Music Info: Its A 6th Sense Beat Yo! Tracklisting and Artwork

Currently I am discussing with Drea the effects of the new beef between Rhymefest and Charles Hamilton. That will be for another post...and another Jacques Vs. Drea showdown.

Now for some good stuff. I was talking to 6th Sense earlier this week and he told me about this project...well...the project is dopeness. I mean I listened to it and everything I cannot wait for it to come out. That should be something interesting.
Tracklisting inside.
Tape drops Feb 3rd! Be ready!
Now I am going to get drunk.

1. Acapella
2. Both Nice Instrumental
3. Beyon My Instrumental
4. Entourage (Oh Yeah!) Instrumental
5. Too Complex Instrumental
6. The Itis Instrumental
7. Give A What Instrumental
8. Let's Do It Instrumental
9. Do What It Do {6th Sense}
10. D'Evils 2008 Instrumental
11. Hey Young World Instrumental
12. What Kinda Instrumental
13. Ignite The People (Like Obama) Instrumental
14. What You Talkin Bout Instrumental
15. I Won't Let You Fall Instrumental
16. Just Fine Instrumental
17. AM Set Instrumental
18. Love Lockdown Instrumental
19. Just Got Chopped (Crack) Instrumental
20. Hippie Robot Instrumental
21. Fallen Shadows Instrumental
22. The Cuchifritos Groove Instrumental
23. 4 AM Instrumental
24. Future Music Instrumental
25. The Proposal Instrumental
26. Stakes Is High Instrumental
27. 2-0-0-9 Instrumental
28. Chasing 1988 Instrumental
29. Press Play Instrumental
30. Ate Ten Instrumental
31. Never Change For The Fame Instrumental
32. Release Instrumental
33. We Don't Stop Instrumental

Shouts to 6th!