Dj Concept: The Beautiful Fascination With 45’s // Stack Number 1

Dj Concept now gets his own tag. I have posted to much from the dude to not honor him with that. Only those two Jewish dudes have that ability also so he should be honored. Now, I checked the email and saw this in there. This is an old style mix featuring some old style songs...as in...real old. 1945 status people. Check the little blurb that concept sent me. I was listening to this earlier when I was getting my ass kicked on Call of Duty when I was pwning n00bs on Call of Duty...

And my mom asked me if I was my grandfathers age.

I looked at her...then continued playing.

I run this house. Better recognize. Download and Listen inside! Plus that little blurb I promised. Jeez all needy and what not.

THIS MIX IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. I repeat…THIS MIX IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you are offended by the sound of dusty vinyl, stop right now. The sound quality is what you might expect from very old, neglected 45's. Certified raw shit right here. Complete with scratches, pops, clicks and even some skips.

The story of The Beautiful Fascination:
This idea was born at a garage sale somewhere on Long Island. Hidden away in some dark corner of the garage, i found a few stacks of dusty treats. I believe I payed $5 for the whole box. The stacks have no rhyme of reason. Every so often, I will grab a new stack, hit record on the computer & see what lands on the turntable. And now….without further ado….in glorious lo-fidelity… The Beautiful Fascination