat on this song is a tad erie and nothing special, but his lyrics just make the song something great. This will not be passed on in the Zune. That I will tell you for sure.

I mean shoot..."What it sound like?"

Emilio had the hottest verse in the Digiwaxx freestyle too.


New Music: Eminem - "Crack A Bottle"

New Eminem. Thanks to XclusivesZone who does not even blog. He just posts songs. Real exciting right? Anyway, I do not like "chill make a fun song" Eminem. I'd rather listen to "kill his wife" Eminem. Or "Eminem shitting on Jay Z on his own song" Eminem.. Anyway, new song from him. Listening to it, I think he is doing different alter egos and what not. Not to exciting. Regardless it was a good listen. Not as nice as this Emilio I am about to drop....hmmm


New Music: Asher Roth -"When I Was Crowned"

This track is on the DJ Wreckineyez tap3 (see my play on words there? All Puns Intended!). Apparently it was an exclusive but then I decided to take it upon myself to upload it as something that is new. So shut it up. Eventually the non tags version will come out and then I will post that one too.

Surprisingly...the song is O.K. It is not fantastic...but I do not get tired of it listening through it. Asher does his usual laid back non-serious rapping which he is known for. Although the dude cannot freestyle, he can sure make a decent song. The dude is not meant to be taken seriously...so if you hate him...try not taking it seriously then you will like it a lot more.

This was easily one of the best songs on the entire tape which has entirely to many songs. 36! However, they are all about 2 minutes each...o well. What do you think?


New Music: Wordsmith - The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap Mixtape

I am talking to my cousin and he told me to download this mixtape. Ironically I was on HippityHoppityDXity earlier and I downloaded it already. So my cousin can kick rocks.

Featuring the likes of Donny Goines, RaTheMC, Unlearn amongst others, Wordsmith has managed to create a plethora of good sounds and enjoyable listens. I am rocking out to this right now..and you should be too.

But, I just remembered (as the songs went on) that I was not to much of a fan of WordSmith...ouch.

No really. This is my opinion. This opinion is grand. This opinion matters more than yours.

All Puns Intended


New Music: Travis McCoy - "Lets Get It On"

Travis McCoy signed to Nappy Boy Records the other day. I do not understand. I know what career suicide means and this is a clear ass example of that. I, for one, do not think that Travis is that nice of a rapper.

Shoot me.

I think that he is just different and has a different sound which entrances listeners of Hip Hop and Alternative alike.

Otherwise he does not really have much wordplay, multi's etc. So nothing really turns me on to listening to him. So I will say that I am not excited for his mixtape.

Anyway, moving past that, the song itself is O.K. Beat is tough though..who produced it? Does anyone know?


Stumbled On: If Heaven Was Only A Mile Away.

I liked J Dilla, but I was not involved in the craze after his unfortunate passing. Termanology is doing something for him and that is dope. Then again, it looks like everyone is going to be on this album, which is free and downloadable tomorrow.

O yes,

Happy New Year!


New Video: Statik Selektah Feat Bun B and Cory Mo

Do you know that I had to argue with people to say that Bun B was a legend? I had to really argue with people to prove that. I mean that does show the complete ignorance in some idiots now a days, but that was one of my shining Rap Moments. Anyway, I met Statik Selektah at a show a few weeks ago. Great guy to talk too. Anyway moving on, I have to review this song.

Beat is alright nothing TOO special, but Bun B's verse is just classic. If you do not consider UGK Legends something is wrong with you. I do not know who Cory Mo is and I did not recognize him...that is because I am not trill enough lol. I think Eskay Liked it...that is who I took it from anyway.



New Music: KON- "The Gift"

I was raving about this kid in the Silent Knight post. His card is sitting in my car actually. Dude is dope. In this song, I was feeling the first two verses lyricswise, but subject wise I felt it was just blah. Nothing against it...just was not a subject I liked so much.

The third verse I was not too excited about. It was...just...ok. I mean it is something that I would have to move past when listening to this on my Zune. But I felt what he was talking about when he did not want to rap anymore. People had to force him.

I am glad they forced him.

He makes GREAT music.


New Music: Termanology ft. Sheek Louch, Joell Ortiz, Bun B, Saigon & Freeway - "Say It"

The song is completely bodied by everyone on this track. I just did not see how it was a tribute to J Dilla with everyone rapping about how people lie in their rhymes. Like Eskay said, Bun B's verse was particular because of the Nah Right referance.

To be honest, the song seemed more like a Posse Cut with fire artists on it. All spitting fire verses. So a few things...

  • Bun B had the hottest verse with Termanlogy being a CLOSE second.
  • My cousin was even bopping to this, then told me to rush and post it so he can download.
  • Joell Ortiz rapping about a blade fight made me laugh.  Like a lot.
  • It is worth the download and surely will NOT be skipped.


Stumbled On: A.Pinks, Emilio Rojas, Che Grand, Donny Goines, Gata, David Rush, Goods and Murda Mook Freestyle for DigiiWaxx

I have to get down with a group of some sorts...like Digiiwaxx or something
Let me say it first. Emilio Rojas had the nicest verse period. So yea, I know the guy on a personal level and I am getting some exclusive stuff from him...blah di blah blah blah. He did have the nicest verse on the first video. Shouts to Apinks though. He is my dude.

Donny Goines is as nice a rapper as a person. <---Does that make sense? Regardless, I have been in close contact with him. Check the interview he did for me yesterday. The one thing I liked a lot about Donny's freestyle was that it was actually...a..freestyle. Groundbreaking is it not? Gata was alright nothing surprising but I rocked with it none the less.

David Rush..was dope. I replayed his verse. Not even going to lie, I really enjoyed it. Murda's?

That was dope too...but what do you expect?


Back When I Was Young: Capone N Noreaga - T.O.N.Y

For todays "Back When I Was Young", I am rocking out to the great sounds of Capone N Noreaga. Before the work out plans and what not, this was one of the best groups in the rap game at the time. With monotony setting into rap at the time with the recent deaths of B.I.G and Pac, it created a void. Although they did not fill the void, they helped keep NY where it was supposed to be. On Top.


Stumbled On: Jay Smooth Breaks Down Rap Beef

I have not been posting the Ransom/Joe Buddens beef because I do not really care... because it is too hot for this blog. However, Jay Smooth honestly is breaking it down correctly. Beef has gotten stupid now-a-days. However, I am young.

The largest beef in MY lifetime was the 50 Cent beefs back in 01-03. Those beefs changed my LIFE. I remember listening to those things and wondering why Ja Rule was such a punk.

But, when he dissed Jada...I started to turn away from 50 because I realized how dumb I was. I then sank into rap depression. Listening to anything that had its fill.

It was a dark time.



Interview: 2008 Rap-Up Donny Goines

First on the list for my 2008 Rap Up is Donny Goines. Everyday I will try and get a new rapper to answer the same (with some variation) questions below. Donny Goines is one of the most up and coming rappers in New York right now. While recently being featured on MySpace and with his coined tag line, "If you do not know my name, I am not doing my job well enough" it allows him to effectively stay in touch with his fans; something many rappers overlook.

With this intense personal relationships with even the smallest of his fans, it allows each person that listens to feel in tune with everything he says. Personally I do not feel alienated or detached from anything he spits. Mostly because he knows me on a personal level and vice versa.

It is not just me. It is everyone the dude comes in contact with. So I am happy to show you the interview below. Good Luck in 2009 Donny.

What Is Next?

Sky's the limit man. I'm on Cloud 9 right now. Getting major love from
all the blogs and websites, videos up on Music Choice and MTV, Myspace
feature, etc. and I'm just getting my feet wet. 09 I plan on making
history. Period.

Why the name Minute after Midnight?

Long story short, it derives from the concepts of the Cinderella story
and how I feel they parallel to Hip Hop. Basically everything
surrounding the ball was fantasy. The pumpkin that turned into a
carriage (which I compared to the fancy cars), the ball (similar to
the clubs) so on and so forth but what happens after Midnight? All
these things disappeared because they were NOT REAL. It was fantasy
and this album represents what happens when you take away that aspect
of the story.

Recently you stated that you saw the advantages of a major…what are we
going to see from you in 2009?

What advantages on a major haha? I think your confused homie. I am
100% independent. Everything you see happening is based off the
strength of my music, hustle and team. So ask yourself this. If I can
do all of these things without a major, what do you think would happen
if I signed to one?

Who are you looking forward to working with in 2009?

There is so much talent in the game right now I could sit here for
days naming people. I will say this though, you can expect me to work
with many talented artists next year.

What is your best asset?

My hustle. Without it there would be NO way I would have made these
things happen. Music is such a small part of this business.

Finally…why? As in what keeps you doing this?

I love what I do.


New Music: Mims Feat Mickey Factz - "Block Em"

People keep emailing me random songs. While I was perusing through BlogXilla, I peeped him asking if this was NY Radio now...

Maybe it is.

The beat itself has a meaningless lyric added too it. Who raps about shades anymore? That is SO 2007. This goes in the same boat as the last club track Mickey made a few weeks back. Yea yea yea. Lyrics wise I cannot rate it because it is not meant to be that type of song.

But although the above seemed like abstract hate...I cannot find myself hating on this song. The beat gets annoying from time to time, but I can see myself bumping this. It sounds like it would go had in the car. Harder than a boner Harder than a math test.


Stumbled On: When Roommates Go To Far

I spotted this over at BlogXilla and I had to post it. Something that is obviously old, however, it is still funnier than anything I have seen today. To be honest, that is the same way college is. You sign a girl in just to chill...and they do not want to leave. Planting their seeds and what not trying to flat out LIVE there.

Simmer down.

I signed you in for a temporary basis. Which means we study then you leave.

You thought I was talking about the nana?

Nah. Virgin 4 lyfe.


New Music: K Sparks Feat Angelous - Rap Saviors

Before I get into this, I jsut want to say that this beat is magnificent. Something that I cannot stop listening too. At first I thought that the whole "rock" beat thing ended a few years ago. That is not something that is that big of a deal anyway. The verses are on point and something that I have grown to expect from K Sparks. Angelous is someone I have never heard of, however, I am very excited to listen to him here.

But I cannot get over that damn beat.


Stumbled On: David Letterman's Top 10 George W Bush Moments

This is straight from Shake. Now, before you watch this video you MUST know my views on Bush.

As a president he was detrimental to the American Society. However, I feel when he made a decision, no matter how bad or how many casualties it caused, he stuck by it. That is a leader. Someone who sticks by what they decide to do. Someone who does not re-nigg on their decisions.

Also, he seemed like a cool guy. Someone I could definitely just have a beer with and kick it.

Now let us get to the video.


Its The Real: Vlogga Like Puff

Vlogga Like Puff from jeff on Vimeo.

These two whiteboys know more about rap than you. When it comes to actual "funny" it did not have much. Not as much as the others did that made me give them their own tag! Maybe these bad "reviews" explain why I am being ignored on Twitter....

But, I will say that when they were mentioning Bad Boy artists...I was kind of wowed. Not wowed because they knew more than any normal human being should, because all of these artists had completely disappeared. Loon? Where the HELL did Loon go? Someone find me some info.

And "Bromance" starts tonight on MTV according to Mr. Goines...

That is just funny.


Fashion: Random Sneakers from KarmaLoop

Someone buy me these.  Yea I know they look a little weird...but with my skin tight gay ass jeans they would be rocked perfectly.  Comeon someone throw me something here!
These are not girls  boots right? Because then that would change my opinion on them greatly.
Ewewewewew.  Not my cup of tea.  It looks like a sped shoe to be honest.
Yea this one too.  But then again, I will see some HypeBeast asian kid rockin these in a few weeks and make me want to buy them myself.  Life works that way?

Shout outs to Fashion Citizen for this.  Love his blog so I HAD to check it out.


Would You Hit?: Dania Ramirez

Yea I know. Before I was doing this whole scpheel on the Top 10 Video women. I realized that I could not narrow them down to just...10. Not only that, I realized that no matter what things would just be difficult for me to even continue that. Having every other black man in the world screaming at me saying that their list was better than mine would get frustrating. A little to frustrating. This girl I peeped on 2DB and now I am almost hooked. Her legs leave something to be desired...and where are this girls hips at?